Assorted Tales

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are a collection of Micro-Fiction.

Ribs of Adam

It is written in the Old Testament scripture that Eve was made with the ribs of Adam.

Ribs of Adam as an idiom stands for gaining insight into a sound doctrine.

For me reading the Bible is akin to the ribs of Adam.

Fig Leaves

Adam and Eve, when they had eaten the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil, they became ashamed of their nudity and wrapped their loins with fig leaves.

Fig Leaves as an idiom stand for something that is scandalous and reproachable.

The media is galore with Fig Leaves.

The Number 13

Today I had an opportunity to purchase the Puja (is a festival of India) bumper lottery draw. When I counted the alphabets and numbers of the ticket, to my surprise and excitement, it totaled the number 13. For me 13 stands for the savior Jehovah Jesus. And I hope, I will be blessed by Jehovah Jesus and win the prize of 5 Crore Rupees (50 Million Indian Rupees).

The Laughing Buddha

Recently I came across a page in Facebook that had the picture of laughing Buddha and it said that if you share it, you will get money luck. I became tempted to do it but I refrained from it as I realized that it was not a part of Biblical scripture.


I also happened to see the pic of Mother Mary in Facebook and it said, if you share this photo, your wishes will get satisfied.

I had the keenness to do it, but I abstained from it as I know that the worship of Mary is a form of idolatry. Yes, I want to keep my conscience with God clear.




Submitted: November 14, 2021

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