An Ugly Proposal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A person named Andrew encounters bizarre incidents in his life and lands in quandary unknowingly

 An Ugly Proposal:


Andrew takes respite from his official work to embark on a vacation at a beach resort (500 km away from his city). With disheveled grey hair and a shabby white beard, he drives his way to the destination in an effervescent mood. After a seamless journey of 2 hours, he halts his car aside and steps out of it to flex his body and refresh himself with his choicest morsel (a loaf of brown bread with butter).

Winding up his refreshment, he speeds up his car to shoot the resort but unfortunately brings his vehicle to rest after a few miles due to heavy rain blotting out the visibility ahead. In the meanwhile, an old man donned in a black jacket approaches Andrew to beseech him a trifle but cries, shouts, and capers from that spot on seeing him.

Andrew displays a cavalier attitude towards his behavior and moves on owing to the rain abatement. With the advancement of the journey, highway patrol officers waylay him and to his jolt; they too go haywire and fall on the ground after seeing him face to face.

Despite his encounters with strange incidents, he remains intrepid and moves ahead with aplomb.


As Andrew inches towards the resort (just 10 km away), a young gorgeous lady with cavernous eyes and blonde hair waives her hand for lift and requests him to drop her to the same place to where he is destined to. He tells her to comfort herself in the backseat of his car. A small friendly conversation takes place between the two for a few minutes and thereafter an eerie silence prevails inside.

On reaching the destination, both of them step out of the car together and the lady conveys special thanks to him with a broad smile. She holds his hand tightly and implores him to marry her at any cost but Andrew turns down the proposal by telling her that he's not a compatible match for her in terms of physical outlook.

After a heated altercation between the duo marriage takes place at a Church situated in the vicinity of the resort under the blessings of a father.


Holding each other's hands affectionately, Andrew and his wife Sophie return to the resort.

After entering into the room, a small conversation takes place between the two as follows,

Sophie:We had a pleasant evening! What do you say, Andrew?

Andrew: Yes dear, even I do feel the same,

Sophie: Oh no! I forgot my handbag at Church; could u please go over there and get it for me?

Andrew: With pleasure dear! I am always at your beck and call,

Sophie: So sweet of you! Will be waiting for you earnestly,

Andrew: Fine, I will head-onto the Church and get your handbag,

Sophie: Make sure to show up at this spot at the earliest as there is a big surprise waiting for you!

Andrew: Wow! That's exciting; even I have retained a small presentation for you,

Sophie:Sounds interesting! We will exchange gifts with each other once you're back here,

Accordingly, he goes to the Church to pick up the handbag from there and on returning sees a vampire sitting on the bed and crying loudly.

The conversation begins again,

Andrew: Who are you? Where is Sophie?

Vampire: I am your Sophie dear, your surprise! Don't you remember?

Andrew: Oh no! Have you gone mad or what?

Vampire: Bursts into a laugh! I have successfully trapped you in the name of love and marriage,

Andrew: Bursts into laugh in the loudest manner! Now it's my turn to give you a presentation on this felicitous occasion,

Vampire: Why are you laughing? What have you planned?

Andrew: Do you know who am I?

Vampire: Yes, you are my feast tonight, aren't you?

Andrew:Feast? My foot! I am a paranormal investigator, who traveled from my city to this resort to parcel you from this earth forever,


Vampire: Unbelievable! Stop cracking jokes,

Andrew: I am not a joker or buffoon to entertain you, understood!

Andrew: I was certain that my masquerade as an old ugly man could easily attract you and so the moment you got into my car and put forth a marriage proposal after reaching the resort, I understood the whole situation,

Vampire: Well planned and executed dear! Do whatever you want till the clock strikes 12,

Andrew:Laughs! So far you were successful in taking the lives of a large passel of innocent people but now I won't let this happen anymore,

Saying this, Andrew throws his hair wig and fake beard and  rushes into the washroom  to rescue from her,

Vampire sits on the bed languidly presuming that there is forlorn hope of his survival today,

As the clock ticks midnight, she inclines her head and stares at the washroom expecting him to step out but when he doesn't she barges the door with hands and steps inside to kill him, Andrew hid behind the curtain splashes hot water on her face and body with jet spray due to which she yells and collapses on the ground melting into a liquid state (blood red).

Andrew takes a deep breath and walks out of the resort victoriously.

Submitted: November 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 pavan 236. All rights reserved.

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