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Ain’t life grand?  I have a new watchdog.  He arrived several days ago from a rescue shelter.  Since I do not drive the rescue workers brought him to me.  His name is bear.

When he first came inside the house he was a little shy in that he buried his head in the woman’s lap.  I had brought a squeaky toy for him to play with immediately.  He looked at it and then buried his head again.

The rescue worker ask me questions, I answered them as Bear wandered around the living room and kept looking at the squeaky toy laying on the floor.  Only, glances though.  He could not bring himself to just take it.

Then we saw the four kitten paws peek from under the front bedroom door.  This intrigued Bear.  He sniffed the paws.  We let the kittens out to see the interactions between them all. They arched their backs and pranced around him as he looked at me then back at the cat tree in the corner of the room.  “Meow.”  “Meow.”  That is all I said.  Bear perked up and again looked at the cat tree.  “I think he used to be a cat. Maybe a fiddley wink.”  Suddenly, Bear winked at me and made a high-pitched sound, and yawn together.  I really think he was trying to meow.  He sighed just a little then turned his back on the cat tree and the kittens.

He once again buried his bead in the lap of the rescue worker.

I sat down and gently stroked his head.  I allowed him to slowly relax as he lowered his body down to the floor and on top of my feet.  I continued to stroke him.  I picked up the toy and handed it to him.I got a sweet kiss for this gesture.  I then said goodbye to the rescuers and they let themselves out.

Bear has been here for a few days and has spent a great deal of time introducing himself to Bella and Sweet Pea.  He thinks they are beautiful.  Sweet Pea keeps trying to tell me there is something wrong with him.  She barks and he wines.  I think she is trying to teach him that he a dawg.  Bella has finally started to play with him a bit.  We are at the look at my teeth bit right now.  It is very exciting.

I had some workers who were scheduled to work on my bathroom.  I decided to put all three dogs out in the backyard and laundry room for the time the workers would be here.  That worked out great too.

Bear has eaten two rolls of paper towel, 3 rolls of toilet paper.  He as an amazing appetite for anything that will fit in his mouth.  My hairbrush, rags, dish towels, and of course all three pairs of my reading glasses.  It has been interesting to discover he only eats dog food as an in-between snack.

I would love to introduce him to you.  Come on by.  He will be up from his nap in about an hour.

Bear, my new watchdog.  He loves to watch people do anything they want to do.  I have fallen totally in love with this mixed-up little boy.  He has jumped right in the middle of my heart and landed with his snout in my ear.  He wiggles at both ends telling me, he feels the same way.

Ain’t life grand?

Submitted: November 14, 2021

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This is one sanguine dog!

Sun, November 14th, 2021 6:09pm


He is that and even more. I can't sleep with pillows because he eats them. I have my remote not tethered to a table so it will not keep getting buried in the backyard. All my reading glasses have been eaten and disposed of. Am still awaiting new ones. I love him dearly but am still not sure what to feed him. He snuggles up to me and lays his funny head on mine and has an attack of the kissing time, it must be time to kiss again. He wiggles at both ends when he says hello. And the other end when he says goodbye. He wines when I leave and jumps for joy when I return two seconds later. There is only one thing left for me to him through it.

Fri, November 26th, 2021 2:10pm

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