Nobear and The Cat Tree

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

My new best friend is now known as Nobear.  He is full of curiosity, to say the least.  His first avenue of investigating anything is to taste it first.

If it fits in his mouth, he tries to chew it.  It that does not work, will either bury it or do the best he can to share it or replace it with something that at least smells better.  I enjoy watching him learn about his surroundings.  I noticed that he always bows before trying something new.

He puts both his front legs out in front of him, stretches backward until his fanny is up in the air and then he quickly dips his head.  When he comes back up, it is with a pounce and a grin as big as Texas across his face.

His tongue is always ready for the taste.  If whatever he has bowed to goes up… he runs to catch it.  If it drops investigate its edibility.  Sometimes he takes it to either Sweet Pea or Bella.  He has a very high pitch whine when he is trying to impress one of the girls.

Sweet Pea is an ancient greyhound.  She is retired and finds herself trying to explain this to a very sweet little red dawg who thinks his name is Nobear.  If she thinks he has gotten into the trash (frequently) she runs to kiss him away from the scene so he will not get into trouble.

Bella, not so much.  Bella likes to tip the edge of the can and act as if something in it smells good.  Then she watches as Nobear tries to impress her with getting out whatever it is that is in the trash.  If I spot the scene I say, “NO. Bear.”  Bella instantly goes and lays down and makes a yawning noise at Bear.  He instantly runs, winning all the way, to her side to show her his teeth. 

I have learned to prevent several such scenes by watching Nobear’s body language.  However, his curiosity has grown…

Today, he wandered into the living room, past the sofa, and suddenly noticed kitten paws sticking out from under the door.  That is not the best part.  The door was ajar.  Neither he nor Romeo knew it, until… Nicki, let out a meow and tipped the door a little wider.

Nobear bowed.  Then bounced forward.  The kittens retreated up the cat tree.  That was a little new.  He had admired it from afar before.  Was today going to be the day?  Yes.

One more bow.MEOW, MEOW, MEOW,

That is the sound cats make when they are flying across the room.  One glance told me all I needed to know.  The cats were on top of the dresser and Nobear was in the cat tree.

He bowed and whined.  Who knew… he is afraid of heights?  I put up my arms and he clung to me until he was safely on the ground.

We were able to overcome the trauma by snuggling on my double bed for just a minute.  I guess the belly rub did not hurt.  Bella joined us.

Now both girls are offering him comfort on the bed in the office.

I just saw a catnip toy come flying from under the door.  Sweet Pea snatched it and threw it back.  Then gave Nobear a kiss in the face.  Bella will not be outdone.  I just gave them the dog biscuits for the evening.  They both gave theirs to Nobear.

I was getting ready for the plumbers to return tomorrow.  I pulled out the cat tree to get some of the supplies out from behind it.

Nobear, bowed, and pounced… once again he was amazed… cats do fly.

I had no idea they were in there.  He is waiting for me from behind the door.

Tomorrow is another day.

Submitted: November 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Texasjane. All rights reserved.

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