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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A quiet loner gets caught up in the police investigation of a man savagely beaten and left for dead on a tree lined street in Brooklyn. The prime suspect isn't holding anything back. He hides in plain sight almost daring the cops to uncover his dark secrets.


A late model black Town Car pulls up and double parks across from a section of a Brooklyn block closed off by NYPD barricades and yellow crime scene tape. From the driver’s side exits Detective Alex Clayton as crisp and as sharp as ever. Sharply dressed in black suit and long black overcoat, matching black dress shirt open collar, no tie. As he gathers details from patrol officers he seems slightly miffed to be on scene without his partner. Total waste of a perfectly good Saturday morning. “What do we got boys?” The tall, thin dark skinned detective asks of the two uniformed cops as he hands them each a cup of coffee. Clayton always brought coffees to crime scenes. It’s a nice gesture and gets him a little extra favor here and there. The younger of the two officers speaks up first, “Looks like our victim was gettin’ in his car last night, got grabbed from behind and beat pretty bad.” Clayton asks, “Where?”The officer responds, “Methodists.” “We got some info and statements from the neighbors but not much.” Clayton thanks the uniforms and proceeds to knock on doors and conduct interviews.

Some residents know the man by sight. They’ve seen him around the neighborhood but he didn’t live on the block or have a friend there to visit. It seems he just parked there and was attacked at random. Clayton will have to go to the hospital to talk to the victim. Upon arriving at the hospital on seventh ave. in Park Slope to see Steve Martelli, Alex Clayton is surprised to find his partner Michelle Torres sitting in a chair outside the victim’s room. “Hey.” Clayton says while walking toward Torres, “ I thought you banged out sick?” “I did.” Torres answers, “Anna has another ear infection but Joe came home early and told me to see what I could do with you.” “Sorry, poor kid.” Clayton offers in regard to his partner’s daughter. Michelle Torres goes on, “Mr. Martelli here aint talkin’ his head’s bashed in pretty good medically induced coma for now.” Clayton observes, “Pointless to stay here then. There are still a couple tenants in a small 6 unit building on the block that I didn't get a chance to talk to. Maybe grab a bite and head back over there?” Torres says, “Yes to food but maybe pick up with the canvas early AM so I can get back home?” Clayton agrees and they go to a local diner and each grab food to go. They meet up at 8AM the next day in front of the small apartment building across from the crime scene to see if a bright and early Sunday brings them better luck with witnesses.

“Only 2 left from yesterday.” Clayton tells Torres, “You want the guy or the lady?” Michelle Torres elects to take the guy in 1B Jack Fallon. Leaving Alex Clayton with Ann Moss in 3A. The two part ways, Clayton walks to the 3rd floor while Torres hits 1B. Mrs. Moss answers the door for Detective Clayton, she’s struck by his over 6 foot athletic frame as much as the shiney piece of tin hanging around his neck. Clayton wastes no time and launches into questions... for which Mrs. Moss has less than zero answers. Thanking Ann Moss for her time, Alex Clayton takes the stairs down to the lobby where he stands and waits for his partner. At the door of 1B Jack Fallon Plays host to detective Michelle Torres, Mr. Fallon is open and warm, he answers her questions all the while keeping his 8 month old puppy, a black Lab named Pepper at bay. Pepper is an energetic and playful pup who also is well trained and listens to Jack’s every command. Jack explains that he doesn’t know “The poor man across the street who got beat to

death.” He goes on to tell the detective that she should check, “The Greenwood.” That would be The Greenwood Bar, a local place a few blocks away. Fallon says, “ I swear I seen that guy in there Thursday night, ask in there. Hope it helps.” Torres wishes Mr. Fallon a good day and thanks him for his help. She then goes on to meet Clayton in the lobby and compare interview notes before going on to The Greenwood.

Jack Fallon is a non descript type guy. He lives a very regimented, routine sort of life. Meatloaf Monday, Taco Tuesday kind of a guy. You’ve definitely sat next to Jack and never looked at him twice, he doesn’t stand out, He’s been a school custodian for 13 years, never missed a day of work. He’s dependable though no one really depends on him. Jack Fallon is always there. He likes his job as much as anyone can, he always throws a football around with the kids in the schoolyard or sits and talks with the outcasts who get picked on. Jack hates seeing kids getting teased and made fun of. On Thursdays he goes to The Greenwood for happy hour. They have a burger and beer special. Jack enjoys a good burger and a few beers. Every Thursday is the same, a burger with bacon and cheddar, medium. Exactly 3 beers then home to walk Pepper. On Friday’s he orders a pizza from the place down the block and stops in The Greenwood for a beer or two while he waits. It’s pretty much his only real social outlet and it gives him someplace to go and kill time. Being a regular there brings Jack a sense of belonging.

Jack lost his wife about two years ago in a car accident. Now he’s on his own and doesn’t get out much or do much of anything, even cooking. He can do the basics and won’t starve. Meatloaf and tacos are easy enough and basically the same thing anyway. Then order a pie or go grab a burger. Jack likes to keep things simple. Simple and quiet, that’s what he likes and it’s all he wants. The Greenwood is a nice enough place and Jack is a nice enough guy. He fits in there and is well liked by the staff and the other patrons, most of whom are his neighbors anyway. It’s also an after work hang out for many of the teachers Jack works with at PS12. So there is always someone to talk to or a game on to watch while having a few cold ones. Having someone to talk to is probably the thing he misses most at the end of the day. Well to be honest that and smoking. Jack quit shortly after his wife died because it’s something she always wanted for him and something he always promised he would do. He still has one cigarette that he kept from the last pack he ever bought. He’s held onto it as sort of a coping tool for when he feels stressed or overwhelmed. It’s been well over a year but Jack sometimes has that little urge. It usually passes quickly but in cases where it lingers he still has that one last butt tucked behind his ear or stowed safely in his shirt pocket. It’s a Sunday morning, so that means Jack is off with his dog after grabbing a coffee and the paper they are on to the park where Pepper can run off leash and Jack can have his coffee and read the paper. A perfect lazy Sunday.

Torres and Clayton don’t get much from their visit to The Greenwood except for some better than average free coffee and the general impression that Steve Martelli was a bit of an obnoxious loudMouth. As Jerry the Day bartender put it, “Kind of an Asshole, if you ask me. Thinks just ‘cause he tips big he can bother people and hit on all the nice young girls who work here and the teachers who come in from across the street.” Jerry points out the window to the school. Torres jots some shorthand in her pad and thanks Jerry for the coffee and his time. She hands him a card when leaving, saying, “Anything else you hear or think of please let us know.” The kindly old bartender nods as the two detectives exit.

Clayton and Torres call it a day and part ways at their respective cars. They each go about trying to salvage what’s left of a nice Sunday and agree to reconvene in the squad room with fresh eyes on Monday morning. The two have been partners for the better part of two years and work very well together. They’ve found a comfortable rhythm, a groove that comes with a healthy mix of mutual respect , trust and

understanding of each other’s work habits and style. It’s not like a Buddy Cop movie. They don’t hang out off hours or socialise together with their families. They keep things clear and separate but they have each other's backs and keep each other safe always. That’s the bottom line when you’re a member of the NYPD. You don’t need a best friend, just a partner who gets you home in one piece at the end of the day. Clayton and Torres have that and you can’t ask for anything more.

Monday morning at the 9th precinct squad room Alex Clayton starts to compile and organize notes for the file on the Martelli case while Michelle Torres Makes some follow up phone calls. Hanging up Torres says, “Thanks, ok Great, see ya then.” Torres turns to inform Clayton that she spoke to a server from The Greenwood who wants to talk to them. “Maybe a break on this Martelli thing, a waitress from the bar wants to talk to us. That Fallon guy’s name came up,this girl Jill starts work at 3 we can go meet her there at 2:30. Clayton answers without even looking up from his papers, “Ok, cool. Sounds good, at least it’s something.” The rest of the morning is uneventful. Much of the reality of being a cop is quite boring, a lot of hurry up and wait. On the way to meet up with Jill Clayton observes, “Another visit to The Greenwood, Couple more and we’ll be regulars.” Torres responds with a laugh and comments, “Hey at least the coffee is good.” Clayton adds, “And Free!”

Jill Stanley is a polite and pleasant girl in her early 20’s, she sets the detectives up with coffee and joins them in a corner booth. After a sip of coffee Jill Goes directly into her story, “Ok, so I work Thursday, Friday and Monday from 3 til closing. So Thursday night Steve was here... Torres asks, “Martelli?” “Yeah.” Jill answers and then continues. “He had a few and was taking up a table all to himself, which normally we don’t let people do but I don’t mind. I think he does it just to chat and flirt with me and it’s usually harmless.” “Usually?” Clayton asks. “Yeah” Jill replies. “ He was getting loud and kinda grabby with me. Ya know? But Jack stepped in and told Steve to cut it out.” Torres interrupts “How, Explain?” Jill goes on to describe a shouting and shoving match that culminates in the ouster of Martelli and Jack Fallon taking his leave a little bit later. Clayton asks for more details but none are to be had. Jill excuses herself to prepare for her shift, Leaving Torres and Clayton to ponder the possibilities.

On the way back to the car the detectives talk and decide to go one block over and drop in on Jack Fallon again to see if he simply neglected to mention a minor altercation or if he is committing a sin of omission. Clayton asks Torres, “Do me a favor and hang back a bit?” ‘No problem.” Torres responds, as the two cut across the street on an angle and just happen to cross Jack Fallon’s path as he’s walking home from work. There is a small “courtyard” seating area in front of the building, not much just a couple of benches and an ash receptacle on top of a patch of artificial grass but it’s nice enough. Jack offers to talk to the detectives over there as Pepper needs to go out for a piss anyway. As the three sit for a chat Clayton produces a partially smoked cigar from the inside pocket of his coat, “Since we’re outside..” He says as he pats himself down looking for a book of matches. Fallon suggests, “I’m sure I got a book a matches in my place, it’s just inside the door. We can walk and talk if you want?” Clayton nods and this is where his partner picks up that she should hang back saying, “I got calls to make, I’ll be in the car.”

The two men and the dog walk back to the apartment and the polite chat turns to the tussle between Martelli and Fallon. Jack comes clean right away; his account lines up with that of the young waitress so there isn’t much there. Jack also comments, “That was Thursday night right? Whatever happened to Steve Martelli happened on Friday I thought. Anyway, I’m not a Fan of the guy, he’s a Jerk Off! But, I’m also not a fighter and I keep to myself mostly. Jill’s nice, she’s a good kid so I stuck up for her and then I went home. Clayton scans the kitchen while Jack rummages around for matches. The place is just as messy as you would think a middle aged single man’s place would be. Alex Clayton makes some

mental notes and takes some mental pictures before being handed a half used book of matches. The detective thanks Jack and leaves him to go about his day. Clayton joins Torres in the car and fills her in on some interesting observations as they ride back to the precinct.

Clayton proclaims to his partner, “Well, that guy’s a liar!” Clayton bases this mostly on the look and feel of the bachelor pad he just walked out of. He continues, “He still smokes and he absolutely drinks a hell of a lot more than he lets on. He’s got empty bottles and packs of butts all over the kitchen.” Michelle Torres interjects, “That makes him a slob not a suspect Al. Lots of people lie about smoking and how
much they drink, so what? That makes him a weekend warrior and that’s not against the law partner.” As they exit the car and walk into the station Clayton responds, “There is a law against assault and beatin’ a guy into a coma and for that reason I’m gonna dig around into Mister Jack Fallon just a little bit. It’s thin but it’s better than nothin’.” Michelle Torres retorts, “It’s exactly Nothin’ but Dig Away Al and I’ll work on the case of what the hell is for dinner?” Alex Clayton pecks away slowly at his keyboard while Torres touches base with her husband and daughter. They decide that tonight’s menu will be pizza and board games. She thinks of inviting Clayton but doesn’t bother as he always declines.

Just before cutting out Alex Clayton checks in with Michelle Torres to give her a heads up he asks, “You good here? I gotta go see Murph, I got an idea maybe he can help us with this thing.” Torres follows up, “Hank Murphy? Hank The Shank? I Hate that guy, he's a snake. Be careful Al and don’t even think of askin’ me to kick in any cash for the cause.” Clayton returns, “The one and only and I got this one. It’s like a fifty dollar favor not a big deal just a couple guys sharin’ a couple cold ones is all. Have a good night partner. Catch up with you tomorrow.” Torres has a lead of her own to work on but it can wait until the morning. A good detective always likes having something in their back pocket. Detective Torres likes knowing she already has something on deck for the next day. It’s a good feeling when you’re a step ahead and you have a jump on the next day. Maybe for Torres it’s more about having the jump on her partner? Either way she’s out the door and shifting into Mommy Mode. Pizza, board games and a cheap beer sound pretty good to this tired cop at the end of the day.

For Detective Alex Claton Tuesday morning shows up like a Son of a Bitch after a long and late meeting with Murph. Hank The Shank Murphy is himself quite a Son of a Bitch in his own right. He ain't really connected as much as he is known. He’s on disability from a no show construction job after taking a nasty fall as part of an insurance scam. He spends his days drinking in a Staten Island Dive Bar and makes extra cash doing favors and running errands for the local half ass tough guys and wannabe wise guys. He got his nickname because it’s been said that he would stab his own mother for a case of beer and that might not be far from the truth. Hank met Clayton a few years back When the Detective busted him selling stolen credit cards. Hank The Shank cut a deal and started cooperating with the cops. He quickly became Clayton’s favorite informant and it’s been a nice little side hustle for Hank. It keeps him outta trouble, having friends on the force can’t hurt and he never has to do any heavy lifting. It’s a pretty good deal all the way around for everyone involved.

This particular meeting Clayton offered Hank sixty bucks drinking money to go hang out in a bar in Brooklyn this upcomingThursday afternoon and try to get close to a regular named Jack Fallon. Strike up a conversation, see if he feels chatty or poke at him, push him a bit, get under his skin. See if he gets pissed off easy. Maybe he holds back? Maybe he takes a swing? Maybe nothing happens at all? That was the pitch and of course Hank The Shank went for it! Only problem Alex Clayton has now is one Hell of a Hangover, that and a Hell of a long day ahead of him. He knows his partner won’t like this plan but he’s sure she will back his play and go along with it anyway. That’s part of the job, that’s just what good

partners do and Michelle Torres is definitely one of the good ones. She is already at her desk and on the phone when Clayton slowly staggers over to his station directly across from her. Torres tosses a bottle of Advil over to Clayton, then slides a black coffee across the desk. She had already anticipated what condition his condition would be in. Torres has no time to waste with idle chatter or witty banter. She has an appointment to keep.

After telling Clayton that they should split up for the day to work the case from different angles Torres takes off to go interview the therapist at the school. Doctor Sam Becker is a child psychologist who visits different Brooklyn public schools a couple of times a month to help children who are considered at risk or in need. One of the teachers there had hinted that the Doc may have been trying to help Jack Fallon with his grief and other issues surrounding his wife's death. It was at least looking into as far as Torres was concerned. At PS 12 Doctor Samantha Becker doesn’t even have an office of her own. When she visits this or any other school twice a month for two hours she just shuffles between empty classrooms or even a lounge or breakroom will do as long as there’s a door she can shut and a couple of chairs. Sam Becker comes across immediately as warm and willing to help if she can. After Jack’s name is mentioned the good doctor expresses a need to keep this meeting brief as she is under time constraints and seeing the students is her priority. Having stated that Becker promptly hands her card over to the detective and hurries her out the door saying, “This is a conversation for another time. Please feel free to call me later in the day. Nice meeting you and thank you for the job that you do.”

Torres is put off by this initial exchange. She feels there’s much more being left unsaid and to Detective Torres that’s always the best part. She will definitely be following up on this. Back at the squad room Detective Alex Clayton is leaning on the side of the desk he and Torres share. He’s scrolling through his phone, glancing up at Torres he announces, “Martelli is dead, no meaningful function or movement at all. His family is pullin’ the plug on the poor guy in twenty four hours unless their prayers get answered. This is a Homicide now and I want Fallon in The Box!” Fallon is the best suspect, he is in fact the only suspect so dragging him out of work in cuffs would be totally reasonable but Detective Torres suggests something a bit more tactful, “Let’s invite Fallon in for a chat, ask him for his help. I think guys like him like to feel important, needed, like they belong. We can use that and then we ask the Doc from the school to sit and listen in. She can observe and give us feedback, I’ll reach out to her and you call Fallon. We also have your play with Murph good to go. Let’s build this thing slow, what do ya say, partner?” Clayton knows it’s the right call and agrees. The game plan is set in motion.

Jack Fallon initially agreed over the phone to come in at 5pm to answer some routine follow up questions and provide any background info or insight that might be helpful. At around 4ish Fallon calls Clayton’s cell and tries to back out. He claims that not having a car makes going to the precinct and then getting home later a pure pain in the ass. He wants to help in any way he can and offers to answer questions right then and there over the phone. The quick on his feet detective has a counter offer, “How bout my partner swings by and gives you a ride? She’ll pick you up at five and a uniform will drop you home when we’re through. Good, Great That works! Thanks for the help, see ya soon!” Alex Clayton gave his suspect no room to respond and just like that he has Fallon dangling on the hook. Michelle is less than pleased about playing chauffeur to a suspect but she goes along with it. She has Doctor Sam Becker coming in at 5:30 to see if she can help put the pieces together and answer the question of who in fact is Jack Fallon. Both Torres and Clayton feel that Doc Sam is well versed in the subject and qualified enough to fill in the blanks and paint the picture.

At a quarter after five Detective Torres strolls in with Jack Fallon the two of them seem casual, cordial and comfortable with each other as Torres takes Fallon to interview room 3 and sits him down Then excuses herself to find her partner so all three can have a chat. What Torres is really doing is sitting on the other side of the wall with Clayton and Doc Becker observing their subject through the mirror/window as the shrink proposes a profile of Jack of course it’s a non specific, generic and hypothetical one. Jack was never a patient so there is no privilege attached to their informal chats and banter. Becker dispensed advice to a person in her sphere who may have been in crisis after the sudden, unexpected death of his wife. Samantha Becker feels that disclosing details may, for her, be tap dancing on a moral or ethical line that she fears crossing. The man she goes on to describe is or was a happy go lucky sort of good time guy. His wife Kelly was the school nurse and she got Jack the janitorial job shortly after they married. Jack Fallon's Job as a contractor and handyman had dried up after he had been caught taking one too many liquid lunches. He dried out and straightened up. That’s the backstory at least.

As Becker tells it, “Jack and Kelly both drank and laughed and liked a good time. Jack just didn’t know when to stop, never wanting to call it a night. Never wanting the good time to end. He was charming and funny and it was all harmless in the beginning. Kelly Fallon was quick to forgive until she wasn’t. Jack walked the line during the week until Thursday or Friday when a few beers would creep in. That was cool with Kelly as Happy Hour with coworkers was a regular Thursday thing and the bar was walking distance, perfect after a few pints and a little Pino. One Sunday afternoon Jack went out to Bay Ridge to meet a few old friends and watch some football. He swore he would be home by six. He would take the train there and a car home just to be safe. His wife gave her blessing and off Jack went. A few hours later and a few pints in, Jack is outside a bar called The Penalty Box having a smoke when a young girl barrels into him after being shoved out the door by a loud drunk Jerk Off who is abusive and threatening to the tiny young lady. Jack jumps in to help and gets his clock cleaned for his trouble. Jack is busted up and bloody. He calls Kelly to come get him. She’s pissed off and has a few hard ciders in her but she speeds off to collect him.

That twenty minute ride ended Kelly’s life and sent Jack into a tailspin, a spiral that took a lot of time and work to recover from. These are Jack’s words to me, his retelling and recollection of events as he shared them with me. I hope it helps, that’s all I got. I’m happy to stay and observe but I would much rather go.” Detective Alex Clayton thanks the Doctor but asks a favor, “Ten more minutes please? Let us get started and then you can tell us if we’re going in the right direction. We would greatly appreciate it.” Sam Becker agrees and the two detectives enter the room and greet Jack Fallon with pizza and soda in an attempt to make things less formal and more friendly. That’s the idea and that’s exactly how things start out. Detective Torres expresses her gratitude, “Thanks for hangin’ with us Jack.” Clayton starts taking shots at Fallon and playfully nudging him about drinking, smoking and losing control. “I love a nice cold one with my pizza. Sometimes too much or too many, maybe too often. Right Jackie? Ya feel me Brother?” Fallon doesn’t flinch but Clayton knows it’s time to press, “I love a smoke with my brews, don’t you? We can’t smoke in here but sometimes we say ``Screw It, right partner?” Clayton lights a Newport and then another for Michelle who winks at Fallon as she takes a dag and pushes the pack towards him. Jack lights up saying, “Yeah Fuck It!”

“There ya go! No judgement here Jack! You don’t gotta hide with us. Don’t go six blocks outta your way to buy a case a beer so nobody sees ya and then you drink two or three in public. You go home and hit it hard till you pass out cause it was you that killed your wife and you need to numb the pain.” Fallon quickly rises to his feet to object as Torres just keeps darting her eyes between the two men in front of her. Clayton goes on, “I saw all the empties and the butts in your kitchen and I know you have a thing for

helping young girls so you saw what Martelli did and you stepped in but that wasn’t enough, you couldn’t let it go so the next night ya got loaded at home alone and ya stewed about it. You walked your dog over by Martelli’s car and you waited across the street for him. When he showed up you picked up a brick discarded next to the tree your mutt just pissed on and you walked up behind the guy and beat him bloody. Ya Bash His brains in and as of tomorrow he’s dead and that makes you a murderer. Not an avenging angel vigilante, just a killer.”

Jack Fallon calmly composes himself and asks, “Am I under arrest detectives?” Torres replies, “No Sir.” Alex Clayton ads, “Not Yet Jackie, Not Today!” Having cleared that up and cleared the air Fallon walks out. He only came in to get a feel for the situation, now he knows where he stands and that’s all he wanted out of his meeting with the dedicated detectives. For the time being he can walk away being both free and also satisfied. The playing field has indeed been leveled all is fair and equal. Jack Fallon walks a block and a half filling his lungs with fresh evening air confidently reassuring himself that he now knows what the cops know and what they know is nothing. That realization strikes him just as he is getting into the front passengers side of a silver BMW sedan idling on the corner. The driver is a female figure who just happens to come in the striking form of Samantha Becker. As they pull away to her Brooklyn Heights Brownstone they embrace, share a kiss and each light a smoke. Along the way to their destination Jack informs Sam that it all went exactly as she said it would. Sam cautions, “You are not in the clear yet, far from it in fact. All we know is that they don’t have enough to hold you or you would be in lock up right now. We gotta be careful now Babe. We gotta stay away, they are gonna watch you so you go home and you stay home. Break patterns, take time off and lay low. Get it, understand?” Jack nods and agrees.

He slinks home at 3am and casually calls out of work that Thursday morning. Jack walks Pepper, picks up a paper and a six pack and spends most of his day off drinking, chain smoking and pacing in his apartment. He can’t reach out to Sam and by the late afternoon he feels trapped. He feels the pull of a burger and a beer and why not? It’s Thursday andJack is doing his Thursday thing. At the bar he can feel the looks and almost hear the snickers and sneers as he takes a sip of his perfectly poured pint and a bite of his bloody as hell burger. For that second, in that exact moment for Jack Fallon order is restored and all is right with the world. A big Burly man named Murph loudly and crudely makes his presence known just as he plants himself right beside Jack. Murph orders from Jill then announces his need to drain his vein. In the mens room Hank the Shank places a quick call to Clayton and explains, “I made contact Boss. How do you wanna do this?” On the other end Detective Clayton instructs, “Forget about bein’ his friend. Push him, lean on em’ real hard then see if you can break him. That’s it.” Murph has his orders and he starts right in trying to get under the skin of his target.

Hank Murphy plays the part very well because being loud, obnoxious and annoying is in his nature. Hank the Shank enjoys drinking and breaking balls in general any day of the week but even more so when it’s with a purpose, for a reason and he got paid for it as well. Jack Fallon is sitting and pounding pints with a fresh pack of smokes sitting right in front of him. He isn’t hiding any more, Jill the bartender notices the change in her long time regular but she leaves it and Jack alone. What could be gained by trying to explore the seemingly dark turn in his demeanor? Why ask for trouble? Maybe the guy’s just having a bad day? Whatever, it happens. In short order Murph starts acting the drunken slob and fool alternately engaging with Jill and insulting Jack. Seeing that Jill seems to not mind the advances in her direction, Jack Fallon decides to have a smoke then he will finish his beer and walk home to his dog. Jack smokes and kind of sways a bit as he wonders why girls like Jill always go for guys like Hank Murphy? Even Sam her ex husband used to beat, rape and abuse her until she shared with Jack through teary black eyes that she

was afraid to go home. A few days later Jerry Becker had an accident at the Metro Tech subway station. He slipped and caught a kiss from an oncoming A train. Hey, accidents happen, right?

Jack Fallon drinks and then he forgets. Another accident is about to happen, another unfortunate exchange between drunks smoking cigarettes outside a bar. Another wrong place, wrong time story. One man will get the best of the other, One of them will walk away. Nobody ever Faces justice for the Martelli murder. Hank Murphy claims self defense and cuts a deal in the Fallon Manslaughter case. Since he was acting as an informant for the NYPD he gets two years house arrest and then disappears upstate. Jack is laid to rest with his wife. Clayton, Torres and Sam Becker attend the service. The outcome of the whole mess seems hollow and incomplete at best but for many that’s exactly how life is. Just a few glimpses and grabs at the light in between blackouts.

Submitted: November 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 John Nash. All rights reserved.

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