Alien Wish

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man down on his luck stumbles upon an alien being who provides him with one wish. One wish that could ultimately revamp his out of this world experience.


Alien Wish


Asusa Susa



The hands on the clock struck midnight on the second floor of the IT building situated right smack in the center of downtown. By day the department floor buzzed with activity  but by night it was dead and deserted. Though every once and a long while few employees  would stay and put in  overtime. On that particular day it was no exception as two souls lingered long into the AM in an empty  department floor working long hours.  Ralph a fifty year old single father in need of a diet and several hours a week of gym membership labored away sitting inside his cubicle. He gawked at the monitors as if staring through a microscope.  His finger tips danced ferociously atop the keyboard  as lines of script scrolled downward  mercilessly. His life for the moment seemed to be crumbling, but no one would be the wiser, for there wasn’t much he could do other than make a few extra dollars after hours.

Also accompanying  Ralph into the early  morning hours was the man that dished out the weekly paychecks. It was good ole Mr Kraverz who resided over and across three rows of cubicles and to the left of the main floor. His office door stood ajar. He sat behind a cluttered desk, his pc almost lost in  a pile of documents and folders stacked up to his eyeballs. He shuffled and tossed a few papers as if they were from a deck of playing cards and once in a while he would upload some data into the computer. Mr. Kraverz for all intended purposes had grown old in the world of computer information systems and was in dire need of retirement. But for the most part  Mr. Kraverz was stuck in a rut like his employee  Ralph, yet Ralph had more to lose than his boss.

Suddenly his antiquated cuckoo clock mounted on the wall  cawed 1 AM prompting him to slam one of the folders he was holding back onto the desk as he leaned back against the chair. He sighed deeply  and quickly rose to his feet rise and paced over  to the door. He peered out as he hawk-eyed half of the IT floor.

“Hey Ralph get your scrawny ass in here on the double,”yelled Mr. Mr Kraverz.

The voice thundered ripping through the silence  emptying  into the cubicle  startling Ralph who  jumped back against the seat and quickly attempted to rise to his feet yet fumbled a few things. Luckily, he managed to exit without destroying his cubicle. So he rushed  towards the office. In no time he was at the door.  He tapped the door gently.

“You called sir?” said Ralph, “What can I do for you?”

“Just get in here already and stop wasting time,” said Mr. Kraverz whose cranky voice echoed out the door.

Ralph the potbelly  guy with thick glasses pressed tight against the bridge of his nose squeezed  through the door which was still slightly ajar blocked off by a few filling cabintes.  He paced over to the desk.

“So  how are things progressing over there by your lonesome, Ralphie my boy?

There was a change in Mr. Kraverz voice.

Ralph replied in his usual mousy tone, “It’s going just fine, I’m just trying to figure out which port in the firewall  was breached. Then I shall be done. Unless there is something else you want me to do?”

“No not really. I just called you in here to inform you that I’m leaving in a few, so make sure that before you leave you stabilize the network and patch up the security breach in the firewall then you can call it a night.”

“Okay I will. And sir, you know that Im doing the best I can, right?”

“Of course and that’s  fine and all  because I trust you and I trust no one else to do the job. Alright then Ralphie have a good night. See you tomorrow.”

“You too sir, drive safely.”

Ralph returned to his cubicle to labor the last hour he had calculated would take him to finish the job. But first he had to make one quick phone call and check on the status of his twelve year old son George so as to provide himself with some peace of mind. Fortunately for him their sitter had agreed to stay a few hours longer or at least until Ralph arrived home. But the extra hours meant digging deeper into his pant pockets.

 The story of his life, of which his divorce had not only drained his bank account, but had sucked him mentally and physically to the point of complete and utter  exhaustion. Not to mention he was in debt all the way to his eyebrows.

He dialed. A few moments passed before the sitter answered.

“Hello, is everything okay?” answered Sandy.

“Yea, I’m fine. I just called to check up on you guys. By the way how is my son?”

“He’s fine. He was in bed by ten, like you asked.”

“Okay that’s good. Now, Sandy I know that by now I might sound like a scratched record but do you mind staying a tad longer, until I get home?”

“Sure, not a problem, Ralph.”

“Alright then, well I got to get back. I’ll see you in a bit, bye.”

“Bye-bye—“ replied Sandy.

Ralph returned his fingers to the keyboard. They danced like ballerinas hitting each key with precision as his eyes bounced like ping pong balls following the lines of text blazing  down the screen.

By the time he knew it the hands on clock struck 2 AM. It didn’t matter, for he had struck  the last key of the night. Immediately he flung his arms towards the ceiling in excitement.

“Yes, I’m finally done,” he exclaimed with no one around to witness his success, “time to head on home.”

He fetched his car keys and  hastily headed for the elevator.




Approximately twenty minutes had elapsed since he rolled out of the parking garage. His reliable ten year old sedan tightening the noose at 150,000 miles on the odometer chugged along down the long stretch of a two lane country road which also happened to be linked to the city on the Northwest side. It was the only stretch of road that led Ralph home. Home was the next town over in the quaint, little town of Chualat. On the positive side of things, he was about less than halfway home.  Plus driving home was Ralph’s  self-therapy session.  There was something about the open, silent, dark, and lonely road that gave Ralph some peace of mind. The anxiety and stress of everyday life seemed to take a backseat on  those long drives home.

All of a sudden as the front beams carved through the darkness a bright fiery object out on the horizon captured his attention. The unidentified object accelerated towards Earth at supersonic speeds. Ralph quickly pulled off to the side of the road. His eyes pinned to the object followed the fireball's tail as it streaked down the horizon until it slammed into earth onto an open field. What the hell was that? he thought.

Ralph was definitely captivated by the object. Never in his life had he witnessed anything like it, not even a shooting star. But this was different. So much so that the little voice inside of him awoke and dared Ralph to have a look.

Oh well, why the hell not—? he thought once again.

Immediately he muscled the  gear shift into drive and slammed on the gas pedal. The sedan chugged and puffed along sluggishly into the night.

Fortunately for Ralph he knew the backroads and every other dirt road that connected to the main road like the back of his hand. Plus, he felt confident and not to mention lucky that he would eventually discover the crash site.

In what seemed to take forever thanks to his reliable rust bucket, he finally arrived to the dirt path without the assistance of GPS. Ralph was certain it led to the crash site.
He sighed deeply.

“Alright this is it. Here we go,” he urged himself on.

He then rolled down the window for confirmation. And wallah he could definitely  smell the  smoke of smoldering burned hay and debris. Ralph knew he was near. He just needed to cruise and negotiate a turn aroundto the other side of the barn.

And as the wheels gradually rolled to their destination, the front beams hit on a huge crater the size of a midsize sedan. Immediately he parked and killed the engine and practically flew out of the driver’s seat with excitement. Though he did his best to remain focused as he cautiously paced over to the crater, Ralph could feel the light beams warm his backside. He walked to the edge. Smoke eddied and flowed into the dark, starry sky. Below on the crater’s surface was dark  and smokey, so he dipped into his pocket and retrieved his cellphone.  He shot the light beam  from his phone down below to attain a better idea of how deep the crater was. It was about three feet deep give or take a few inches. Immediately after he directed the beam towards the center. Instantly the beam hit dead center on a shiny and spherical metallic object the size of a soccer ball yet resembled more of in the way of a giant pinball. It was buried halfway deep into the ground.

He was flabbergasted as he was lost for words and his mind seemed to become stuck in neutral momentarily as well.

Then out of nowhere, the cellphone buzzed in his hand, gradually transcending him back to the present—it buzzed some more before answering.

“Hello—?” said Ralph.

“It’s me sir, Sandy. I was wondering if you are almost home because you said you would return home in an hour. I actually need to leave.”

“Oh no please don’t do that, I’m actually ten minutes away. I’ll be there shortly.”

There was silence on the other end.

“Look, I’ll be sure to make it up to you, okay?” said Ralph.

There was another short awkward pause.

“Sure, I can do that,” answered Sandy disgruntled, mney didn't fall from the sky for her either.

“Awesome, see you then, bye,” replied Ralph hastily.

Ralph ended the call immediately and shot the light beam back on the object. Time was of the essence.

For the moment  a good chunk of time had elapsed and it seemed nobody had reported the crash.  No police nor emergency personal or even a news crew had arrived by then. He had made up his mind right there and then  to take the object home.

“It’s now or never,” said Ralph.

Though Ralph didn’t know what to make of  the situation. On the one hand, he felt excited while part of him  felt uneasy and cautious. But it was what it was and perhaps there was a chance the  shiny object would somehow change his luck entirely, for up until that point in time his life was shittty.  The only positive was his son George.

For what it was worth Ralph just needed to disclose the nature of the object before deciding what to do next. But first the situation now called for getting down and dirty. He removed his jacket before jumping into the crater. He moved stealthily and with caution.  as he came within inches he bent down on one knee.  He extended his arms as to feel the object but retracted them instantly.   He was hesitant. It was only natural to feel the way that he did  He was there and there was no turning back. He had to go for it.  He had nothing to lose. So he psyched himself up.

“Come on Ralphie you can do this!” he exclaimed, “no more beating around the bush.”

This time around  he flung the jacket like casting a fishing net, smothering the half buried sphere entirely.

“Oh yes, come to papa,” he uttered as he proceeded to snatch the sphere with both hands, gripping it tightly with his short stubby fingers. Surprisingly when he pulled the sphere it slithered out without much resistance—it was light as a feather.

Ralph stood and tucked the object  like a football under his arm and quickly fled the crash scene, without giving it much thought. He crawled out of the crater and sprinted towards the passenger side door. He yanked it open and sat the sphere on the seat and closed the door. Ralph suspiciously looked around then swung around the front and jumped in the drivers seat.




True to his word, he arrived home just past the the ten minute mark. He knocked frantically, though as if being chased by a psychopath. In his haste he had left the keys in the vehicle. Crap my keys. Oh well don’t need any way he thought. He proceeded to pound at the door frantically.

“Open up…come on open up!” exclaimed Ralph hoping not wake his son or the neighbors.

Finally Sandy opened the door. Ralph rushed in.

“Hi Sandy,” said Ralph as he scampered past Sandy and hurried into the kitchen.

Ralph rested the covered metallic sphere on the kitchen table. His mind fixated and his hands itching to play with it.  But he couldn’t just yet.

“Hey Sandy, come in here please!” Ralph called in a loud voice.

Sandy soon entered. Her eyes immediately gravitated towards the table. She was aware it was the object he carried inside.

“What is it, sir?”

“Well, you can leave when you are ready, okay,” said Ralph as he positioned his wide body in front of the object. It was obvious he was trying to shield it from Sandy. Though Sandy noticed it the moment she entered.

“If you don’t mind me asking what is that on the table, sir?”said Sandy.

“Oh it’s, nothing just a little  something I got for George, you know, that’s all,” replied Ralph trying to obstruct Sandy from the object as much as possible.

“Okay then , I’ll most definitely see you tomorrow. Have a good night.”

Ralph leaned back against the edge of the table and grinned, yet seemed distracted as if his mind was wandering somewhere in an entire different world.

“Right, right…see you then, bye—bye.”

As Sandy exited, Ralph expelled a huge sigh of relief.

“Okay then, where was I?”said Ralph under his breath, “oh yes now I remember.”

Immediately he grabbed the jacket and flung it away exposing the metallic sphere. He reached out and placed his chubby little fingers on the sphere and began to run them over the surface searching for some secret compartment, something that would tell him that it was an Alien Spacecraft. There wasn’t any doubt in his mind that the sphere was from outer-space yet at the same time he didn’t know exactly what he was dealing with. As he further ran his fingers over it a whirring sound popped into existence. Instantly Ralph released his fingers and jumped backward. The sound definitely emanated from the sphere. Soon after a hatch at the top of the sphere slid open as the whirring sound intensified. Ralph was stunned. He turned stone cold  like a statue as his lips quivered and his eyes remained plastered on the opening. Within seconds a humanoid-looking creature emerged standing on a floating platform of some kind .  The alien  for  lack or a unknown better word was about 9 inches tall , bald, with no facial hair and lacked any ears. Where there should  have been a mouth there wasn’t and for a nose there was only  a small horizontal slit. And above the slit a pair of human eyes with a third eye just above  in the center of the forehead--it glared back at Ralph.

Finally there was movement from Ralph as he raised his hand and covered his mouth still in disbelief. This  strange event must be a dream. It has to be. I should be waking up any second now he thought. But deep, deep down in the core of his being he knew it wasn’t. Then he heard a munchkin type of voice communicate to him,  “you are not dreaming and I’m not a figment of your imagination.”

The voice resonated inside Ralph’s head, but he was aware that it was the creature making contact. And it was reasonable for him to assume that the creature communicated through telekinesis.

So he answered right away, “if I’m not dreaming then I must  be losing my mind and you are the result of my anxious and stressed out imagination, that must be it.”

There was a moment of of silence as they stared at one another, sizing each other up, so to speak.  Then the creature replied, “like i already said, you are not dreaming and you are not insane.  I am as real as your son is real to you.”

Ralph didn’t know to reply to that, though it made some sort of sense inducing  in Ralph some sort of reassurance as well.

Feeling more at ease he pulled up a chair and sat down. Now both were at eye level with each other.

“So then...since you already know my name, what’s yours?” said Ralph more relaxed.

“I simply go by Xemmorot.”

“Well nice to meet you Xemmorot.”

Xemmorot then floated towards Ralph.  When he was within a foot of Ralph he descended towards the table. Ralph didn’t flinch. He didn’t feel threatened or scared anymore.

“So then why me and what does this all mean?”

“Remember Ralph, you found me it wasn’t the other way around, now was it?”

Ralph didn’t have to think it through.

“You are right. I’m the one that decided to investigate the crash site when I could’ve simply drove home," replied Ralph.

“Now to answer your question: what does all this mean? We’ll I’m basically here fulfilling a duty which carries  the weight of the entire universe.”

“So you are here on a mission, huh?" added Ralph.

“Yes, but on a good mission," replied Xemmorot.

“So then, do all your missions include crash landing into Earth or what happened?”

Xemmorot blinked his third eye at Ralph.

"Well, you know, crash landings  are not our usual  thing, but we like to once in a while make some kind of dramatic entry.” said Xemmorot.

Ralph grinned.

Xemerrot coninued,"I am from a million Light Years away from the other side of the milky-way, from a planet called Omicron Aegialeus.It is a planet much like yours the only difference is that in our planet you won’t find any animal life. We just enjoy an eco system that consists of plant life and yes we do have water. Our gravity is just like that of earth and so is the atmosphere. There is no need for any special breathing apparatuses.

“Wow that’s incredible and here I thought that we humans were the only species in the universe. Anyways is that why you look and dress like us?” Said Ralph.

“You could say that,” replied Xemmorot.

Ralph sat up straight.

“Okay then what is this mission of yours? Can you tell me something about it?”

“Yes I can," replied Xemmerot, "so you see there are seven of us whom are chosen every seven years and each one  of us is sent to different planets within  the solar system. We are to provide  one wish to the fortunate individual that we come into contact with. In this mission it  happened to be you. But you have to realize that if you don’t accept the wish someone else will.”

Ralph leaned back against the chair and glared at the ceiling and did not respond.

"Look it’s not a trick or some sort of cosmic deception. The wish is a very straight forward proposition. So what will it be?” added Xemerrot. 

Ralph sighed and lowered his head and asked:

“One wish, huh? And it could be just about  anything, right?”

“Yes, but you see, what I didn’t  tell you and I’m telling you now is  that I have more to lose than you do. Because if I don’t grant you the wish you desire, I will be reprimanded when I return home. So basically I have to fulfill your wish one way or the other,” replied Xemmorot as he gradually ascended. He was now at eye level with Ralph.

“By the way, you have to give me an answer and soon.” said Xemmerot.

Ralph adjusted himself in the chair.

“Okay,okay...I accept my wish.”

“Great, so what do you wish for?” asked Xemmerot.

Ralph didn’t have to think it through very much. He already had an idea.

“You know for the past several years my life has been hell. I mean I’m literally one dollar away from an empty bank account and I’m up to my eyeballs in debt. I’ve been struggling to find you know at least one side job but to no avail. It’s as if the proverbial dark cloud follows me every I go, ever since my divorce. Though the only positive has been my son. Now, can I include my son in the wish?” Ralph said rather skeptical, “because if I can’t then I will have to reject the wish.”

Xemmorot didn’t take any time answer:

“Sure that’s not a problem because it’s still one wish. So what is your wish?”

“Well, you know I’m tired of living here. I’m tired of Earth. So I wish for you to take my son and I to your planet. I want to start a new chapter of my life with my son.” answered Ralph.

“Are you sure of your wish because your wish is final. There is no negotiating and there aren't any return trips,”replied Xemmorot.

“I’m one thousand percent positive, just take us out of here, ASAP!” exclaimed Ralph.

“Alright then, by the powers of the infinite universe  invested in me. I Xemmorot grant you the wish you desire. Instantly Xemerrot zapped Ralhp with a laser beam shrinking him down to size. He went into the room and zapped the son who didn't know what hit him. Finally he turned towards Ralph and exclaimed,"ALL ABOARD!!!"


The End





Submitted: November 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Asusa Susa. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

That was a risky wish!!! But i know how poor Ralph must feel. Hopefully get gets a new fresh start and finds happiness.
Wonder if his son would be happy though....
Great story and i loved your style of writing.

Sat, November 20th, 2021 11:54am

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