“The tall man”

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short “paranormal story.” That has a crazy story to it and a crazy ending.

When I was twelve I had learned about  “Sleep paralysis.” It terrified me at the time. Just the thought of not being in control of my body and having something enter the room. 
I had luckily never had it until I moved into my first apartment. It turns out my apartment had several deaths that took place. Including a murder where the murderer was never caught. But the purpose of this story, is to talk about “The long hat man.” The Long Hat man was supposedly the spirit of a man who died in my apartment about seventy years ago. 
Now it’s important to know I live in savanna Georgie people call it the city of the dead. Since the city has been built on graveyard after graveyard. Any way, it was late one night around 1:25 in the morning. 
I was half asleep half awake when I heard a noise that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I blinked several times and the bedroom lights turned off suddenly. 
I couldn’t move. I freaked out. What was happening to me? Suddenly I saw a hand grab ahold of the door handle and swung the door open all the way. To my surprise a tall man wearing a hat entered my room. He watched me. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. The man took his hat off and slowly approached my bed. 
He got down on one knee and mumbled something. He stood up and silently walked out the room. I watched as he left. A few moments after another man slowly entered my room this time he was wearing a leather jacket and he approached my bed and said something and left.
 A kid entered my room giggling. He ran at my bed and disappeared right in front of me. I yelled. Thinking the worst was over, it was not. I heard the front door open and slammed shut. Then I heard light bulb after light bulb in my hallway crack and break. As the bedroom door swung open violently. 
Seconds later a face appeared in front of my bed. It was not a human. This face had horns. A snout two eyes that were red and fangs. It screamed as loud as it could in my face. I watched in horror as it picked something up off the floor and threw it at the wall. I saw the bedroom door slam shut. 
A few minutes passed and I heard the sound of light bulbs breaking again and the door slammed shut. I could move again. I suddenly got up and ran to the hallway to my shock there was no broken light bulbs but I did see “the tall man” again. At the end of the hall.  He looked at me and started to walk towards my room. I shut my door and hid under my bed. Suddenly I heard the bedroom door open. 
I stayed silent as a hand forcefully grabbed my feet dragging me out of the bed. The creature with the horns had ahold of me and was screaming. 
I kicked it in the face and tried to run towards the window. As it lunged at me. It grabbed my throat and lifted me up. It screamed in my face “You need to leave.” Suddenly I woke up in my bed. It was 6:00 am. 
I ran to my computer and did a little research and found out that a few kids had messed around with a ouija board and my apartment was haunted by a demon. 
I called the landlord and asked about what I had read. The landlord told me it was all lies.  It I told him about my dream. He didn’t believe me. I packed up my stuff and I was going to live with my best friend for a few months at his parents house. 
I did t want too but a pet of me wanted too, as I packed my car to go to my friends house, I looked back and standing in the middle of the family room looking at me from the window was the demon creature. The tall man was next to him crying. 
It turned out the boy who I had seen was the one who played with the ouija board and summoned the demon. The demon killed him and his father…”The tall man.” That demon now haunts the apartment. The landlord however doesn’t believe in ghosts so he won’t listen to anyone. 
I hope for his sake someone doesn’t get killed by the demon. And I hope he wakes up someday and does a little research. 
That was the scariest moment of my life when that creature had its hand around my throat I could have easily died. 
Died at the hands of something demonic 
,and my soul could have possibly been trapped inside of that apartment, for all eternity. Just like “The tall man” and his son’s are.

Submitted: November 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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