Evening in Georgia

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hi, this is my first post on this site. The story I created involves more "atmospheric description" and some character presentation rather than a plot. :)

Eighty degrees outside. It was the evening before Independence Day, a peaceful one we might say.

On the main street, near the third block, a sign planted in cement rusts its way trough the days; the words ,,Falcon Hills'' stand out the most being painted in white and giving the old sign more of a professional look. Partly sticked on it, tiny pieces of paper wave lightly in the breeze with welcoming messages and initials written on them. Just around the corner, you can see George's bar, a medium sized building made out of grey and black brick walls acompanied by some fresh cleaned windows. The inside was permanently tidy because of the spry, hard-working waiters, apart from Cody. George always liked having people around him, mingling around, doing their job, but not necessarily giving him that much attention and, for some reason, that seemed to comfort the twenty four-year-old.

Cody, did you forget to take this order? said George pointing at the croissant.

Here I am! Cody rolled his eyes and took probably the last order from that day to the table it belonged.

There you go, we only had jam. Sorry. talked Cody uninterested.

Amy's eyes were wandering him as he was leaving from their table to the counter.

Why is he that indifferent to his clients? laughed Felicia annoyed. I still have no idea why...

Amy threw her a surprised look, stopping the girl from continuing her sentence.

Sorry! said Felicia trough her teeth.

Amy ignored everyone for a couple of minutes, rarely blinking. She was thinking about Cody and how their wedding would go, feeling frustrated because of the invitations' design.

Aren't you gonna eat that croissant? asked Alison curiously smiling.

Yes, I am, 'cuz I really missed croissants. Amy responded.

The girls were sipping their coffees while Malcolm and Jeremy were talking about some chicks they met on camp.



Submitted: November 13, 2021

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