Ninjas In Modernity

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Ultimate Ninja, Abellona Roy, is tired of his ninja lifestyle.
Tired of the same crap every single day.
So he escapes with his little siblings to get a taste of what normal people live like. seems like his past is there to haunt him.
And forces of evil are finding themselves face to face with Roy.
Would Roy truly find his peace in life?
Find it out by reading this story.

Also, keep in mind that I may change some stuff here and there. Even if it's already published.

Also also, here's the artist of this book cover:

Go visit him if you're interested in his art style.

Table of Contents

A Day Of Unexpectedness

  CHAPTER 1: A DAY OF UNEXPECTEDNESS It is morning. The sun is rising. Roy looks at his watch. "7:46 am. I'll have to wa... Read Chapter

The Principal

CHAPTER 2: THE PRINCIPAL The three of them are heading close to their school. Yua’s endlessly asking questions while Roy entirely ... Read Chapter

Karisu Gakkou

CHAPTER 3: KARISU GAKKOU School: Karisu Gakkou School Year: 2019-2020 Even with a map, Roy is lost. Luckily, Roy’s homeroom t... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 4: LUNCHTIME A few hours go by and it's lunchtime. Roy is about to leave until Yua stops him by walking in front of him. ... Read Chapter

Delinquent Vs Ninja

CHAPTER 5: DELINQUENT VS NINJA All four of them start packing their lunch because lunchtime is about to be over. Alvin makes his tras... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 6: HOME It's 3:07 pm. School is over. Everyone is packing their stuff and getting ready to go home. "Goodbye, Abellona.",... Read Chapter

Assassination Under The Moonlight

CHAPTER 7: ASSASSINATION UNDER THE MOONLIGHT It is night. Most of the lights are being turned off at this time in the city. So it’s... Read Chapter

Unforgettable Regret

CHAPTER 8: UNFORGETTABLE REGRET Roy’s in a dark place. Everything is dark. It wouldn't even change when he closes his eyes until th... Read Chapter

A Familiar Aura

CHAPTER 9: A FAMILIAR AURA A few days have passed by… Nothing too out of the ordinary happens to Roy. Even the mysterious Assas... Read Chapter

A Night To Fight

CHAPTER 10: A NIGHT TO FIGHT It’s 10:14 pm. Roy knocks on the window. Someone opens it. It’s Principal Daichi. "You're 14... Read Chapter

A Night To Be Free

CHAPTER 11: A NIGHT TO BE FREE Roy gets in a fighting stance, but so does Vansu… "Here, catch!", Roy exclaimed. Roy throws ... Read Chapter

A Rumor

CHAPTER 12: A RUMOR It's Friday. School is already done. The 5 of them are in a library because of a quiz next week. "Ugh! I hate... Read Chapter

Family Bonding

CHAPTER 13: FAMILY BONDING Roy unlocks the door to his house. Then he closes it. Locking it as well. After that, he turns around. ... Read Chapter

A Discovery

CHAPTER 14: A DISCOVERY The sun falls and the moon rises. Roy and Varari knock on the window. The principal opens it and lets them co... Read Chapter

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