It's Not Just The Shirt (18+)

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Hina bought a new, sexy outfit to show off to me, trying to get me excited. Yet, it is not always a sexy outfit that turns me on.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room while Hina was in the hallway bathroom. I was not sure what she was exactly doing there but she definitely was taking her time nor did I mind it. She was in there about 15 minutes before I heard the door suddenly open. 


“Katsuya, dear! I need you to close your eyes for me, please! I have a surprise that I want to show you!” Hina suddenly exclaimed and instructed from the bathroom. I was curious about what kind of surprise she has in store for me but yet, I did not want to question her about it either. I did as she told me to. I closed my eyes for her.


 ”Are they closed, hun?” Hina asked me, wanting to make sure before she came out of the bathroom.


“Yes, dear! My eyes are completely closed.” I replied back. She stepped out of the bathroom and made her way to the living room. Hina stood in front of me with a smile on her face. She got into a pose before she spoke. 


”You may open your eyes now, Hun.” Hina instructed me once again. When I fully opened my eyes, they suddenly widened when they focused on the outfit that she was wearing on her body. She was wearing a pair of booty shorts and a crop top. Both pieces of clothing were tight on her and the crop top stopped just below her large breasts. I also noticed that her nipples were very visible through the front of the crop top as well. She has been keeping her eyes on me as I was looking at her.


”How do you feel about my new outfit?” Hina asked me suddenly. I smiled at her.


 ”It looks very sexy on you.” I answered back. Hina felt excited about that answer. 


“Do you like it? This outfit is for you and your eyes only.” She asked another question and told me as well.


”Yes. I love your outfit. It looks amazing on you, too.” I answered. The smile on Hina’s face suddenly became bigger after hearing that come from me.


”Thank you, babe.” Hina told me.


“You are very welcome.” I said back to her. Hina walked over to me and suddenly sat in my lap. Her breasts also jiggled slightly as she walked and sat down on my lap, too. I gulped as my eyes suddenly made close eye contact with her breasts. Hina then swayed her hips from side to side a few times while being on my lap. In a sexual manner. She was trying to get me to become excited.


..And it was working well. Maybe even a little too well. Hina chuckled.


“You are so cute.” Hina suddenly complimented me. I looked at her face.


“You’re so beautiful.” I told her, giving her a compliment, too. Though, it was not the tight outfit that was turning me on. Hina in general just makes me feel so excited, regardless of what she is wearing…or what she is not wearing for that matter. Without giving her any warning, I suddenly pulled her top up and off of her then tossed on the floor below us. Her breasts bounced out from the bottom of her crop top and kept bouncing for several seconds before stopping.


Her nipples were also so perky and erect, turning me on even more than I already was.. Hina blushed on her cheeks.


“As much as I love your outfit, I love seeing you without it either. Or any clothes on.” I spoke to her. 


“I feel the same way about you.” Hina said back to me. I smiled back at her. 


“I love you so much.” I told her. Hina wrapped her arms around my shoulder as she moved her head closer to mine.


“I love you so much, too.” Hina said back to me. I suddenly placed my lips against hers, giving her a kiss. Hina accepted my kiss. As we kissed, I placed both of my hands on Hina’s ass, giving it a squeeze. Hina suddenly rubbed her body up gainst my crotch, causing me to let out a groan from the amazing feeling she just gave me. I could not take it anymore. I wanted her. Badly


When I pulled my head away from her, I suddenly attacked her neck and gave a few kisses and a couple of hickeys, too. A moan escaped from Hina’s mouth as I gave her a hickey on a sweet spot of her neck. Then..I moved my head from her neck and began to play with her breasts. I placed my mouth over one of Hina’s erect and sensitive nipples and began to give it a suck.


“Ah!” Hina moaned as I sucked on her nipple. Hina’s cheeks were blushing more heavily now. Both of us love sex and Hina especially loves when I do things like that to her. I always make sure that I have consent to do so. I suddenly stopped and pulled my mouth off of her nipple. Hina let out a whimper and pouted at me. I chuckled.


“Do you want me to keep going?” I asked her with a smile on my face. Hina nodded.


“Yes please. Keep doing that to me. can touch and lick other parts of my body as well. I..I want you to.” Hina replied and said to me, while feeling flustered and turned on at the same time. I nodded with a smile on my face, too.


“As you wish.” I told her then I went back to pleasing her body once again by sucking on her other nipple this time. Hina moaned as I circled my tongue around her perky nipple.


“Ah!” Hina moaned. My cock twitched. I will never, ever get tired of hearing her moans. That’s for sure. Nor will I ever get tired of Hina in general. She is the perfect woman for me. Still, I could care less about all the men that she has slept with. I still love her so much, regardless. To me, she is not “tainted” or a slut. She is a beautiful and wonderful person. Inside and out. As I continued to pleasure her breasts, I also kept my eyes on how she was reacting to my touch. 


Though, she was trying to muffle her moans while I was pleasuring her. And I was against that. I wanted to hear her moans fill the room. Even if this was going on in the living room. I gave her nipple a bite, causing Hina to let out a huge moan. We both made eye contact with one another. I stopped again and looked at her with a smile on my face.


“That is MUCH better.” I spoke. Hina could not say a word to me. All she could do was look at me. I kept smiling at her. Suddenly she got off of my lap and stood in front of me before removing her very short shorts that she was wearing. And she was not wearing any underwear underneath whatsoever. Now, she went from showing me her new outfit to being naked for me in the living room. 


“I want you to play with my pussy.” Hina suddenly told me. I was not going to say no to that. I nodded back. 


“Of course.” I responded. Hina walked back over and sat on the couch next to me. She spread her legs, exposing her sweet pussy to me. Her clit was already sticking forward. 


“I barely have even touched you and you're already so horny!” I exclaimed. Hina nodded.


“ is because you make me feel this way, darling. I can't help it when I am around you. You drive my body crazy!” Hina spoke, being honest with me. 


“You make me feel the same way, too, Hina.” I spoke to her as well. Hina smiled.


“I am glad that I do.” Hina told me. I suddenly gave her a kiss on the lips again. It quickly turned to making out as she slipped her tongue into my mouth and we began to play with each other's tongues. I also placed two of my fingers onto Hina’s pussy and began to please her once again. Muffled moans were coming from Hina as I played with her clit. Hina suddenly pulled away from me as she laid back up against the couch. Her pussy was already getting so wet.


“Your pussy is already dripping, Hina! Do I excite you that much?” I spoke and then asked her.


“Ah, yes! You make me like this!” Hin exclaimed while she moaned. She suddenly dug her back into the couch as I began to focus on her clit even more than I already was. It was even throbbing against my fingers, too. Her moans filled the living room of my apartment. And honestly, I did not care if my neighbors heard us doing things like this. All I cared about was Hina and what she thinks.


I played with her for another minute before moving my hand away from her dripping, wet pussy. And my fingers were soaked from pleasuring her. Hina winced slightly while I looked at my fingers. I could even smell a lewd scent coming from it, too. It was not a bad scent. It was her scent. A scent that I have grown to love quite a lot when we have sex. And truly could not get enough of it, too.


“ do not have to look at it, Katsuya.” Hina told me as I played with it a little on my fingers. She was not disgusted but surprised that I was doing this.


“It does not bother me to look or even taste it, Hina.” I said before I looked at her with a smile on my face again.


“Because it is YOUR wetness. And I love it because it is from you.” I added. Hina blushed more on her cheeks and nodded.


“I..understand. Until we started doing this, I have never seen anyone else do that when it comes to me.” Hina told me. 


“That’s understandable, babe but never be shy about it. I love everything about you so much.” I spoke. Hina smiled.


“Same here.” She said back to me. After I grabbed a tissue from the box on the side table and wiped my hand, I wanted to do more to Hina’s pussy. Though...I think she had other things on her mind as I suddenly felt one of her hands suddenly grabbing my visible erection coming from the front of my shorts. And I was wearing no underwear whatsoever either.


“Ah!” I softly moaned as she began to play with my shaft, moving her hand up and down on it. I also noticed that Hina licked her lips while both of her eyes were focused on my cock. Still, I wasn't a huge moaner but I did respond to her touches. She suddenly looked up at me with a smile.


“Does that feel good?” Hina asked me. I nodded back.


“Ye-yes. It feels so good.” I replied to her. Hina felt happy.


“I am glad.” Hina told me. Suddenly, she stopped after another minute and removed her from my cock.


“Take your shorts off for me, please. I want to see your bare, huge cock.” Hina instructed me. She got onto the floor after I did as she told me to do. After I sat back down on the couch, she moved closer in between my legs. When I spread my leg for her, my cock ended up softly laying on her one the left side of her face. She chuckled and the smile on her face suddenly became bigger as well.


“Oh! Your cock is wanting to say hello to me, Katsuya!” Hina happily spoke. To be honest, it looked adorable and erotic at the same time. Hina suddenly got an idea. 


“Take a photo of me like this!” Hina told me. My phone was on the couch next to me but still, I was not sure if that was a good idea.


“Are you sure? I will not show anyone else the photo if I do this, promise.” I asked and told her. 


“I am very fine with it. Plus, photography is your hobby, so, you can start taking nudes and such of me if you want! I really do not mind it at all. Since it will be for your eyes only, of course.” Hina replied and explained to me. I agreed. I took my phone and opened up the camera while Hina still had my cock on her face. I snapped a couple of photos before finally putting my photo back down on the couch once again.


Hina moved my cock off of her face and began to play with it once again, jerking it off for a minute before placing her lips against the shaft. She gave it kisses and licks from bottom to all the way to the tip. I was already so turned on that a drop of precum was leaking out from the slit. Hina licked it then looked at me.


“I love the way you taste.” Hina told me. I blushed. She giggled.


“You are so adorable. I love you.” Hina also said to me, her heart felt so excited and happy. 


“I love you, too.” I said back to her. Hina nodded and focused on my cock once again. She suddenly placed her mouth over it and began to move her head back and forth. Since the first time we had sex, Hina has not gone easy on me with the blowjobs. Nor do I want her to. She was truly incredible at it. The lewd sounds that were already coming from her as she sucked my cock was driving my body crazy. 

As well as my mind, too. Hina was moaning as she kept on giving me head. Her face was starting to get wet from the saliva and precum escaping from my cock. Her head was moving so fast that it was causing me to feel the knot in my stomach quickly. And she was pleasuring my cock and balls so well with her hands so well that I barely could even get a word out of my mouth at the moment to give her a warning about it. 


All of a sudden after not being able to hold back anymore, I released all of my thick semen into her mouth. Hina’s eyes widened as she drank and took in all of my cum. And I do mean all of it. Not to mention that my cock was in the back of her throat at the same time. When I finished releasing, l laid back against the couch, trying to catch my breath as we made eye contact while Hina still had my cock in her mouth.


As Hina pulled away to remove my cock out of her mouth, some of my cum poured out from the one of the corners of her mouth then smiled at me. Even when she finished giving me enough to cum inside her mouth, I still was hard.


“Did that feel good, Katsuya-Kun?” Hina asked me. I nodded back at her with a smile on my face.


“Did I also do a good job?” Hina asked me another question. I placed my hand on top of her head and rubbed it a few times.


“Yes, babe. You did an excellent job.” I replied to her verbally this time. Hina chuckled happily then stood up but kept her eyes on me


“I am glad.” Hina told me. I suddenly made eye contact with her pussy. It was so wet that it was dripping. 


“Giving head excites you, doesn’t it?” I asked her. Hina nodded.


“Very much, Especially when I do it to you and only you.” Hina answered. I smirked as I placed two of my fingers on her pussy once again. 


“Ah!” Hina moaned as I rubbed her clit once again. I also started to have a craving. A craving to taste her sweet pussy. After a munte, I pulled my hand away from her crotch and told her to sit on the couch. Hina spread her legs and began to touch her clit as I was the one who got onto the ground this time. The scent was now stronger than before as my face was right across from her excited pussy.


She moved her fingers off of her clit as I moved my face closer. My tongue barely even touched her before she started to moan again. And before I knew it, my tongue was circling around her hard clit. Hina could not stop moaning as she dug her back against the back of the couch. 


“AH! Eat my pussy just like that, Katsuya! OH YES!” Hina moaned as I sucked on her clit. Hina was going crazy. She couldn't take it any longer. Hina wanted something inside of her.


“I can’t stand it any longer! Please fuck me!” Hina instructed as she moaned. Luckily, I had a bottle of lube in the living room. As much as we have sex, it is not uncommon for us to have a bottle of lube in every room of my apartment. Or even wherever we go for that matter. I moved my face away from her pussy, covered in her wetness. 


She handed me the bottle of lube and I covered one of my fingers in it before carefully inserting it into her pussy.


“MMM!” Hina whimpered. I looked up at her. 


“Do you want me to take it out?” I asked her. Hina shook her head.


“N-no! It feels good! Please, keep going!” Hina replied. I nodded and went back to pleasing her with my finger. After another minute or two, I inserted another finger in her pussy and began to scissor and move both of my fingers. Hina was playing with her nipples as I fingered her. I was also preparing her because the first time and other times that we had sex have had so far, I did not do that. Even if she felt so much pleasure without being prepped, it still made me feel uneasy, so I wanted to do this to her. At least once.


Yet, Hina did not want my fingers. I can see that she truly wanted my cock so badly. When I suddenly pulled my fingers out, Hina let out another whimper. I looked at her again with a smirk on my face this time.


“You want more, babygirl?” I asked her. Hina nodded as she was panting. Hina was now desperate to have my cock inside of her dripping pussy. It was even twitching for me.


“Yes, daddy! I want your cock inside of me so badly! And do not make me wait!” Hina replied. I stood up and sat down on the couch next to my lover while I applied lube to my cock and her pussy. I wanted to try something different this time. Something that we have not done yet but I wanted to wait a bit for that. 


“I wanted to ride me.” I suddenly suggested an idea to her. It seems that Hina loved that idea.


“Oooh! With me facing you as I ride that huge cock of yours, daddy?” Hina exclaimed and asked me. I nodded.


“Yes, babygirl.” I answered her. Hina nodded back and began to place herself above my cock. I held her hips before she gently slid my cock deep inside her pussy. Before it was fully inside, she decided to go for it and just slam the rest of my cock when she was about halfway down. 


“AH!” Hina moaned as she now had my entire cock inside her throbbing pussy. She made eye contact with me. 


“I am going to start moving, daddy. And please, do not worry about doing things to me while I ride you. I love it when you do.” Hina told me. I nodded while I still had both of my hands on her hips. A few seconds later, Hina began to slowly bounce herself on my cock. Her ass jiggled slightly while she moved her hips up and down. I truly love Hina’s thick body. Her whole body turned me on. Her large breasts also were jiggling while she thrusted herself on my cock.


“Oh fuck yes! Your cock is so amazing, Katsuya! I love having it inside of me like this!” Hina moaned. Hina’s moans were filling the living room. I bet the neighbors could hear us right now and honestly, I could care less what they were thinking right now about us being horny and having fun with one another. 


“I love having her like this, too.” I thought to myself. It did not take long before Hina’s body started to go crazy. She suddenly began to bounce herself faster on my cock. The lewd noises coming from her pussy was only turning me on even more. Hina even swayed her hips while being fucked. It was truly incredible. Hina nor I could hold it in it any longer.


“Hina, I am so close again!” I moaned.


“That’s okay! I am close, too!” Hina responded and instructed me. I didn't even hesitate and I began to thrust my own hips. 


“AH YES! Fuck my pussy!” Hina moaned. My cock was hitting her deep and against her sweet over and over again. Hina had both of her hands on my shoulders, holding herself as I pounded inside of her. Both of our moans filled the room as the knots on our stomach were quickly building up. 


“Hina, I...I am going to come!” I moaned.

“Me too! Fill me up, Katsuya! Please, fill me up with your cum!” Hina replied back as she moaned. Before I could warn her, I slammed my cock and released my thick streams of cum inside her pussy. Hina’s body twitched as my cum filled her up. Never thought that Hina would ever be like this but, to be honest, I truly love it. And her so much. When my orgasm finished, my cock slipped up out of her and cum began to pour out of her tight pussy before Hina laid up against me. Both of us were covered with sweat and trying to catch our breaths. But we both were also very satisfied. I also had an arm wrapped around Hina so she would not fall off of me.


“That..that was incredible.” I suddenly spoke up, still trying to catch my breath..


“I hope that we do not annoy your neighbors with our horniness.” Hina also spoke up as well, trying to catch her breath as well.


“Eh. I could care less what they think. We’re adults. If they can not handle it, that is their problem, not neither of ours.” I told her. Hina agreed.


“Very true. It is not going to make me want to stop either.” Hina said.


“Same here.” I said back to her. Both of us chuckled happily for a few seconds then smiled. We sat there for a couple of minutes in silence before either one of us began to speak again.


“Do you think you will ever get tired of fucking me?” Hina asked.


“Honestly, I am never going to stop wanting to do this with you. Or loving you as well for that matter, too.” I answered her. Hina snuggled up against my body, still having a smile on her face.


“Me too. I love you so much.” Hina told me.


“I love you so much, too.” I responded then gave her a kiss on the top of the head. Hina gave me a hug. I hugged her back. Hina means the world to me and if anything happens to her, I would truly be devastated. Not when it comes to sex but when it comes to my love for her. Just having her by my side is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Besides when we have sex, of course. 

Hina noticed a small puddle of my semen on the floor below her. 


“I...I made such a mess.” Hina suddenly piped up, feeling embarrassed at the same time.


“Do not worry about it! I will clean it up in a bit. I just want to just lay here with you for a little bit more.” I said and told her. Hina was very fine with that.


“Take your time. I am in no rush.” Hina spoke back. A thought suddenly popped up in my head.


“Would you like to stay the night with me?” I suddenly suggested it to her. Hina nodded.


“Yes, please!” Hina happily replied. 


“You always have a place with me in my bed, Hina. And can always stay the night with me whenever you want to. I love it when you do.” I nuzzled my cheek against the top of her head.


“Same here at my place.” Hina said back. Another thought suddenly popped in my head. I was not sure if it was a good time to talk about it now but..when would be a good time to do so anyway?


“Hina?” I suddenly piped up again.

“Hmm?” Hina asked me back as she laid comfortably on my body. I was a little nervous but I was curious at the same time.


“ would you feel if we got a place and moved in together?” I asked her a question back as well. Hina thought about it for a minute before I heard a reply back from her.


“I would love that honestly. Living with you would be incredible!” Hina answered. It is not just because it would be easier than traveling to each other’s places when we wanted to have sex but..I have been thinking about moving out of my apartment. And hina would be the perfect roommate for me if we got a house. Plus, I was ready to move in with the love of my life.


“I wasn thinking the same thing. My lease ends in a few months and maybe while that is going on..we can look for a place before then. What do you think?” I told and asked her another question.


“I think that is a great idea! I would love that a lot. But...are you sure that you really want to do that?” Hina replied and asked me a question back as well.


“Yes. I really want to do this with you. I would not have asked if I was not ready for it.” I answered as well. Hina smiled again.


“Then..let's do that. Let's move in together!” Hina happily exclaimed again. I smiled again as well. And I do feel very ready to live together with Hina. It is now official. Hina and I are going to start looking for a place together. Not right at this moment but we will. Within the next couple of days at least.


We relaxed on the couch with one another for about 30 minutes before getting off of the couch and heading to the bathroom to clean each other up. Which is another thing that I like doing with Hina. Whether it is bathing and/or swimming together, I just love seeing her wet in general. Besides her pussy, too. No matter what, I just love her so much and I am going to stop saying or showing it to the world.


Hina and I may have a relationship that some may find a bit strange but for us, it is just perfect. Absolutely and truly wonderful. And like I said before, it is not always the shirt that does it for me. It is the person who makes me happy that does.


No matter what.


The End


Submitted: November 15, 2021

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