Fragile Threads
Are they unfading affiliations 
Or fragile threads?
Entangled in delusive designs
Heaps of regrets!
Are they miracles favored by fate? 
Or meaningless mirages?
Bridges of blood between souls
Under divine watch!
Are they inevitable occurances
Of deadly differences? 
Shrouded as heaven on earth 
The desired sufferings! 
Are they imperishable promises
Of hollow devotions? 
Fragments of forgotten stories 
The shallow affections! 
Are they endless beginnings
Of a burning satire? 
A mockery of friendly relations
A walk in cold fire! 
Are they heartless inhabitants 
Of a perfect home? 
Captives of false attachments 
Shapes of stone! 

Submitted: November 16, 2021

© Copyright 2023 NaQeeba Zafar. All rights reserved.

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