Possible Probable Timeline Endings For My Life

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I see it, but this is an OLD Life Movie I'm stuck in. Only God knows what will happen to Miss Kern, the Woman of Most Uncommon Vision.

Possible/Probable Timeline Endings For ME


By Alexander Guinevere Kern





During the last Near Death Experience I can recall from THIS “Replay” or “Already Been Chewed Timeline Life” or whatever this is - since I seem to know everything which my Being planned and whaddaya know, it all plays out - just as I “see” it clairvoyantly, there were three or four Possible Probable Options for my Transition back to Unholy Heaven.


As mentioned before, the entire MOVIES/Visions of my “pre-planned, rehearsed, taste-tested and filmed so-called Life” stopped about a year ago. I do not know why.  I presume my Being died and returned to her Home, wherever that may be.  While I truly do understand most people will not comprehend what I see and, most particularly, WHY I see these “little movies” I can at least suggest that some Being Somewhere, WANTS me to have these Visions. They’ve saved my life more than once.


While I had no way to interpret the Visions I saw when married to my last husband, they, too, have played out. When married to my very Scientific, rational ex, I did not know what a Chakra was.


One of those Visions involved someone I met last year. I say nothing to that person, as I figure most folks don’t want to hear their own future. My children have already lectured me about how annoying this is and how I have ruined the fun of the Earth Adventure so I stopped warning them about impending disasters and possible/probable joys which await them, by their choice. And if the Intersections involves ME, I will know everything about the other person/people involved. Alas.


Now as to my eventual end:


I had three Option Timelines. Well, at least when She The Being created this Film Nightmare, there were only three.


Due to my sudden and most unwelcome Awakening, I seem to have many, many more, and those are MY Options. The Realm of Love adores putting a drop kick on ideas of what *I* would like to do in my future. Sucks to be them, I can STILL go ahead and do what I like. If they send Terminator Satan or Terminator John after me, what can I do? I fight like a demon and will continue to do so. I do not fight alone and they know that. My Daddy is bigger than THEIR Daddy.


My Being shows only trailers at this point, as she did not live to choose at certain Destiny Points, which options she would take.


I prefer to go back to Aldebaron with the rest of the Albinos. They tell me there are NO more of them left, but I can alway ask their Marvelous Maker to allow me and my friends to make a go at revitalizing our little community.  What Miss Kern, the Tour Human wants has never been “available” to me, for in 23 years, with 365 chances per year, for SOMEONE indwelled by a Light Being to befriend, help or date me, not ONE PERSON has indicated they were interested in getting to know me.


If you are reading my jeremiad, you indeed, know me, as I do not lie. Ever.


Isn’t that rather against the odds?


Here is what I see:


  1. Option One - My Being somehow has a friend AFTER the COVID 19 pandemic, or, at the very least, there is medicine and testing sufficient enough to permit people to socialize with confidence again. Thus, she has a boyfriend or friend who assists her with arrangements for the housing of my cat Frankie after my other cat, Logan, dies during an operation to repair his heart muscle. Like some Maine Coons, Logan has the gene for MVP, although I have not had him tested yet. He dies at age 10 and right now he is only 3 years old. And a little, fat, hairy monster.  Frankie is a normal sized cat for now, however he is fiendishly clever - and in the end, quite large. He is full of young cat energy and has already torn up my entire apartment, so I can believe it!   We take him to a farmer <?> here in California, to let him run wild, as Frankie was not created to sit in a Senior Apartment.  The farmer left food out for him regularly. I was distressed and visited often, until we showed up one weekend and the farmer told us Frankie had left and not returned. To be honest, if I were a Coyote I would not mess with Frankie, so I don’t know what happened to him. I do not know if I had to re-home him because I was moving or what. The images have that cloudy light around them, suggesting that is the story line in case Frankie turns into Frankenstein, which he has, already.  I cannot see who the boyfriend IS, or what we do or where we go. I am determined to gain recompense for the illegal activities occasioned upon me, so I can rent a two bedroom apartment and Frankie can have more room to play.

2) Option Two - I move to Costa Rica, where right now two of my children are visiting. Not a bad option, either. I love it there, apparently.  Why not? My friend who was raised in Costa Rica told me she left because there were too many Americans living there.  Ah, The Pure Life.


3) Option Three - I go to live with my new boyfriend in New York. I can’t stand his inability to commit to only me and who can Blame him? So I return here to California. I love this guy, but seriously? I am NOT as young as I was when my Being planned out that sad little tragedy. Please, another tragedy I do not need.  He’s a real sweetheart, though. He’s just too young.


4) Option Four - The devastating floods and rains reported and observed by other NDErs, including me, provokes me to leave America and move to higher ground, where I live for who knows how long with others who had the same idea. My Passport has run out, so I’d better get in motion to get a new one. I rather like that country and my DNA sourced itself from there, in part.


5) Option Five - I will be murdered by the gentleman often mentioned in these uploaded stories, or by one of his compadres in the ex-military and the contractors/Vested Interests in his illegal experimental weaponry, will ghost me for him. This is not as crazy as you might think. The old Duffer cannot live forever, so this is a game of Who Can Last The Longest and I am much YOUNGER than he is. He lives in glorious splendor and I am all alone and have been for 24 years, yet I am accustomed to being alone. It is not TOO dreadful.  Other than I shall be alone for Thanksgiving, haunted daily about how blessed I was to be raised by the Greatest Generation and grew up with the most wonderful community of friends.  Should I be murdered AGAIN, I have secreted all sorts of evidence and information about him all over my apartment and across the Internet. He is not likely to get away with it this time. If he assumes I will cash in my chips, I do remind him he has been in error regarding his predictions about me - every time.


6) Option Six: The End has come. There is no doubt about this and this is NOT a misinterpretation of a singular event, wherein a large group of Souls go Home. Such an event DID happen after 911. This is the END of the Earth Game.  I can become “me” and the Elevation is of a gigantic mass of Light Beings going up an enormous “tunnel” of piercing Light. We are all OVERJOYED that the stupid Earth Game and Earth itself, are DONE. Just DONE. Over and out.  There are so many Beings I cannot guess the number. Woo hoo! We shout! We felt it was rolled up like a scroll and the programming system ended.  I felt the Earth was far, far, far far away, moving quickly to our Left. I would not mind this sort of Ending, as I found Earth Life to be appalling unless one is born into a loving, normal, healthy, wealthy family with close-knit kin, born with exceptionally fine looks, owners of solid property, offering an excellent education and long life, with plenty of opportunities for friends and spouses, adventures, material possessions of whatever kind, etc.  If I had been born into such a family, sheltered and adored in a well protected environment, none of the horror brought into my precious Life would ever have happened. WHich is the POINT. My Spirit Being owed Karma and I, the Dumb Monkey, paid a very, very heavy price for whatever-it-was-that-she-did.


Alas, the End Game will conclude the Earth Experiential Program for everyone, if I am not incorrect. And plenty of human beings will no longer be alive, if at all. I do not wish for that to occur, since Human Beings were born here and this is OUR planet and we are not all THAT awful, as Beings go. There’s hope for Mankind yet.  Remember, this is “little/Big.” We’ve been taken over by Beings no longer or larger than my hand and many of them smaller than that. We are Gulliver and they are Lilliputians.  Alas, their itty bitty hands on on the Universal Mouse.


Jehovah has been ENTIRELY patient, but all of Source’s Contingent detests incarnating here, and the knowledge I have of what Satan thinks of us, what Source’s Souls think of us, it rather irks me that their only solution to our many faults, foibles, our ignorant and typical human aims and ambitions, is to wipe us out.  Beneath most of the surface activities and pretense objectives in which Humans engage, they still want money, sex, power, status and material possessions. We have not changed since Eve in Africa.


Source should not plan to destroy us, though, but don’t put such a callous plan past It.


We’re Monkeys in the Circus, right?


It is also True that those Souls who remain until the End chose to be here for that grand and classical event.


At this time, I have OTHER Options available to me. By My Own Choice. Many. As Cindy Lauper once said, “Money changes everything.”




Submitted: November 18, 2021

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