How I Modernized a Fantasy World

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This novel that hopes to be made into some adaptation (preferably a manga/anime one day) focuses on Ezekiel Clark, a high-school genius scientist who is reincarnated into a fantasy world after dying with the intent to modernize it by using retained knowledge from his previous world and his trusty Book of Knowledge! However, the road to a modern day fantasy world isn't exactly a straight road, as this world isn't exactly as it seems! Join Ezekiel and his new friends on this grand adventure with his trusty book that he received from the gods looking over this strange new fantasy world!

This novel was written by Chance Currie.
Book cover design was made by Daylen Meyer and John Whitaker (yeetus_indeedus13 on Instagram).
Special thanks to Reggie Abueid, John Cain, and Davis Dill for their respective roles in helping make this book what it currently is.

This story was inspired by some key ideas from Konosuba, GATE, Dr. Stone, and other isekai mangas/animes.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Where The Fuck Am I?

"Wake up, young one," said a mysterious voice, in a soft tone that was gentle and kind, as if it was a loving mother speaking to its chil... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 - The First Day in the New World

When Ezekiel opened his eyes, his first glimpse of the new world was a view filled with a blue sky with lots of clouds scattered about, s... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - A Wild Bear Has Appeared!

"You have a purpose in this world, Ezekiel," said a familiar-sounding female voice, sounding distant and quiet. A 10-year old Ezekiel... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 - Soap Science and Ice Chest Magic

After a long night's sleep, Ezekiel woke up, realizing that it was still pretty dark outside. I truly could use a clock right now so... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 - A Quick History Lesson

"Before we get onto the relation between me and Murdan, it would be for the best for you to know just a little bit about my life before t... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 - Two Surprises

Ezekiel woke up, realizing that he still wakes up earlier than most in this world. He silently wished to himself that he could stop wakin... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 - The Great Slave Escape and the Drunk Dragon

Ezekiel woke up, feeling quite refreshed for once. Who knew that soap would help this much, thought Ezekiel, realizing just how much... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 - How A War Ended with a Dozen Bottles of Alcohol

Ezekiel and Bear returned to The Crimson Tankard Inn. Ezekiel, deciding to go ahead and kill some time until Suko showed up while also ma... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 - An Unexpected Food Challenge

Ezekiel woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside his window. He realized he was staring at a ceiling, not the night sky. How d... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 - A Story, A Party, and Two Former Slaves

"Before I was a food critic, I was the daughter of a self-made noble family in Ziven, a kingdom to the North. My mother and father were c... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 - Fluffy Pancakes and Another Day In the Town

Ezekiel woke up, realizing that there was something covering his face. He reached out to feel what it was, and his hand grabbed it, pulli... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 - The Journey Begins!

Ezekiel was woken up by a knock at his door, and he had a sense of déjà vu as he felt the Book of Knowledge on top of his face once aga... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 - A Beanie and Borene Kingdom

"'The Armless Ghost?' As in the one famous in the Humanity War? That one, right," asked Kairi, and everyone looked at Tokuda in surprise.... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 - Reunion

Ezekiel woke up to an unfamiliar-looking ceiling, then after looking around the room for a moment, remembered that he was in Borene. Ezek... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 - The Hooded Figure Strikes!

Ezekiel awoke to the sound of someone knocking on his door. He looked over at his door and realized that he was too sore and lazy to get ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 - An Elf's History and the Freedom Legion

"Ezekiel," mumbled Rina, who then smiled at Ezekiel with the word "friend" echoing in her mind. Rina then nervously looked over at the ot... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 - A Katana and a Fallen Goddess

Ezekiel and Tokuda, after Ezekiel showed the katana plans to Tokuda, agreed to meet up at the blacksmithing camp tomorrow morning, and th... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 - A New Axe Handle and a Date

Ezekiel, upon spotting the Fallen Goddess Mia, suddenly walked up to her table and asked, "What are you doing here?" Mia then looked up, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 - A Date and Plans That Ruin It

On that same night, the Fallen Goddess Mia made her way back to a campsite currently occupied by a small portion of the human army. The c... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 - Duels and Heroes

General Alexander rode his horse slowly through the town with his remaining soldiers behind him. The streets were still desolate and so q... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 - Liam and an Early Departure

Everyone stared in silence at the old man, unsure as to whether or not they should believe his words. Liam, breaking the silence, said, "... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 - A Surprise Attack and a New Member

Ezekiel found himself blankly staring at the landscape of the moon-lit world as the party was traveling to the hideout of the Freedom Leg... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 - A Detour and More Soap

The first day of traveling to the Freedom Legion hideout had come to a close after the events of Mia's surprise attack. They had pulled o... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 - A Not-So-Royal Lunch and a Spyglass

After the two of them were done messing around with the soap, Ezekiel and Mari then stepped out of the bathroom. Alton was waiting outsid... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 - A Battery, a Cult, and a Hostage Situation

Once the spyglass was made by Ezekiel, everyone continued to walk around the kingdom, enjoying the sights and delicacies that it had to o... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 - A Reward and a Battery

Ezekiel, Bear, and Tokuda made their way back to the kingdom. There, they found the rest of the group, all alive, and Ezekiel smiled, rea... Read Chapter

Chapter 27 - The Unavoidable Fight Begins!

Bear and Tokuda clashed with their weapons, sending sparks flying between the impact of the axe and katana. The two of them were deadlock... Read Chapter

Chapter 28 - A Look In The Past

*10 years ago. Close to the end of the Humanity War. At a human army campsite.* Two swords suddenly clashed together, and the sound o... Read Chapter

Chapter 29 - A Look In the Past, Part 2

Tokuda woke up and found himself staring at a ceiling of a tent. He realized that he was wrapped in chains and strapped down to a table. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 30 - A Look In The Past, Part 3

Although still a prisoner of war in a sense, Tokuda lived out some of the war at the demi-human campsite. While he was there, he was give... Read Chapter

Chapter 31 - The Commanders and a Plan

*Back to the present day* Tokuda finished telling his tale, and the others were surprised by how deep his past was. Bear sat there si... Read Chapter

Chapter 32 - A Greek Fire Molotov and a Quick Attack

Ezekiel laid out his notes for the Greek fire molotov on top of a table, looking over everything. He read over the ingredients one last t... Read Chapter

Chapter 33 - An Inside Woman and the Testudo Formation

Small attacks like the one on enemy camp #4 were done on multiple other human army camps. This shook the human army, as they had never fo... Read Chapter

Chapter 34 - A Scouting Mission

Three weeks passed since Victoria was introduced by Lionel, and the strength of the Freedom Legion grew ever stronger. Small battles stil... Read Chapter

Chapter 35 - Final Preparations then the Battle Begins!

Ezekiel woke up looking at clear blue skies, realizing that this felt somewhat familiar to him. He felt something touching his left shoul... Read Chapter

Chapter 36 - The Battle and a Flawed Plan

Ezekiel, Bear, Aqua, Suko, Kairi, Tokuda, Rina, and Mia all made their way towards the tunnel that they had dug underneath the castle. Ta... Read Chapter

Chapter 37 - An Unexpected Betrayal

Ezekiel, still in shock, asked, "Why? This wasn't part of the plan! We weren't supposed to kill him!" Victoria laughed loudly, still with... Read Chapter

Chapter 38 - A Newfound Power and Hard Times

Ezekiel looked up, realizing that he was in an unknown space. Ezekiel couldn't think straight, so he didn't give an answer to the evil vo... Read Chapter

Chapter 39 - A False Hope and The Announcement

Two days after the funeral, Ezekiel found himself at the foot of Aqua's grave outside of town in the morning. Ezekiel woke up the same da... Read Chapter


"Wake up, young one," said a mysterious voice, in a soft tone that was gentle and kind, as if it was a loving mother speaking to its chil... Read Chapter

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