If the Creek Could Speak

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a collection of some poems I've written. Please comment if you have any critiques/suggestions. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

If the Creek Could Speak


If the creek could speak, 

What words would it babble,

If the mountains could walk, 

To what places would they travel,


If the flowers could dance, 

To what song would it be,

If the grass could sing,

Would it sing for me,


If the leaves could fly

How far would they go,

If the clouds could giggle,

Would it cause the sky to jiggle,


Oh, if the people would look,

What things would they see,

If the people would listen,

The mysteries may unfold...maybe








There’s a Monster Under my Bed



There’s a monster under my bed,

 I swear,

I peeked under last night,

 I know I saw it there!


It’s got big green eyes,

And fur that’s purple and blue,

I promise, come on,

I’m telling you!


I know by next Tuesday, 

In the kitchen, you’ll find,

A pile of bones,

Those bones will be mine!


I’m telling you he’s here,

He really is, I swear,

What’s that you say? 

He’s a dirty pile of underwear?


Few, that’s swell,

Wait! There’s more,

Have you seen the vampire?

 He’s in my drawer!








Lost and running all around,

Wishing that you could be found,

Not knowing where you’re supposed to be,

Where do I go, I can’t hear anyone calling to me!


Running around in a world of dark,

On a sad journey, I didn’t want to embark,

Sadly I’m here, stumbling around,

I feel as though my feet are tied to the ground


I open my mouth, but don’t make a sound,

Trying to call out, is anyone around?

My heart races and tears fall,

There’s no way I’m getting out of this at all,


I collapse on my knees,

No one can hear my pleas,

Crying hard, my tears rain down,

My face permanently holds a frown,


I look up to see someone smiling at me,

Could they possibly see?

They reach out a hand,

My mind fills with doubt,


They reach out farther, smiling still

Grabbing me by the hand, against my will,

They pull me up, and the world gets brighter,

Everything seems to get a little lighter,


They laugh and I do too,

My soul feels anew,

I feel so alive, and glad,

I don’t feel as bad,


I was lost, but now I’m found,

I was hurt, I was drowned,

But none of that matters anymore, 

My life is better than before,


So much of the world is lost and dark,

On a new journey, I must embark,

I’ll travel all around the land,

To find people who need a loving hand,


I’ll touch them with my color, so bright, 

I’ll try to bring them over to see the light,

I know how it feels to be alone,

I’m just glad I’m found, and home.






Submitted: November 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Mandoclaw. All rights reserved.

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