BLUNTS & BLACKS [Episode 1]

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A TRIPPoetry poem about awareness.

"Hi Christian, welcome to Blunts and Blacks. just kick back & relax!!" 
a guy offered me 3 bottles of Black Label Beer and a couple of rolled marijuana joints. I thought to myself, "what is the point?" I already see lost souls living their lives as a coin toss. heads or tails? pass or fail? suicidal kids placing their lives on train trails, sniffing drugs until their skins frail, committing murder only for rich parents to post bail,
survival for a black child is merely a fairytale - just because our skin is not very pale, sold to a life of slavery for a sale. a genderless being regarded as male - "Christian, WAKE UP!!" 


Submitted: November 17, 2021

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