Grace Is No Excuse

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Grace was never meant to be an excuse to be an ass. Anyone who has self worth needs no governor and they in fact are inchristed. Try that for internal yoga!

Grace was never about excusing the bad you do. It was about seeing yourself to be so worthy and free that you never would do anything outside that worth. When you are worthy you do not treat everyone around you as bad because you have self respect. NO IF AND OR BUT! No excuse for murderers, rapists, soul snatchers, "men as living gods" and or past "Christs" who started their own revolutions...or people who hate. Those people have no self worth. I totally believe Christ knew of Plato's works and if not he was definitely influenced by people who did get them. Jews were scholars and Christ did travel to the east. If you think he was all about Kundalini, being a guru and teaching that faith, he was NOT! He never once said, do xyz Sadhana or my healing won't stick because your energy sucks. He never said follow me and I will make your kundalini rise. He said he would make you fish for more men. The spirit of Christ, not the Christ is returning to this earth and it has NOTHING to do with the religious BS these faiths have always taught or Christ is dead and so all you who believe in his rising are dead too.. in a way, as Apostle Paul said, you are. To be dead to the world philosophies and religions IS to be alive in Christ, in Christed and free. YA! Grace to see your human condition is free. What do you choose to do with that love, that freedom? Try seeing you are worthy and no one and nothing can take that away and maybe your yoga would work a hell of a lot better! "Whosoever will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for My sake and the 'gospel's', the same shall save it. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul?" Christ was not against the systems of government, in fact he respected them, and they were pretty horrible at the time. Why? Because he knew in the larger scheme of things they did not matter. What he was against were the teachers and teachings of the religious BS of his day. He called them vipers and dens of thieves, white washed tombs full of dead men's bones. He called them a cup that was clean on the outside but vile on the inside. He beat their asses in the temple with a whip and He called them everything as they truly were. He did not come to bring peace and safety but a sword of the breathe of God and division. He came to say laws and rules could not be kept by such and that they would always be twisted for the liars. He said if a man just "looked at a woman with lust" he was and adulterer already in his own heart. Jesus stood against every religion and new age lie that we currently give our souls to. Jesus made a woman's womb his temple and then treated that woman as one of his very own disciples. Jesus said the scribes of his day were evil and twisted all they wrote. So those of you that believe in the "holy " writ of the times, believed in what the God, Sun said was a lie. SO why do you believe any of the scripts at all, especially the gnostic and eastern mysteries and philosophy? When you follow law givers you loose your heart and soul. When you expose such liars and thieves, you follow the gospel of Christ. He didnt see politics as a threat because he knew the real war was in the hearts and souls of religion. He knew that those were the very snakes that stole into your heart and self worth and raped you of your spirit. I'm tired of the religious and new age people telling us that works, laws and Karma mean more than faith in action. All these do gooders do is daily crucify Christ in their own flesh and put him to open shame. They defile everything Christ died for. They are the ones currently keeping us all under the lie. This campaign for culting your freedom is the most demonic thing in the world. Freedom IS self worth as a spirit and has nothing to do with raping souls with your laws, rules and "good' faith. This is ALL religious people do..The exact opposite of what Christ taught you that you say you follow like a dead guru. The government is NOT the problem. Your heart is the problem and the idiots you listen to that try to brain wash you into being nothing so they can feel they are something are the problem. I will not hop on the hippy bus headed for the peace train, what awaits you there is something that wants to devour your soul and spit out your bones.

Submitted: November 14, 2021

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olive tree

"The superior virtue is not conscious of itself as virtue;
Therefore it has virtue.
The inferior virtue never lets off virtue.
Therefore it has no virtue.


The superior virtue seems inactive, yet there is nothing it does not do.
The inferior virtue acts and yet it leaves things undone.
The superior benevolence acts without a motive.
The superior righteousness acts with a motive.
The superior ritual acts, but at first no one responds to it;
Gradually the people raise their arms and follow it.
Therefore when Tao is lost, virtue follows.
When virtue is lost, benevolence follows.
When benevolence is lost, righteousness follows.
When righteousness is lost, ritual follows.
Ritual therefore, is the attenuation of loyalty and faith and the outset of confusion.
Foreknowledge is the flower of Tao [the path to the followed, or ‘the way’] and the beginning of folly.
Therefore, the truly great man keeps to the solid and not to the tenuous;
Keeps to the fruit and not to the flower;
Thus he rejects the latter and takes the former." 

-  Translated by Ch'u Ta-Kao, By Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 38 

Mon, November 15th, 2021 8:54am

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