Think beyond this summary of a true self.

Incredible emotions united my soul and humbles,

Don’t tell lies to my own self,

Now I focus and think,

What I need to do with what I already I know?

Heartstrings into infinity host the cost,

How I made friendship with the world around?

Ever longing I am made for this enthusiasm,

I think there is a greatness step into our existence,

Doing what matter most toast this energy within,

In every moment when I started this sail commited,

In time I join an adventure I never thought actually existed,

More than the self I changed this habit,

What continues within this winner?

Is it the happiness I always lied?

What happened to these lies?

Where did I compromise this adventure?

God stepped into this playground,

And saw everything I tried and still enjoys these trials,

Watched like a messenger I impersonated into these gestures,

But when God looked back,

There came a sign, what I saw on these thoughts changed its course?

But I was sure I stepped into the last infinite matrix,

Where solutions existed not wanted,

But it is a simple story of an honor time cannot forget,

This is a journey how memoir of our home continued,

Some say we cannot draft our own fleet as it feels,

But today I am engaged into those heartstrings,

There are rains and people are homeless,

Where are their selected savings on this homeland?

Can you feel the time when we argue about this change?

Do you avoid it is a narration as the loved home lost in a dream?

I want you to take this extraordinary feeling God is not hiding somewhere,

If faith hides, what can we do in this hidden fleet?

Everything you wanted can change if you truly believe,

But the trust is how you see its challenges,

God never hides and it is where we hide our true self,

Everything I wanted is not lost when I grow old,

Everything I wanted is lost when I forget it so old,

It is every moment you specially create tear the fears,

Where you can find God as its creation hear the tears,

Just the making where you focus every moment you can step ahead,

Living the fear not like a racing car losing your control,

But bear the life like the racer who could control this self,

Today when it rains in the morning our Sun shall rise from its true self,

Telling us we are the living witness for its evergreen spirit on the living Earth,

Every moment this self recreates our ambience where we are young,

In its blood that flows through a heartstring into infinity always connected,

Where the journey shall rinse this saving as our untraveled mystery,

For the lifetime living our kindness where we together will overcome,

Everything that can happen in this very moment endlessly for oneness into our true self,

I hope I don’t cope the change our story started,

But I trust there is a path into this far destined promised home,

Let this commitment give us the legend continuing ever born again.

Submitted: November 15, 2021

© Copyright 2023 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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