Severed Alliances

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes alliances among friends are not as strong as one expects them to be. And for one young man Aze, who is about to learn about true alliances at a crucial moment in his life, where the decision between life and death hang in the balance.

Severed Alliances
Asusa Susa
There are several types of friendships life offers us yet we have the free will to decide and choose which friends best suit us, well at least for the most part. There are friendships that are built since we are young while others are consolidated later in life. Yet at some point friendship or friendships should account for something? Shouldn’t they? Isn’t a friendship for some some kind of investment or at least they tend to see it that way, especially when a friendship has been sealed with time over the years? Or at least that’s what Aze figured. At only 18 and not very tall yet noodle thin and a bit clumsy Aze was still in sort of limbo when it came to figuring out his place in the world of adults. He was still young and naive enough to be considered a teen by some and barely old enough to be labeled a young adult by others . Except that in Aze’s case growing up started very young. But he felt grown up he felt like a hardened and ripe man ready to tear up the world as his homies would say.
Aze grew up on the east side of the tracks in a town not very heavily populated but large enough to endure big city problems. In a town where the only action besides the occasional gunfire and police sirens was the constant grinding of metal wheels against metal tracks heard most evenings like the roar of the lion out in the open plains of the savannah.
It wasn’t a secret that Aze grew up in a tough neighborhood where police presence was the norm. It would be unusual not to have the police stop by at least once a day. So it was crucial for young men of the neighborhood to form strong friendships—the type of strong bonds that are life bound while others unite their friendship in very tight alliances, alliances signed in blood so to speak.
Aze waited impatiently for his homies to stop by and pick him up. Word around the neighborhood was that Aze was to be initiated into the gang. He knew nothing, only that they were to drive up about a few miles northeast of town to a run down shack in the middle of nowhere hidden behind by brush and trees. The shack had been the gang's hideout for several years. It was a symbol for their planning, organizing and partying.
All of a sudden Honk! Honk! Blared the horn of an old and rundown 86 ‘olds’. Immediately Aze popped his head out the window to confirm that it was his homies and not their rivals. It was safe. So he crawled out of the first floor window like there was no tomorrow. Yet his haste wasn’t fast enough for his homies as voices bellowed out of the ‘olds’: “Come on man, we don’t have all fucking day. Get a move on.”
In no time Aze jumped into the backseat as the ‘olds’ sped away tires screeching. There were three others inside, Loko, Troy, and Butch.
“So what’s up guys,” said Aze, “where we rolling to?”
Butch was at the wheel the Beta of the gang not that much older than Aze. He was clever and extremely street smart and was also Toro’s right hand man, Toro was the Alpha of the gang.
“Look man you ask too many questions like some little bitch,"replied Butch, "you’ll know when we get there!”
“Cool…cool,” answered Aze.
Next to him sat Troy and riding shotgun was Loko.
Suddenly Troy shoved his elbow into Aze’s side.
“Hey man, you ready to try some of this shit?” said Troy dangled a small baggie like bait in front of Aze's face.
“It’s the bomb, you got to try it!”
In the front seat Loko was becoming impatient.
“Hey Troy shut the fuck up man and spark it already. I want to get a few hits in before we hit the shack.”
“Alright man relax, I just need to roll the damn thing,” answered Troy.
Troy handed Aze a small pack of rolling papers.
“Here hold these for me.”
Aze grabbed the papers.
“Ever rolled one of these man?”
Aze nodded.
“Well watch and learn little bitch.”
Suddenly a burst of laughter erupted inside.
Butch the veterano ceased his laughter and donned on a serious look as he glanced into the rear view mirror. He glared at Troy momentarily.
“Hey Troy put that shit away. Don’t you dare spark it in here. I’m serious. You guys know that I’m on fucking probation.”
Loko noticed Butch becoming hot under the collar and a bit distracted.
“Hey boss eyes on the prize,ese. I want to make it home in one piece, you know.”
Aze did not even make a peep. He just handed the papers back to Troy.
Within the span of several minutes the ‘olds’ pulled up to the front of the shack. There were two other vehicles already stationed there.
Butch exited, “follow me,” he said.
Butch headed towards the rear of the shack with his baggie shorts hugging half of his rear end. The trio followed close from behind. As soon as they rounded the corner Aze’s eyes gravitate to a group of his homies standing in a circle formation. Outside the circle stood Toro—the Alpha.
Toro a menacing looking creature stood tall and bald with half of his body decorated with ink art.
“You three get over there and add to the formation. Aze you go inside the circle,” said Toro with a bullish voice.
Like little lambs to the slaughter they obeyed. Toro made his way to the circle and shoved one of the homies aside breaking the circle momentarily. Aze stood dead center as Toro approached. Every eye was on them.
“You know why you are here ese?” said Toro glaring down at Aze.
Aze nodded.
“Well every homie here including me think that you are ready to officially become one of us," said Toro.
“So, are you ready?”
“I’m ready as I ever will be ese?” replied Aze acting hard and tough.
“Cool, cool...alright then ese, let’s do this shit.”
Aze immediately closed his eyes and shielded his face and head with his arms expecting the worst beating of his life.
Toro stared and grinned and shook his head.
“What the hell are you doing?” said Toro, “stop looking like a little bitch.”
Aze was puzzled as he peered through his fingers pressed against his face. The homies around Aze chuckled.
“Remove your hands away from your face and stand up straight ese,” instructed Toro.
Aze hastily complied.
“Look I know you were expecting every homie here to beat the crap out of you, but we don’t play like that anymore, right homies?”
Toro turned to his homies for confirmation. They nodded with their chins up in the air, like tough son of a bitches, who gave the middle-finger to the world.
“You know homie we got to roll and change with the times. No more beating each other senseless, you know. We gotta save that shit for the enemy.”
Toro turns to his homies once more: “Que no---?”
His homies nod.
“So what we modern homies or I decided to do with you is skip the jump in shit and just get to the other part of the initiation. So what I’m going to have you do is travel to the other side of the tracks in the middle of the afternoon and break into any of those nice homes out there and steal anything of value that could fit into your pockets and then get the hell out as fast as you can. You are only going to have ten minutes to get inside and out or else the homies will leave your green ass behind," Toro instructed.
Toro stopped his babble and reached over to the rear of his waistband and fished out a .32 revolver and tossed it across to Aze.
“Here catch—!”
Aze fumbled it a bit then gawked it for a while as if he never saw a gun before.
“You do know how to use one of those, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do ese."
“Just remember that when no other homie is around to have your back that .32 is your homie—its your back up, so don’t lose it.”
Aze tucked the .32 into his waistband.
“Alright then, Loko, Butch, and Troy get this homie out of here, you guys know what to do!” added Toro with authority.
Several minutes passed it was around 12:30 in the afternoon. Butch inconspicuously pulled the 'olds' next a curb in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in town.
The olds stood out like a sore thumb and they knew it. Time was not there friend.
Butch gawked into the rear view specifically glaring at Aze.
“You see that house at the end of the cul de sac,” said Butch as he pointed to it.
“That is the house you are going to hit. Got it?”
Aze nodded.
“Remember you have ten minutes no more. If you are not out by then you and that homie tucked inside your pants are on your own. Comprendes Mendez—?”
“Got it,” replied Aze
“Orale pues, vamonos!” exclaimed Butch.
Aze squeezed out from the backseat.
Immediately Butch placed the 'olds' into drive. They rolled out as they arrived—slow and steady.
Aze was left alone with his only .32 as his safety homie. He paced nonchalantly in the direction of his target. Luckily for Aze at that time of the day the neighborhood was usually empty. People are either at work or at school with the occasional housewife lingering inside. However for Aze whether the house was empty or not didn’t really matter. He was there do rob the place and get out as fast as he could, of course without getting caught.
He finally made it to the driveway and pitter-pattered his way around to the side of the garage. He entered the backyard through a side fence door. Immediately a few feet from the fence stood the garage side door. Aze quickly crouched and began to lock pick it. By now three and a half minutes had elapsed. Finally he shoved the door in. It was dark and dingy. There was a vehicle inside. Didn’t matter as he proceeded to move forward slow and steady like a stoned homie. To his right there was one more door keeping him from a potential gold mine. He crept towards the door and gently opened it. He peered inside. It was dead silent and semi-dark. Aze decided to go for it. It was all or nothing time was of the essence. As soon as he stepped inside his other foot got jammed between the steps. He fell over onto his knees and hands with a loud thump. Instinctively he had the presence of mind to scamper across the floor on his hands and knees. He crawled towards a huge sofa. Suddenly he stumbled onto something.
“What the fuck?” he said under his breath.
Before him lay two bodies side by side they were stiff as tombstones. Aze swallowed hard yet remained cool.
"Shit. What the fuck did I get myself into? I’m not having none of this shit. Got to go,” said Aze under his breath.
As he was about to spring to his fee, he felt a WHACK from behind—instantly it was lights out.
By the time he came to more than ten minutes had elapsed. For all intents and purposes he was screwed. He was now alone with an uncertain future where even his .32 would be of no use. Groggily he looked over to his right. Beside him and tied to a chair was a middle-aged lady. She was slumped over. It was clear she was dead. Immediately Aze struggled to untie himself, but to no avail. As he struggled some more, he heard some heavy lumbering footsteps approaching.
Aze raised his head. In front of him stood a tall lanky man dressed casually yet there were several specks of blood splatter on his shirt. The man held a 9mm.
Aze despite his situation knew he had to act hard and tough. He couldn’t show any weakness. He wasn’t no little bitch thats for sure.
“Who the fuck are you?’ said the man, and what fuck are you doing in my home you little shit?”
The man pointed the gun at Aze.
“So far you have ruined my plan you little shit. Now I have to kill you too. You know that?”
“Well go ahead puto. No one is stopping you ese. What do I have to lose?” replied Aze looking hard.
The man stared some more and cocked the pistol.
“You know I just murdered my family, right?”
Aze didn’t flinch even for a second.
“You think I give a shit ese? So come on, what the fuck you are waiting for? Pull the fucking trigger already.” answered Aze.
The man hesitated for a moment glaring hard at Aze.
“Come on fucker, just do it!” exclaimed Aze.
The man became irate and closed the distance even some more.
“Listen here you little shit. You are in no position to bargain. I call the shots now. And you know what? Today is your fucking lucky day because I say it is.”
“What the fuck you are talking about? Stop playing mind games and just get it over with. You won man. I got caught and now I have to pay the consequences. Very simple.” explained Aze.
The man tucked the 9mm back into his waistband.
“, that’s not how it works all the time. You know what I have a proposition for you.
Aze was dumbfounded. Didn’t know how to respond. Up until now he had never been given any second chances.
“So what do you say?” said the man.
“Alright ese, I can live with that. So what do you have in mind ese?”
“Well I was about to blow my brains out when you showed up. What I'm trying to say is that if you are willing to finish what I couldn’t I can make it worth your while.”
“I’m down ese. So what do I get out of it?” said Aze.
“Look you were here to rob place right?”
Aze nods with his chin up.
“You see you weren’t going to find anything in here anyway. Look, what I'm trying to say is that since I don't have anyone anymore to leave my inheritance, well I leave some of it to you. What do you say?”
Aze’s eyes bulged. He couldn’t believe it.
“Sure, just tell me what I have to do ese.”
“It’s very simple just make my murder look like a suicide, so that the cops will believe its a murder suicide. You think you can handle it?” explained the man.
“No problem. Just untie me already ese.”
“Wait, before I do that do I have your word, your word as a man?”
“You got my word ese just as long you keep your end of the bargain.”
“Right, okay then after your done. All you have to do is go into the backyard and walk to where there is a water fountain, it’s the only one there. All you have to do is push it aside and underneath you'll find a board covering a hole. Inside you’ll find a garbage bag with one hundred grand of the family’s rainy day fund. It’s all yours.”
Aze was thrown aback and almost fell to the floor with chair and all.
“Fuck! You have to be kidding me right ese?”
“Nope it's all there. More than enough for you to skip town and perhaps start a new life somewhere.”
“You know ese, I might just do that. Fuck my homies you know. They left here to die. I don’t owe them shit. Plus I didn’t pass their initiation so I'm not officially in their fucking gang. So let’s get this show on the road ese. The faster I’m done, the faster I get out of this shitty town.”
The man unties Aze and hands him the gun.
“Just remember to wipe the gun clean and place it in my right hand, okay?”
“No problem ese.”
“Because if you don’t they might pin this shit on you.
“Nah..don't worry I got this.”
Aze instantly pressed the muzzle against the man’s right temple.
“Rest in peace mother fucker,” exclaimed Aze as he pulled the trigger, BANG!!
The End

Submitted: November 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Asusa Susa. All rights reserved.

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