The Wizard Imposter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

"We must arrange an accident for Titus, it is a patriotic thing to do."

Monsters, sometimes, they hide among us.

You won't know, if the mind of an innocent boy, may hide a serial killer, a vampire or a terrorist. Yet to another, he might be a Patriot, instead of a monster. At least Faber thought he is.

For most, while being trapped in an ideal and friendly secret fantasy world, filled with magical creature and Witches. This might make a person special, if you are attached to this secluded escape that nobody else could. However, for Titus, the secret witches town of Epitaph is a hostile nightmarish hell, that he’s trying to escape. Especially most of the people there wanting to him dead.

Titus and Faber were accidentally marooned there.

For Titus, he wouldn’t be in this town, if he wasn't sent there by a crazed Principal whom dressed up like a Wizard. Now, while trying to escape and with his mysterious past fast catching up on him. Titus has to contend with Witches. Some, were the former acquaintances of his grandma, having grudges against her and him, beside wanting him dead.

Then, there is his school mate Faber. Something evil, desperate and ruthless had arisen out from his mind, while they were escaping. For example, Titus has a Magical Torque of Strangulation put on his neck, without of his consent. Unless Titus does of Faber's bidding, Faber could strangle him.

For every path out of this town, seems daunting. From the surrounding deadly deserts, to the witches flying patrols above in the night sky. If they fail, there's always the final and the easiest way out, which is Death itself.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 1The Sinister Warning.  The Present day.  I wish I am dead, Titus said to ... Read Chapter

chapter 2

Chapter 2The Hissing Shadow.  Fifteen years ago.  “Why should I believe you?” MrsT... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

  Chapter 4 Haunted Dreams.  Dawn has just arrived. Although the sun was still rising in the hori... Read Chapter

chapter 5

  Chapter 5 The Real Illusions.  While Titus’ eyes were bewitched by the strange gull flying aw... Read Chapter

chapter 6

  Chapter 6The Infernal Trip. Two Weeks ago.  The trip, was worse than Titus had imagined.&n... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

  Chapter 7The Haunted Town. “KIDS! KIDS! Gather around me. NOW! And that includes you Titus,”&nbs... Read Chapter

chapter 8

Chapter 8Lingering Echoes.   “NOOO… I was so close,” Faber howled, with his knee caps impacting on the d... Read Chapter

chapter 9

Chapter 9 Berlia Demoted.  “Why are you two looking at me like I am some kind of ghost?” Titus demanded, while ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 A Town Divided.  “You want to put him in what?” exclaimed the man named Alphonse,  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Chapter 11Memorial Illusions.  The bull of a unicorn, with its wild crazed eyes, like its pupils were on fire, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Chapter 12Memories from the War  BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Titus heard the pounding of his footsteps and that of Moljur on ... Read Chapter

chapter 13

Chapter 13Chaos at Pendragon Arcade  “Every one, single file. Hop to it,” Berlia yelled with the top of... Read Chapter

chapter 14

Chapter 14 Instance of Evil.  WHOOSH! WHOOSH! Red Meteors flew off from his wand. Holes were made into the ... Read Chapter

chapter 15

Chapter 15A game of loyalties.  When Titus woke up again, he felt like a horse had kicked of one side his head. He ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Motives of Vengeance.  I hope she is alright! Please let her be alright! Alphonse’s heart was screamin... Read Chapter

chapter 17

Chapter 17Tiberius Revealed.  Titus just couldn't breathe and seconds later, his face was turning blue. He felt of ... Read Chapter

chapter 18

Chapter 18The Real Faber  The moment after Mairee read of Furina’s report, from her encounter with Tiberius. Mair... Read Chapter

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