That November Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Remember, remember, that night in November...

I arrive that night

When the air is crisp and frost is beginning to form

The weather is foul

Harsh rain pounds on the road,

Threatening my life with each drop

But I still make it


You are yourself,

Plain and beautiful

And I can feel my heart tug

Tonight is the night I will tell you I love you


We sit and drink wine

And talk over life

Its beauties and trials

But I’m focused on you


When it is time to go to bed

I ask you politely

I must be perfect for you

For you deserve nothing less

You eagerly accept

And we ascend the stairs


We start slowly,



It is what we know




My fingers run over your skin and into your soul



Then quickly,

We synchronize and merge into One being
The process feels natural, 

And my body tells me

All is well


We climax together

For what feels like forever and ever

Neither of us wants this moment to end


So we hold onto each other

And put the outside world aside,

As we freeze time

I am yours and you are mine


I tell you I love you

And you reciprocate

And I’ll know it wasn’t too late


Our love burns like a fever

Ill fated yet proper

Don’t leave me just yet

Don’t tell me to go


We whispers sweet nothings

As well as sweet everythings

Our hearts open and bare

Which we gently caress and respect


I wish I could sleep

But I am elated

My mind races with new possibilities

And you are there

My lover

My friend

My muse

Snoring gently

You twitch in your sleep

And I wonder what you dream about

And if it is me


The time has come

For the first time in my life 

I hate the taste of coffee

Because it means morning has come

And I must be gone


Submitted: November 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jay Than. All rights reserved.

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