Sinfully yours

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A women has died, was it an accident was it on purpose? Who was she? There are suspects and there are victims... all I do know there are secrets.

Sinfully yours….

Magnus the magnificent…

She’s gone… those were my first thoughts when I turned the news on the Monday  morning after she had skipped out on our standing date Friday night. Her face was plastered everywhere and as I turned up the television to hear what was being said over the ringing in my ears , I thought I was just being my melodramatic self. “Podcaster, Laura McCain is thought to be found dead this morning. A body has been found in a car registered to the Podcaster off the highway. Officers can’t tell for certain, because the car had been cooled blackened and chard on a back road off the highway.” I stopped listening to the anchor after that closing my eyes and trying to calm myself. The ringing in my ears was on going now and I tried to push it out of my mind with my favorite calming melody. There is no way that she is gone… no everyone is wrong, everything is fine. I walked out of the living room and into my bedroom to look at myself before I had to make an appearance at brunch with Rosie. Ah, Rosie… the women was a viper, she was quite pretty when she wanted to be, with her almost silver hair that always seemed to be perfectly done and her style screamed rich; yet what really got me was the way she thought that no one knew her little secrets… I shook my head and thought that no one’s secrets where safe for very long.

I was now looking at myself in the long mirror standing in the corner of my bedroom. Some people said I was a hipster, some people said I was eccentric, but I just thought of my self… well …magnificent any way you looked at it. I saw my perfectly messy brown hair and my lightly tanned skin with my handle bar mustache and  thought god I was perfect. I did a little twist and smirked, yes I am magnificent.  The sound of the my phone chiming letting me know someone was about to ring my door bell ruined my train of thoughts. I met my own eye in the reflection in the mirror and I smirked once more. Looking at my cell phone I opened the ring camera app and looked to see who was out side my apartment door. He was a tall man wearing a suit that was hardly neat and looked to be from some sort of bargain bin store and that was just from my view on the camera. The man was fiddling with something in his pocket and looking around himself in the well lit hallway, better to see your face, but he never moved close enough to see clearly. All I could tell from this was that he was well built, even under all that polyester I could tell, and he had never been here before.


“Hello Mr. Darcy I am Detective Higgins and I am here to talk to you about Laura Mccain.”  A taller man said as I opened the door.

“ Yes, well I have already talked to enough of you people the other day, I answered all I could about the case last night” I said non pulsed by who I was speaking to, and why would I be I did nothing wrong.


The man stared at me with cold blue eyes and I stood there less confident then I did two seconds ago. “I am aware you have spoken to detective Amery and Schults, but I was just put on this case this morning and I wanted to talk to you myself.” The man said looking not only like a hard nose detective but sounding like one as well. I wasn’t fooled though, the man had a secret and I was just the man to figure it out.


The dark detective…..


I didn’t want to be here at all. I had planned a day of fishing with pops and of course work spoiled it again. I loved my job, but really how many times would my life be on hold because of… the  door opened fast and I was staring into the dark brown eyes of a man I could only assume to be Magnus Darcy. He was a bit shorter than myself and he looked as if he might have jumped straight out of the nineteen twenties. I had not researched this case before coming here this was my first mistake, my second mistake was assuming that this man would be willing to help alittle more than just standing there staring at me as if he was trying to figure out something that I was hiding, like a bug under a microscope.  

“can we talk?” I said sliding my detective hat back on my head once more. He blinked and didn’t move.

“ if it’s quick I do have an appointment.” He  said with a tone of indifference. Perfect a self important prick.

“Of course.” I said as he let me into his large apartment, looking around I could tell the man not only looked like he never worked a day in his life but his life style screamed money. Everything was clean looking and white, it was classic and new at the same time. “Can I ask you where you were on friday night?”

He cleared his throat and blinked before he answered. “After she had called and canceled our dinner I decided that a cold brisk walk would help me with the boredom I was sure to face, I walked for about an hour or so, came home and since my housekeeper left our dinner out I decided that it would be  a good idea to eat before I even thought about going to bed… I tend to sleep eat if I don’t eat before bed. I then took a hot shower and grabbed a book and went to bed.” He said almost as if he had been rehearsing infront of the mirror.

“That’s quite a memory you have there Mr. Darcy.” I said pulling out my little note pad to write all of it down. Then realizing that it was verbatom what he had said to shultz and amery.

“I am known to all my fans for not only my style, as you have clearly noticed, but my memory as well. I have to remember quite a few things for the podcast.” He said looking me up and down as he talked about his style. Yup a self important prick.

“Did anyone see you on this walk? Did your Housekeeper see you come back? Where did you go?” I said spitting out the questions now eyeing the note pad in my hand and waiting for him to answer any of the questions.

“I was walking alone at night, there was no one about I went a few blocks, I don’t remember exactly were I think it was towards the park. But that isn’t the kind of  information that I really take notice of. Hannah my housekeeper was not in, she usually comes in makes the dinner and leaves to come back in the morning for the day.” He paused to take a slight breath.  “Excepts for Sundays, she doesn’t come in on Sundays?” His phone went off with a melody I had never heard of before but it wasn’t unpleasant.

“I just have a few more questions, and I too have to be some where.” I paused as he looked as if he wanted to pick up the phone but thought better of it because I was there. “How long had you known Mrs. McCain? How was your relationship?.. where you in love with her?” I asked pausing for a bit of effect for that last question. I don’t know if he really had anything to do with this but I really just wanted to see if this all fazed him at all.

He blinked, fazed. I hid a little smirk and looked down at the note pad again to write down what he had said. “I have known laura for five years, that is how long we have been doing the podcast together. Shes the face I am the clothes the words and  the sense of mystery. She was a very good friend.” He said then moving around the room to the door once again. I guess I have worn out my welcome.


“What else did she bring to the table if you brought all that, she could not have just been a face?” I said not moving, that right there had him he stared at him with his hard brown eyes and something cracked.

“Laura was much more than a face, not only to the podcast but to every life that she had touched. She was the one that asked the tough questions, the one that helped the underdog. The one that gave the people a voice, she wanted humanity for the show if not to me. I shaped her in to someone she wasn’t before and she tired to do so for me as well.” He said trying to get me again to move towards the door. “I really do have  to go, detective.” He said impaitionly, slipping his mask on once more.

“Did it work? Did she bring humanity to you?” I asked finally giving in and moving with him out the door. “what’s the name of your podcast?” I asked he stopped again too look at me as if surprised I didn’t know.

“Sinfully yours, it’s a true crime podcast.” He paused and began walking once again.“and to answer your question detective, lets put it this way, I wouldn’t want to see my neighbors children mauled by bears.” He said walking fast out the apartment building.  I thought about what he said as I walked quickly behind him noticing a slight limp he had, favoring hi left side.He was then at a what I assume was his uber. He turned to me then before getting into the car. “I hope you find who did this detective.”

“Don’t worry I will.” I said then before I could say anything else the man was gone. I stared after him for a moment as I put my note pad back into my pocket. Yes I do plan on finding who did this, no one deserved to die like that, and it almost always was someone that they trusted. Suspect number one a long time friend who was also a podcaster cohost about true crime, and who might have had a thing for her… or jealous, yes suspect number one is the prick.



Darling rosie…


How dare he! I thought as I looked at my well manicured hand and then back at the clock on the wall. He was late… and he was never late, today of all days I was not expecting him to be late. I had not slept very well last night or the night before, Vincient had not called me at all since Friday night and it was making me a little nervous… then there was the fool that was suppose to meet me today , the one that set this little thing up. He was a bothersome troll, but atleast he brought something to the table, connections, magnus was know before my little niece got to him, but once they got together with their little podcast he has become incorrigible. Everyone knew that the man was in love with her, hell every one that had met Laura had fallen in love with her. She was perfect, or she pretended to be, but I knew better she had her dark side. I was lounging in the living room flipping through my facebook when my phone set off a notification letting me know someone was coming through the gates, it looked like Magnus has finally arrived and oh someone is following him. I set my little ring camera up right on the tree outside so that no one could come into the gates without me knowing about it, I never wanted to be surprised about who was going to show up at my door. Well atleast Magnus was finally here I could finally eat something.

The feeling of gratitude was firmly gone once Magnus was infront of me and a tall man who looked as if he meant business came walking behind him. His hair was a dark black that was not neat at all or even looked as if he tried to make it look like that and his eyes were a cold blue that stared at you as if he knew all your truths, I’m not gonna talk about his suit, the man needed a tailor, but he was handsome… it was as if henry carvil, and tom brady had a baby, I would not mind making this man a little play thing.

“Ah, darling Rosie. How are you my dear? I assume you noticed my new friend here. Detective Higgins this is Rose, or Rosie Darling. Her dearly departed husband was Laura’s uncle, Detective Higgins is here to question you about her death Darling Rosie.” Magnus said with a tone of out right obnoxiousness.  I wanted to roll my eyes at the man, but the word detective caught in a merry go round in my head. He was there to ask questions about laura of course, but what really has me stuck that he was there with magnus of all people.  What would the two of them be teaming up against me for, to confess something? I inwardly shook myself thinking that, that of all things was ridiculous. Magnus thinks he knows everything and this… detective as yummy as he was, knew nothing. I eyed them and let them in.


Magnus knew where to go and walked passed me towards the balcony where I ordered lunch. “ I am sorry detective, I didn’t know that you were going to be here otherwise I would have ordered food for you as well. I can see if Granger has something in the kitchen for you.” I said waving him into the house and leading him out to the balcony where not only Magnus was standing there staring down at the table set for two, but Vincent was there picking up a piece of chicken as well. I stood there shocked for a moment and felt the cold eyes of the detective on me once again. Well damn!

“Well if it isn’t the elusive Mr. Titan. What do we owe to this pleasure?” Magnus said breaking the silence. I could just see the detective eyes lightening at the mention of the name and trying to figure out how we are all connected.

Vincient looked up and smiled in that way of his, first at me then at the other two men. I did not care what any of this brought, that man was going to be mine.


The southern gentlemen…


I was starving like always, ever since I was small child in louisianna I always was finding my way into the kitchen, even when I am not at my own home I make myself at home at who ever I find myself visiting. Right now for instants I was nibbling chicken at Rosie’s home because I myself can not cook, and she had a cook. That was my thing I might not have the good life but I always seemed to find myself with those who was willing to share theirs with me. My train of thought was broken by Magnus who always seemed to be where laura was, yet laura was gone now wasn’t she? So why was he here of all places, and who did he bring with him?

“hello, Rosie.” I said smirking up at rosie ignoring magnus like usual and then standing when I thought about my manners, there was a lady in the room after all… even if it was just Rosie. “ what are u doing here? And who is this?” I know I should be a little weary about anyone new at this time but I really couldn’t find the energy.

“oh where are my manners. Detective Higgins this is Vincent Titan he usually just pops in un announced from time to time. You will join us for lunch won’t u?” Rosie said being her usual accommodating self.

“ah, Mr. Titan I was going to come see you next.” The detective said pulling out a note pad and opening it up. 

“Yes, how convient it is that you are here? If not suspicious.” Magnus chimed in eyeing Me. I shook my head and ignored him because really any comments he made weren’t worth my breath.

“Yes well I assume this is about laura.” I said as Granger, a aging man with a large tummy and fadding gray hair came out with extra chairs. He was ever the one to be in on the scoop and on top of things.

Rosie cleared her throat and motioned for us all to take our seats. “Where were you Friday night?” the detective asked.

I took a moment to think about this, didn’t want to take to long answering they might think I had something to hide. “I was at the office working late… no one saw me but I’m sure there’s video of me leaving the office.” I said knowing there was no such video. “I worked til 9pm and went home so exhausted I didn’t even grab anything to eat.” I said putting another piece of chicken in my mouth, they weren’t my favorite bits of the chicken. But I wasn’t complaining because one who had grown up hungry never complains.

“ah, isn’t that odd for you. Being to tired to eat? I don’t think I have ever known you to not have something to eat.” Magnus said eyeing Me suspiciously. What was he even doing here? I thought slightly outraged. I looked from him to the detective and sighed. Detective Higgins just eyed me patiently and fiddled with something in his pocket. What was he doing?

“I was doing something for Laura she had asked me to draw something up for her, for a book she’s been writing.” I said which of course was the truth.

“Ah, there you see lies she was never writing a book.” Magnus said tapping his fingers on the table cloth covered table. I turned my gaze to him and felt not for the first time since meeting this man the urge to punch him square in his face. “Tell us so more stories.” He said and I realized one thing I didn’t know about this man, he didn’t know laura as much as he thought he had.


“ oh she was, she was dabbling with an idea she had been having but was having issues bringing it together… it was the thing that actually brought us together.” I said and remembering that laura was gone now and a feeling of remorse came over me.

“and u think that she wouldn’t tell something like that to me, I was her oldest friend.” He said not seeming angered or fazed by what I was saying at all.

“so laura was writing a book only you knew about Mr. Titan, and mr.darcy you had no idea about this? What about you Mrs. Darling?” The detective chimed in bringing the focus back to him.


“oh I  adored Laura, but we weren’t that close.” She said now taking up a fork to fiddle with some pasta salad.  Yes they weren’t that close because Rosie was four years older than laura and married to her uncle for the money and if you asked me the man died way to young. Yet, that wasn’t my place now was it, I too have done things for money I am not proud of. She looked at me then and then quick looked away afraid to be caught looking at me as she always did.


“I see here that she has a cabin out by the lake do anyone of you know where this key is?” THE detective said changing the subject.

I looked from him to magnus back to the man who held our lives in his little pocket. “it should be ather apartment.” I paused. “maybe I should come and help look. I might have better luck, she was always Putting things away in the oddest places.” I said offering to help the man, I mean being my own self is always a good way to stay in the good light.

He eyed me for a moment and nodded. “why not.” Was all he said before he got up and started for the door. I guess we were leaving and it looked as if I was following him.

Submitted: November 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 J.l. grace oliver. All rights reserved.

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