Constitutional of the Heart IV.

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Passion impressions and romantic memories in a bit more than three hundred words.

Today is a great day, and not only because it’s my name day. As is my weekend habit, I climbed onto the saddle of my pedalled donkey to further steel the muscles on my legs. The donkey, though very pleasing to the eye, is actually very old. It was proud and handsome steed when it was new, but it got worse since then. Hence it must be cared for, more often than a woman heated with flame-red love.

On the road however, in the crimson rapture of movement and speed, man and machine become one. Perhaps only wild horses experience the same, as the wind that blows against them stimulates their muscles to greater speed and effort, more than any whip or spur could ever do. And one can easily get under the spell of this like any other activity that is pursued with blazing passion.

The world of yellowish, parchment autumn, as an impressionist painting, rich in sensations, flitted away around me blurred. But the summer’s liveliness still crisped in the air as green as the emerald of your eyes. The sky above me sparkled refreshingly blue, no cloud broke its homogenous endlessness.

An hour later, as I arrived home, I was still not out of energy. Untamed feelings ran through every part of my body as I continued exercising. The adrenaline, like a deluge rushed into my pounding heart. And when my muscles, glistening with sweat, quivered, it was is if they cast invisible, spurring waves. It was the hot feeling of radiant power.

But at length, my body grew tired. It was a pleasant weariness however. I went to take a shower, and the spray of water struck my face as velvety as your brown tresses when you suddenly turned your head on Margaret Island to find us a way to the picnic we were looking for…

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