Tall Girl In The Corridor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Created by Jacob L. Ansley. This is a suspense fiction piece about triumph over personal issues. Told in the form of a descriptive narrative with a main
character that navigates through a building to the exit victorious ever after .
A female main character with thought and dialogue. Here the reader develops a bond with her simply known as the " tall girl".
She is described as being tall and thin rather attractive or athletic. With long dark or brunette hair and dark brown eyes and wearing a tank top.
The tall girl seems to have forgotten something on the way out and is looking around.
While searching she encounters various issues. Many dark subjects. Abuse, drugs ,mental illness, loneliness.
The setting is an odd hotel like building with multiple rooms Uncanny resemblance to hell. Each room unveils different issues and emotions. Ultimately
she is on the top floor heading down to the ground level to leave. A goal that simply achieves a happy ending.

She arose and proceeded down the passageway. Driven by great anthem of power and supplemented by a night’s worth of reckoning.

With every step she gained more momentum. Confidence seeped its way from that reserved place that we all seem to host blind faith and hope from.

At least for now, she still had the will to live.

 “This place is closing in... I’ve got to get out of here…"  She thought to herself, even more assuring this time. Thoughts like these were becoming more frequent.

The heat was on as if it were left that way by one of the few occupants, if there were any left at all.

A warm haze could be made out from the opposite end of the dark hallway. A Navy-Blue carpet stretched out below a row of illicit doors lined upon each side.

The walls were made up of a shade of brown only slightly visible, wrapping around the bottom of the room of an opaque orange and ached of the past.

“Whatever’s in the shadow remains aloof. Like a smog of cigarette smoke. For the user pulls on the choice…” She spoke to herself

Her tall, slender figure now gliding to a gentle standstill at one of the doorways, her long straight hair only catching up now.

“Could this door be the one…”  she whispered to herself

“Must have forgot something”.

“Maybe for a moment I forgot who I was”

“I need my leather jacket” she thought suddenly. It was cold out and would be dark soon. This was her special jacket and was really leather and she didn’t want to fare well without it.

“Lucky me ehhhhh…?” she thought and looked around before entering...

An undistinguished sound can be somewhat heard beneath a muffle across the way from the other end of the hall.

She clutches the knob with a grip and the heavy burden of a door smooths ajar. A skeleton is set free as she lumbers across the threshold and into the old vintage room.

In here it was a bit cozy and had well preserved wooden trim work around the room.

If a healing emotion had its’ place, it would be below the shoulder blades and behind the stomach. Anxiety soothed away and fled out down through her fingertips.

 “Well, I guess all that crying was kind of for nothing….” she said to herself in the tarnished mirror hanging near the foyer.

 “Everything seems to fall in place. Its’ a bit easier now” she thought with a gentle smile.

 On the way back out she locked the old knob behind her. 


Shortly after she walked on down the hall and to the next room , opening the door with ease. Here it was empty with cold wooden floors. An old radiator sat unused in the corner of the room. Perhaps a hopeful invitation. As for now she began to remember things that were more unsettling. Especially that one thing.

She stood in the room, conversing deep within her own pity ever silently. Just going over it again and again until her bleak train of concentration was suddenly disturbed. It seemed to be a sign of life from beyond the door of the room she was in. For she had only been so alone with merely the thoughts within her head to ponder...

Inaudible voices grew louder as heavy footsteps grew closer. The air changed to a tense wonderous fear. The ruckus appeared to be moving right across the hallway from her.

Yelling and static were apparent as the panic had erupted. The serious commotion was stirring and now it seemed to be at the door right beside her!

All this just a few feet away... right beside her. The vibe of danger now heavier. Distracting her tortured mind.

A loud struggle stirred up and beyond. Now harder to pinpoint. The muffled confusion was now fading. It seemed to pause and stammer a bit... She strained her large, pierced ear to process., squinting her thick dark brows, a wince above her dark eyes.

“That sounds like the stair well” …. she thought with relief

The ordeal took a direction below.

A commotion punctuated by heavy stomping footsteps had now faded.

It was now calm once again. As quickly as it had begun it was over.

It hadn’t come to her door…

There was only one thing left to do and that was leave. She finally convinced herself to exit the old mostly vacant room.

The roof top had been closed around the same time as the pool. So now the empty swimming area was simply out of question. There were two elevators in the building. One at each end of the hallway.

The corridor was warm compared to the chilling paranoia she had just experienced. Never mind the last door on the left, the only way now is down. She quickly made it to the elevator.

She poises herself in line with the elevator control panel and pressed the button to call it to her floor. The light became bright green and a bell sounded from the top of the shiny metal doors, a hazy warm gleam in the dimly lit corridor.

“At last, I can be on my way” … she muttered to herself.

The excitement rushed up from her feet and into her adrenaline glands in her belly. From there this emotion converted into anticipation and a brief happiness to be cut short-

Finally, the inner components of the elevator began working unseen when something loud interrupted from above.

The steady electrical hum gave way to a hailstorm of a free fall. The doomed car raced past her and loudly imploded at the bottom. She fell to the floor with the impact as the building stuttered and the lights came back on. Dimly lit smoke billowed about in silence.  Nothing would have survived…. the shaft’s now a tomb.

 Her hands and feet were tingling as she regained balance. Stunned by the realization. She did an about face and headed to the other end.

 There was an office space just before the vestibule where the roof top access door was located.

An out of date looking computer with a blank screen sat on the desk, backed by a tall filing cabinet.

An old grayish colored coat hangs stiffly on a rack... its name tag an obscure guy’s name...  A further examination and she found a key ring in the right-hand pocket!

An automobile key. It was that of a common domestic luxury brand with its proud logo stamped on the key fob. The other key was an express elevator key. With this key she could lock out all other floors and descend directly to the bottom floor and part ways. Perhaps the odds would allow this elevator to perform smoothly this go, and without major malfunction as had been previous

Excited with hope while holding the new set of keys she began looking around a bit more ….

 On the desk beside the old computer  she found a note pad. It reads…

 Dusk was apparent. It was now late late evening in the deep deep south. The lone yellow streetlight had not long been on when the older maroon colored Semi slowly cruised up to a stop. The air brake hissed as Its orange running lights glowed down each side.Some say it was out in Alabama. Along ways from Nevada. Left alongside a lonely roadway too far from Idaho... Tall pine trees populated each side of the old, neglected highway.

The rogue big rig had pulled alongside a gravel parking lot. The passenger door opened, and the One Hundred Three-year-old Native man stepped out and walked out around front of the idling truck. A single feather atop his headdress. His face layers of lines. Built like a tall statue with piercing eyes. He followed the young girl around. And kept up with her very well. Wherever she went, not long after he would appear. But brutally terrorizing in form. A solid being about seven feet tall. With eyes bright like stars that would pierce into your soul and consume you with terror.

Usually, unsuspecting an encounter. He would be watching you while you weren’t aware. Most often by yourself. And you would notice eyes glaring at you from where he would be hiding. They see a large looking man watching them from the bushes, Bright eyes unmistakable. Sometime calling their name in a strange hypnotizing whisper.

All they could do was run away in terror.

 “What a nice tale “she said as she turns the page

  The next page reads like a suicide note.!

“Seriously” She exclaimed! And dropped the pad

 This must have been the technicians. And the keys in the jacket must have been his as well. He took his own life by jumping from the roof.

This was a crushing discovery as she only wanted to be on her way now. So now she took off to the other end of the shadowy corridor in a desperate jog.

“I hope these keys work!” she thought to herself under her breath.

 She could go down and find the vehicle in the parking bay and crank up and go



And that she did… descending directly to the bottom floor without interruption. Although the light beside one of the floor indicators had lit up on the way down. Fresh evening air poured in as the double doors opened to reveal the parking lot. She gasped and raised her arm to wipe the sweat from her face with the front of her tank top.

“Yes” she said as her sight fixed onto the car and pressed the key button. It was just a few feet away and parked beside a blank van. She leaped out and briefly ran over to the car and hopped in.

Reaching about with one fluid movement she was now on her way. Her small foot eased down onto the accelerator pinning her to the seat.

 The slightly larger tires warmed up to a dynamic new relationship with the fresh asphalt. The sweet engines purr could be felt through the dual pipes as she blew past in the vehicle.

 She was in deep thought, when for a split second a ghost appeared in the back faintly in the rear-view mirror.

“uh “……. she thought… as she shook her dark hair back out of her face.

She did a double take into the rear-view mirror as she only seen the last trace of the place as it leveled off into the land scape. She smiled in her eyes and looked out beyond the moon roof to see the sun had just begun to make evident of its burning orange extinguish into the navy-blue horizon... Everything went right when she drove away

Submitted: November 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jacob L. Ansley. All rights reserved.

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