The Christmas Time Traveler

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This piece is a introduction for a book, called The Christmas Time-Traveler which I'm posting on here to see if anyone would be interested in reading and would like to get opinions and feedback on


This story takes place in the distant future after World War III and the world goes back into a type of a Second Stone Age. Everything is destroyed and nobody knows what happened. The vast majority think that since the possession and use of nuclear weapons, biological warfare and technology could potentially be used for destruction and could make the Earth’s surface uninhabitable.  

In this story there is also a possible electric outage all over the world and even robots that were once used, is not used anymore, they’re like on a battlefield, dead and malfunctioning. There is also reference to higher technology used than what we have in the 2000s.  The last known electronic device and system was the DNA door, which could be unlocked with your DNA from your finger. Cell phones were charged by the sun. Robots looked like their full body human counterpart. These robots were very intelligent and could walk, talk and move like a human.  

The smarts of the computer depended on a single microchip that could activate several electronic devices. This includes computers, monitors, robots, laptops, cellphones, tablets, pianos, refrigerators, etc.  Eventually, there were more robots than humans.   

Another reference to what happened is that there was also an intermittent famine that happened all over the world and good food is a rarity. Food itself has become difficult to find, since there are hardly any people Otherwise, a person would have to travel an extremely far distance just to find something to eat.  

All holidays turned out to be optional for whether to celebrate them or not.  First no one could speak of the meanings, then eventually, all together even the words for different holidays got lost in re-educationespecially Christian and even Jewish holidays. Altogether eventually the holidays slowly faded away and the meanings lost.  

Kerani, the main character is a survivor of World War III……. 

Submitted: November 14, 2021

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