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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hazel has everything anyone could ask for and soon finds himself drawn to the beautiful Cora Lars. She seems just as interested. But Cora has a dark secret.

The party had been going on for about an  hour. Even with the looming threat of a murder on the loose wealthy people  can act obvious to it. So we partied. The wealthy still threw lavish parties and flaunted their wealth. I was stuck at one. The center of the party was standing right next to me talking a mile a minute.Mavis wouldn't leave me alone. It was her party after all.  Of course I was a gentleman about my annoyance. I'd polity nod and smile. She drowned in imy attention.She was the most uninteresting girl I'd ever met. She was a nasty vile young woman too.She treated those of not wealth like horse shit. But her infatuation with me was well known in our circle. She was rather obsessed with me.  Since I was rich and she was my social climbing mother made me converse with her. Also hinted I were to court her soon. She twirled her strawberryblonde hair every so often and would blush when she looked at me.  
"Hazel are you even listening to me?" She said starting at me. Her brows crinkled with annoyance.I sighed. "My apologies Mavis, I'm just a little tired is all. It was a long train ride from New York. " I forced a big polite smile. She just blushed and  she began to say something but was intrupted.

I saw the mass of beautiful tawny curly hair surrounded a small petite face with mossy green eyes. It was Cora. She made eye contact with me and smiled. "Good evening Mavis, Hazel. " Mavis smiled and hugged her. "Cora where have you've been! You're an hour late to my party."  Cora smiled and laughed. " Sorry Mavis I had to make sure I had the perfect gift for you." She handed her a small neatly wrapped rectangular box. Mavis greedily took it out of her hand and opened it. I was a glass bottle of purfume. "Oh Cora this is exquisite!"  Mavis said inspecting the purfume.Core smiled. 

"Mavis!" It was her mother.

Mavis rolled her eyes and turned around to walk to were her mother was calling from. Now it was just me and Cora.

"So Hazel how was your trip to the big city?"  I cleared my throat. She always made me nervous. She was so beautiful and I never knew what to say. " It was fine. I made some good business deals. But I'll be heading back to look at some properties later on this month." She looked worried for a second and spoke" I see. So you are leaving?" I nodded. " Yes. Only for a while. About a year or two." She raised an eyebrow. "I assume your lovely bride is thrilled. She said with a smirk. I laughed. "Oh yes. She doesn't know. I'd like to keep it that way. Maybe someone else will grab her attention. " she giggled. " I suppose so. Our little secret then." She said and winked.  Our conversation  went like it usually did. Perfect. Just making her laugh made every glare worth it. Like I said Cora was beautiful. Every man there hates me right now. She would gently touch my arm and my heart felt like it could burst out of my chest.

"So Hazel, have you've heard about those murders?" I nodded and grimaced. "I have. I heard there was another last night." She shivered. " It is so terrible. They said half his face was missing."  "Who ever did that is a monster." I said in a unspoken agreement. She looked really sad and disturbed. I reached out my hand and stroked her rosey cheek with my fingers. Her eyes met mine and in them was a unspoken hunger. She strarted to lean in her pouty lilac colored parted halfway. She suddenly stopped and glared. She pulled back and leaned away from my hand. I could hear her clumsy walk without even turning. Mavis. "there you two are.Hazel you must come with me to my friends from  France." I nodded and followed Mavis away from the beautiful Cora. 

It was close to being 12am. The party was slowly disingrating. People were saying their goodbyes some to long for my taste. I wanted to get out of there. I finally was able to leave. I nearly escaped the clutches of Mavis and being forced to listen to her blabbering. I declined the offer to wait for the car with my parents. I would rather walk. My house wasn't too far and there were plenty people out. I looked up at the night sky. Dazzled with starlight and the impressive yellowish huge given off from the moon. It was  a beautiful night. I walked passed many people some gave a point nod and some crunched passed on the fallen leaves as if they were in their own world. I had been waking for about 15 minutes when I heard someone call my name. I recognize that voice I was soft and gentle coated with honey and enchanting. It was Cora. "Hazel. I finally found you." I turned around and she was an arms length away.  I was surprised I hadn't heard her behind me especially with those heals she was wear and the amount of leaves on the ground. We were at the park. How strange. Maybe I was just caution in my thoughts. "So you have Cora." I said with a huge grin on my face. "Mind if I walk with you?" She said smiling. I nodded "It would be a pleasure." We began walking. The cold autumn air made me shiver. I looked down at her. She was humming it was such a pleasant sound. "Did you enjoy the party?" I asked her. "It was a very pleasant evening. Mavis seemed to enjoy it. Though I'm not much of a party person" I nodded in agreement. " I was happy when people started leaving. Expect my parents." I said with a sigh. " I noticed that. But it worked in my favor. I get to have you walk me home.  It's not safe for you to walk alone.she just smiled as if she had a funny joke to herself.

"The murders. They are rather horrific. " my thoughts flashed back to the discriptions of the conditions of the bodies that were found. They were all young men. They had half their faces missing. Throats completely manned. Their insides completely ripped out. I gulped.
"But don't worry Hazel. I'll protect you." She said. She had the biggest grin on her face. I laughed with her. We were getting close to her estate now. But she stopped suddenly. "Hazel. You know that I'm very found of you don't you?" I froze my face flushed crimson my stomach felt like it was full of helium. "I'm very fond of you too Cora." She smiled and. " That makes me so happy to hear that you feel the same way."
We began walking again.Then before I knew it we were at her front door her house. Though house was a understatement it was huge,immaculate. "Thank you for walking with me Hazel." She leaned in and kissed my cheek. I felt heart my racing. She stopped and looked at me her eyes looked like she was starving for something. The door suddenly opened. It was Cora's sister Flora. They looked so much alike except Flora had darker hair and was taller. Cora smiled at me and waved goodbye. Flora said a quick hello. They both went inside. I turned around and headed home. 


I closed the door behind me. Ravishing in Hazels scent. He smelled delicious. I looked at Flora she had a worried look on her face. I rolled my eyes. "I wasn't going to eat him Flora. " she should have known better. She knew how found of Hazel I was. Flora still frowning spoke. " Cora be careful. If you were to kill him. We'd be in big trouble. I told you to stay away from someone that high profile. You're not a child anymore" .

I rolled my eyes again and pushed passed her. I walked upstairs and headed to the bathroom. My bath was already drawn. I could see the steam escaping from its marble prison. I stripped down and slowly drifted in. It felt wonderful. Now I could be with my thoughts. At least they gave me privacy here. I could just his face imprinted in my memory. He had a gentle face. Beautiful blue eyes and the blackest hair that matched the night sky he loved so much. He was tall and had a muscular build. All the girls like him. He was a perfect English gentle men. They fawned over him. Especially Mavis. I frowned. I had grown friendly with Mavis because I knew she was a gossip and could cause trouble.  Him leaving. I let out a loud sigh. Him being human made things complicated. 

I was a vampire and a born one of that. I had a moral obligation to not do anything to change that. My family would be very upset and Hazel was wealthy and well known. Well the whole Oscar family was. If I changed him and went missing. They would notice. Even worse if I killed him. Not to mention that vampire that was killing all those people. Whoever they are, they stayed away from us. Though I could possibly tell him... that my fondness doesn't even cover how I feel about him. I got up from the tub and put a bath robe on. And headed to my room. A maid nodded at me and went into the bathroom to clean up. I headed to my room. It was already warm the fire place was going. I plopped down on my bed and closed my eyes. I could feel myself drifting into a deep sleep. 


When I arrived home I was greeted by the family butler.  " Mother and Father home yet?" He nodded yes and closed the door behind me. I smiled and headed to my bedroom. I stopped midway up the staircase. "Have Eliza get my bath water ready please." Michael smile and nodded. "Yes  Master Hazel I will." He was a tiny pale old man. But had the kindest heart. 
"Thank you Michael."

I headed up to my room and closed the door. I went over to my telescope by my window. The moon was full tonight.  I could only imagine what it was like on the surface. I stepped away from the telescope and wrote some notes in my note book. There was a knock on my door indicating my bath was ready. After my bath I read some books. Then tossed and turned in my sheets. I couldn't stop thinking about Cora. She was always so mysterious. She actually kissed me.

I didn't want to leave the country side. If it meant leaving her. I couldn't sleep at all. I just wanted to look at the stars. I got up and got dressed in appropriate clothing.  I grabbed a coat hanging on the hooks by the closet door. Headed outside. It was freezing. But I had delt with colder weather back in London. It was quiet on the estate. I was miles from town about a half an hour walk. I went to my favorite spot in the garden. Frost had taken over the pond we had. I pressed my fingers on the thin ice and felt it crunch at the pressure of my fingers. I gazed up at the sky. The stars shining brilliantly in the black mass of the night sky.I went back to playing with the ice in the pond. I kept cracking it and would pick of sheets of it and would crush it. I heard a thud. It was soft and gentle. Maybe it was the cat? I turned my head and looked around and saw nothing. Maybe it was the cold but I could feel myself getting tired. I headed back to the house. I crawled back into bed. 

I spent the rest of my day doing some paperwork and eventually went to the country club. My parents had the car so I was waiting for Michael to drop them off and to get me. To my surprise I ran into Cora. This was a decent country side town so I wasn't surprised. But I didn't expect to see her this late and alone. She raised an eyebrow. " Are you drunk Hazel?" I nodded. She laughed her beautiful laugh. I looked down at my shoes. Only a little Cora, what are you doing out so late?"  

"Oh was just getting a bite to eat actually. "  
"Would like a ride home Cora? I'm sure Michael wouldn't mind.. I'm going to phone him."

"Actually Hazel. I drove myself into town today.  I'll give you a ride." 
"Okay alright. I'll phone them now." I went back into the country club and phoned the house. One of our maids answered. I reliedthe information and she said she would tell Michael. I went back outside. To see a man talking to Cora.  I walked over and grabbed him by his shoulder.

The man looked dazed and stubbled when he talked.

" Who the hell is this. Your husssban?" 
Cora put up her hand as if to say she had it under control. Just looked at him and his face changed to confused too terror. He started screaming and fell to ground. He was scratching at his face. 


She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the right. We walked away. I could hear him screaming in the distance and I turned and could see people gathering around him.

We got to Cora's car. We got in and she drove off. We sat in silence. She sighed. 
"Hazel. If I told you a secret. Would you keep it?"

I didn't know what to say. What secret could she have. But of course I would. Any secret. "Of course Cora. I care deeply for you." I could tell even in the dark she was smiling. She let out an evaporated sigh. 
"Hazel...I'm a vampire."


I finally said it. He just looked at me puzzled and confused. Then he laughed.

"Seems like someone has been reading Bram Stoker. " 

I frowned. "Hazel do you need to go home right away?" 
"Umm no." 

"Good! I'm going to show you something." I wasn't nervous at all to expose who I really am. I was proud of being a vampire. 
We sat in silence for awhile on the drive. 
 "So. If you're a vampire. Why have you aged?"

"I was born this way Hazel. We chose when we want to stop aging. We can also start aging again. " this was easier than I thought.

"But you eat and drink like I do. Do you travel with dirt from your home country?" 

I just laughed. "No that's not true. Yes we all eat and drink."

He seemed nervous now his heart was racing. 
"This isn't a joke is it Cora?" 
"Cora I want out of the car." 

That hurt. He was terrified. "Hazel please I won't hurt you." I stopped the car and parked by a grove of trees. He stubbled out the door tripping. He started to run. I easily caught up to him. He face was twisted with horror.

" Please Hazel. " he started tripping and would stumble along. That's when we reached the fast moving river. He looked at me and the looked at the river. It was powerful the ripples moved and such a speed and were white on the top. He fell in. 
" Hazel! Hazel!" I was screaming now.

I could see his black hair bobbing threw the water. I took off my heels and jumped in. With in minutes I easily pushed pass the ripples of the river. I grabbed his jacket and pulled him out. He was freezing and was blue. He wasn't breathing. But I could hear the very faint heart beat. He would die if I didn't do anything. I pressed on his chest to get water out. Nothing. I had to do it. I couldn't have him die.I grabbed my wrist and bit it. And pushed it against his mouth. He wasn't moving. I could feel tears welding in my eyes. I opened my mouth and slowly drank his blood. His cold flesh was hiding his warm blood. It tasted like I had imagined. I opened my wrist again since it had already closed. I pressed it to his fresh opened wound. Slowly his heart started to beat faster. His skin slowly lost its blue hugh. He started coughing up water I easily turned him to his side. He kept coughing up water till it he stopped. He went limp. His heart was beating and I bit open my wrist and pressed it against his mouth. He automatically started drinking.  
" That's enough Hazel. You need to sleep. " he did. I picked him up and put him in the back of the car and drove off. 











Submitted: November 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 NanaH. All rights reserved.

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