Fire In the Belly of the Beast

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America has awakened a beast within. It is consuming its heart and soul. It is a beast without conscience, and a creature foreign to the American psyche.


By Al Garcia

America has awakened a beast within.  It is consuming its heart and soul.  It is a beast without conscience, and a creature foreign to the American psyche. 

It is the dormant ogre that has dwelled in the human mind since the beginning of time.  It possesses an instinctual fear and paranoia that consumes and destroys our human progression, and nurtures our retrogression into the basest of our natural instincts. 

It is a beast that cannot see or comprehend the accomplishments and achievements of generations past, but can only glimpse the outlines of manufactured fears and insincere commotions to garner forged emotions. 

There is fire in the belly of the beast that burns asunder the nobility and the empathy of once shared afflictions and predicaments that bound together diverging minds, conflicting human hues and shades and tones, and differing convictions and certitudes of body, mind and soul.   

Consuming flames inside the burning mind and soul of once good men of conscience and of reason, now destroying and altering the triumphs of our struggles and our sacrifices, and blurring the fascination and imagination of dreamers, romantics, and ordinary patriots who simply believed in the dignity and the nobleness of life and of living the American dream, as it was meant to be.

It is the beast within that roars and snarls like a wounded creature in the wild.  It is the hidden beast that dwells inside the human mind that betrays the gentle waves of time that have soothed and mollified the anger and the hate that has afflicted and tormented the unforgiving beast that waits to pounce upon the “tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” 

Already the smell and taste of patriot blood has roused the frenzied haste of right-wing fanatics and their authoritarian and tyrannical sympathizers from across the spectrum of undemocratic and subversive bands of traitors and conspirators, once hidden, unseen and unheard, who roamed freely in our midst, beneath our majestic flag of liberty.

No longer content with simply blending in and hoodwinking, conning or swindling us, they are now openly ripping off their masks and revealing the evil and ugliness that lies beneath their well-masked existence in our midst.  It is the arrogance of the beast that can sense the kill within its reach.

The beasts are emboldened to mark their new-found territories with revamped and skewed rules, regulations and laws to keep away the swinish multitudes, theworthless, and the contemptible, who still believe in the rule of law, the Constitution, and our oath of allegiance. 

Every day, the beast reveals itself in the form of once venerated and respected men and women who swore to uphold our Constitution, and to serve and protect the citizens of this great land.  How, unmasked, they flout their arrogance and their disdain of the very institutions they once served and supported.  They have started to dismantle the basic liberties of our democracy.  They speak openly and brazenly of “one religion,” of “no rights for women,” of “no adherence to national mandates to stop a pandemic,” of “disbelief in science and even common sense,” and of “a voiceless, powerless and subservient and submissive constituency.” 

There is a fire in the belly of the beast.  It is out of control and unrestrained.  And, left to burn, the fire will consume the beast itself. 

America is a frame of mind and of thought.  It is fueled by imagination and inspiration, and nurtured by patience, tolerance, understanding and kindness. 

We have all felt that fire in our bellies.  It is part of our humanness.  Part of our psyche.  However, we have also learned how to control it.  How to use it for our benefit, and how to extinguish it when it gets out of control, and begins to overtake the body, mind and soul.

Unfortunately, some have learned how to use that fire within against ourselves, and against one another.  They know not the beast they have unleashed, and all because of selfish arrogance and greed.

Watch out, there is a fire in the belly of the beast.  And untended or restrained, it may burn down the body of the beast. 

Submitted: November 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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