Rick and Morty's, A Grasping Destination

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rick and morty, are planing to go forth to a new, 4th demtional world, one where gravity don't exist, even on land and the psycics don't make scence, and anything could happen

(TV recorded file)

(Man's Dramatic voice)
In the forth dimetion, there is a period of time that is disconnected with time itslef,

A mystical world

That it apears in and out the, infinite cosmos of time,

in what they say is a random event..

But we have found the way, of its next opening and it's approximate date is of September 2nd 2022, at 11:52am

Destination, district 3, delta prime, of the aproxiy quadren

Where we will infact find the truth to these time shifts,

that have surfaced and taken acorance across time and space..

Who knows what we will find,
But I'm am most certainly sure it shall be worth our time.....
And ultimately bring knowlege to our vast collection
Of records and knowledge to our data base of exstensive entry's

Ma ma Sounds, interesting..hmmmmm ((thinking Rick))

(((And Rick stops thinking and now smokes a bong)))

(Rick says to morty)
Morty, mission

((And Rick grabes morty out his bed room who was on his tablet/ipod))

((Now They are in ricks space car))

we gotta go

((Now rick says in a Dramatic, Wide open rick eyes look)
It shall be worthy of our time

And it's opening, not far 200 clicks east south 300 degree's, point c and it's happening right now, delta 3, quadrean prime,

((Rick snorts line))

So any idea whats in this mystical realm is

No idea,

but this can't be, hox,
This is real top secret file, I picked them up deap in servance,
in Uratha

a fully erectic establishment, one of the biggest highest developed systems of our time

((Show a statue like the one in America, yhe one that just a point and it's huge the point tower thingy??))

in Uratha, ok, I believe you,

(Ricks Car voice)
You have arived at you destination

Shit Morty we are not alone

morty I've gotta sober up,

Hand me the, pouch right there, the one marked, extract of zomboied

Serious Rick,

It ok, morty it went through the process of I am legend complete queried, it will just wake me up a little

(Rick smokes extract through a bong)


Rick goes into a trance, And we see him in happy zombie kill mode, where he counties to trip killing life

then we come out, from out ricks thought process, where Rick was for a split secound was in an hypnotic trance


Rick, Rick, Rick, (slow wake up mode)


Morty, Let's me feast upon your brains,,,,



((as rick contort himslef))

Ahaha what the fuck,

((As ricks eyes are puffy as and he is drowlimg alot))

(As morty try to hop out car but in won't open)




What are ara ara...

im just kidding morty!...

Relax It takes an actual

inviting interectual brain for me to want to develop in feeding,

Your Teny tiny, brain wasn't enough to indulge the egre to feed

your brain isent enogh To developed my rush for the first for brains, and don't think anything,

or anyone ever will

as I knew you would be safe around me during this, inducement and I would cause you know harm

((Morty breathing in and out, rappidly))

Wow brother, I'm cool, really, i am come ok brother realax breath in,

And out

melo, melo, melo,
((Rick screams))

Ahahahaha, What the fuck what the shit, bro

It's ok, morty I'm cool, ok I heard its better for the, response process

Make you feel much better

((Morty breathing very rappidly))

((Ricks car lands))

Come morty let's go,

stay low

((Morty pass's out in car))

Rick comes up behined a tree bush area

 and morty Is close by to follow and comes in just behined rick

and morty Slaps Rick behined the head slightly

((And Rick slowly turns his head but dosent care))

now we see a gathered group of, militant looking men,

gathered around a circle drawn out area on the ground, in a deserted clear space

(Some dude says)
It is here in due, time,

(Some dude 2)
Yes we are here, gathered we will conquer the next world

(Some dude 3)
The count down is in less than 1 min, the secret world will open in 37s

(Some dude)
Goggle's on

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


In a strobe of green, light, the world opens
And as it does,

We, see rick and morty,
take out 2 guards and steal there uniforms as this glow countuies on

(Some dude says)
first team move in, 2nd 3rd, now move on in, countuie in formation

((Rick and morty eneter the green worm hole portal gate way now too))

with the force of alot of men,...


((And now they are all in the mystical world that opens at random locations of time and space))

((This world is strange world,

as if nothing is right and everyhing is)) warped..

(Some dude)
Move, out
scope the area

Rick what the hell is this place,

it looks like gravity and physics dont take place here, or somthing

everthing seems a little random

I can't handle this Rick

(Some dude)
It's ok boys I've we've come prepared,

Switch to, tatical Goggle's

((Every one puts on Goggle's Including Rick and morty)),

(( now the world stays put not so random as before though pretty weird))

((and now we see through the eyes of rick and morty, we see a normaler world))

Then there is a matrix kinda screen whipe

from one of the scence from the movie

a transition

were the walking view,
of rick and morty change and all seems normaler as we look on))

((so now the goggles take effect, as we watch on))

And now as we follow Rick and morty walking in this existance

the world they are in starts shifting,

And from the world's environment, creatures apear and there is attack on all

And They all men try fight But most are lost to these creatures,

((Expcet rick where he, dropes a force field orb around morty and himslef and says))

Morty, I say it's best, we dont try vs these creatures

we don't know this realm at all

they obviously know what's best in there land, they have evey tatical advatage, and

And We don't stand a chance

(As rick takes off his goggles)

Wow! Morty ya gotta see, watch this,

((Morty takes off his goggles))

As the world, yes the world is now fighting strangly the whole world environment kills all these soildllers sorounding Rick and morty

One of Thsese environmental creatures kills one of the soilders as he takes of his googles with a horrific look on his face as he gets slaughtered 

This coutlines on very trippy like until

((out of know where))
(Random sounding monster)((raw))

Now all other monsters things scater.....

And rick and morty and all, survivor's and surounding creatures 

get eaten by, the world
Around them (by a giant monster mouth)

And rick and morty go through this trance of being eaten alive and the force field disingrates as It looks like there travelling in the void of the inner linings of this monster,

Until, rick who is in now in another force field,

 who also saves morty from being minced meat by a fan warping device of a digestive system.

So ultimatly rick saves morty and there back in the orb of a force field

Rick applys and Plants an extrira bomb on the on force field of the orb

And Boom!.

Shit flys every where  And rick and morty put there Goggle's back on and look out to the world....

((Looks stunning))

((Wahahahahahaha didgeridoo song))

Morty, i smell somthing

There's a taste in the air

((wahahahahaahah didgeridoo song))

It's so so so
Ahahahahaahaha (drowling)

Rick, wtf fuck man

(((Rick smells brains and heads straight to the force of the smell he is attracted to

must be the zombied extract

((Rick countuies on following his instincts))

((And morty follows Rick))

And at first Rick, has his Goggle's on and then he eventually takes them off

Seeing the very trippy world,

And we see rick, flowing strangley and chasing this smell

then Rick eats the source of a hive brain that trys to defend it's self,

but Rick is determined,, and, follows his nose,, and makes it trough the barage of a creature's and vine attacks comming from this brain source and eventually feast on the brain, with no remorse

the whole world implodes inwards and kills this mystical world and all its inhabitance.......

And we see blank black space....
..but now we look in the garage of the smiths house and Rick pops out a small hole and pulls himslef through, And morty follows

And wow

rick head is now a monsterios looking beast with tentacle arms but than his head transforms back to a normal Rick head

Morty throughs up, and Rick is very excited pumping his fist down beside him

covered in blood and entrails
. (end)

(Some dude)
We are the last know survivor's

(Some dude 2)
We must think of somthing,

(Some dude 3)
i see, it a glimpse of home it's a portal to our home burth, our home planet


(Some dude)

The portal hole is shrinking

((They all run to this opening dodging monsters and losing some men))

(Some dude)
Keep running Where almost there

((Just as the fisrt survivor trys to crawl his way out trough this opening))

(Some dude)
It works I can fit, come follow me,

(((Whoop! Boom!))) ((Imploding sound))

Portal hole starts to close and the mystical realm is lost,

(Some dudes)

there is a vortex of a flowing world

sucking all the survivors, to implosion source 


The survivor trying to hold onto portal gate way,

trys to crawl his way out this opening

But he gets chopped in half from the closening portal gate way hole

just as he was half way through crawling out from this opening

And then we see his severed body in the real world


Did you get any of that

Submitted: November 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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