NSFG: Not safe for Goblin +18

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

NSFG is a story set in the world of Avenheim focussing on two unlikely people running into each other. One, travelling a Noble human super soldier and a Goblin on the prowl for Elves with some libido issues. Will the two get together or get on each other's nerves until murder is the only way out?

The story is goofy and a little titillating, I hope.

Table of Contents

I come in peace!

Cairn, Romers blood 10/5/2796 A lone Human sat at his campfire, staring at the open flame. His shoulder-length brown hair done in... Read Chapter

Oh lord its him!

Cairn, Northwoods 20/5/2796 Davies looked down a cliff, watching waves crash against the cliff side below with a smile on his fac... Read Chapter

Mind the teeth

“Son of God?” Davis whispered, looking down at his hand for a moment before bringing his fists up, ready to fight. Yilnat did the s... Read Chapter

Like a glove

Yilnat flew at him, having leaped up fully in the nude, slamming against him. He wasn’t fazed much by the full force of her body impa... Read Chapter

Beach episode

Cairn, Burns beach 6/6/2796 “Ah yes, Humi,” Yilnat murmured, riding on the Human's shoulder as he moved through the thicket o... Read Chapter

Untie me! maybe not?

Romer’s rest 30/6/2796 The grand town of Romer has been build inside a massive crater created by a meteor thousands of years ago. I... Read Chapter

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