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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Emma-Lucy Stories

Table of Contents

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Tess’ collection Emma Lucy Stories

Books in order: 1. Tess’ nightmare (2013) 2. Happily ever after (2015) 3. The next generation (2019-2020)

Tess’ nightmare Emma-Lucy Stories

This book I would like to dedicate it to one of my best friends Annie who I’ve known since school

Chapter one - I hate my life

“Mum, can I go out tonight?” asked Tess Harmer “sorry love, me and your dad are going out so could you” said Mrs Harmer “babysit Max?” I asked rolling my eyes but smiled “sure, mum. You and dad
have a great evening” I said “thank you sweetheart, make sure Max goes to bed by 9. Love you” said Mrs Harmer “don’t worry mum, I’ll make sure Max behaves himself, and love you too” I said, and Mrs
Harmer kissed me on my forehead and so did dad and they were gone. I was home with ….

I was left standing in the kitchen when my so-called brother came in “where’s mum and dad?” he asked “out, they’ve left me in charge when I was going to go out with Meg and Grace” I said. Max
laughed “it’s not funny worm head, this is your fault, if mum hadn’t got pregnant. I would have been a only child, but no” I said and I dialled Meg’s number first and waited for Meg to answer “Hey
Tess, you ready?” asked Meg Watson “yeah about that …” I couldn’t finish because Meg knew what I was going to say, “could I come over yours because you’ve got to babysit Max?” asked Meg “yeah,
sorry” I said “it’s okay T, see you in a bit” said Meg “okay” I said and hung up the phone and turned around to see Max was still there then vanished and heard a loud …


And I ran upstairs.

Chapter two – You’re a nightmare

By the time I got upstairs, Max was throwing my things everywhere.

“MAX” I shouted “WHAT?” I shouted, “STOP IT!” I shouted “NO” he shouted “grr, you’re a nightmare” I said as the doorbell rang, and I signed and ran downstairs and answered it.

“Hey T. hey are you okay?” asked Meg seeing me crying “yeah, just” I said “Max?” asked Grace “yeah” I said, “what did he do this time?” asked Meg “went through my stuff” I said. Meg and Grace
looked at me and didn’t say anything.

I don’t deverse this do I? I mean I’m 16, I should be out with my friends but instead my life is consisting of babysitting my little brother Max.

Chapter three – why do I deverse this?

“I don’t deverse this, I don’t know why I do” I said “you don’t, Tess you are an amazing girl, and you are loyal and pretty. Any boy would be lucky to have you as their girlfriend” said Meg “yeah,
you are amazing” said Grace “thanks guys” I said and hugged each other.

“Let’s go, I have to show you what I got from aunty Sandy” I said “I didn’t know you had an aunt called Sandy” said Meg “me neither, but my mum just told me” I said walking upstairs. Meg and Grace
grinned and followed me upstairs.

When we got to my room, I opened the door and looked around. I stared and I didn’t say anything.

“Tess? Are you okay?” asked Meg “OMG he’s done lots of things to ruin my life, but this is just … he’s gone too far” I said.

And I stomped over to Max’s room and bang on the door.

Chapter four – Disaster

I waited for Max to answer. I looked at Meg and Grace. They looked worried “why are you worried?” I asked, “because what are you going to say?” said Meg “I’m going to ask Max to go and put my room
back to what it was like before” I said.

Max opened the door “oh, it’s you and the dork twins” said Max “we are not dorks” said Grace pushing in front of me. “Max! just put my room back to the way it was before mum and dad get back” I
shouted “no, you are not the boss Tessa Jane Harmer, it’s your room, do it yourself” said Max and slammed the door leaving me to explode.

“OMG, he said your full name” said Meg sounding shocked “I know” I said “I didn’t know your middle name was Jane” said Grace “you do now” I said going to my room.

Chapter five – Meg is a hero

“I can’t believe he did that” said Meg “that’s Max for you. He never listens to anyone expect mum and dad” I said tidying my room “why are you tidying your room?” asked Grace “because I asked Max
nicely, he said no so who else is going to do?” I asked, “Max is” said Meg grabbing my hand and leading me to his room “what are you doing Meg?” I asked “I am going to ask Max,” said Meg. Grace and
I looked at her looking confused.

We waited and the door opened but me and Grace hid so Max couldn’t see us.

“Hi Meg” said Max “yeah hi, could you do me a favour and tidy Tess’ room … please for me” said Meg “okay” said Max and he went to my room and started tidying.

“OMG, Meg, you are amazing. Thank you so much” I said, “it’s okay, I knew Max has a crush on me so” said Meg “yeah sorry” I said, “it’s okay T, don’t worry,” said Meg.

I smiled at her, and we all hugged each other.

Chapter six – The discovery

That afternoon me, Grace and Meg were sat on the popcorn watching high school musical and eating salt popcorn when Max came in and took the remote of me “oi, worm. Give that back” I shouted “no!”
shouted Max back starting to run around the kitchen table “Max! don’t do this” I said “come on, Tess. You used to catch up with me, what happened to you?” asked Max “I will get you Max, don’t you
worry” I said slowing down “whatever” said Max closing his door “are you okay?” asked Grace “yeah, I need to get fit again. I don’t know what happened to me” I said, “do you know anyone Meg?” I
asked “there’s Ruby, but she’s super strict and she doesn’t like losing and she’s really intense. Do you want me to give her a call?” asked Meg looking at me “yes, please and how intense is she?” I
asked sounding nervous.

But Meg was busy waiting for Ruby to answer. Chapter seven – New friends “I’m really intense” shouted Ruby “nice to meet you” I said sounding scared “sorry, I can be a tiny bit intense” said Ruby
“no it’s fine” I said letting Ruby inside “so I hear you want to get fit?” asked Ruby “yeah that’s right, I could normally catch up with my brother, but recently I have been getting tired. I don’t
know what happened to me” I said “well, once I’ve finished, you’ll be able to chase and catch up with your little brother” said Ruby “great, he’s not so little now, he’s a real pain. Let’s get
started” I said “Ruby, I’m bored” said someone that came in “sorry, Tess. This is my little sister Masie. Do you mind looking after her today?” asked Ruby “course not” I said “for your information,
I’m not little. I’m ten” said Maise “well, just don’t chase too much trouble” said Ruby “where’s the kitchen?” asked Ruby “through there and on your left” I said “thanks” said Maise and she was

We all went to my den. Chapter eight – The dancing Routine

“See you tomorrow” I said “yeah” said Ruby smiling at me and she closed the front door “OMG, I’m so tired” I said running out of breath because I was so tired. Grace and Meg laughed, and we decided
to make a dance routine up.

4 hours later, Max and Ben were in Max’s room and Max decided to count his money. He shook his piggy bank, and one penny came out “Max, where’s all your money gone?” asked Ben “there’s only one
person who I could think of” said Max “who’s that?” asked Ben stupidly. Max looked at Ben and rolled his eyes “Ben? My sister Tess” said Max and he shouted...


And he went downstairs

Chapter nine – Pirates and the broken glass

Max and Ben went to the den and came over to us “give me back my money, I know you took it” said Max “how dare you? I borrowed it” I said, and Max signed and took the bird off my shoulder and threw
it and we all turned around and the bird knocked the glass my mum got for her birthday. “NO!” And I jumped and tried to catch it, but I was too late.

“OMG, mum’s is going to be really mad” I said “don’t worry, we can get another one” said Grace “I guess, but look what you did Max, this is all your fault. You’re going to be in so much trouble.
You are going to be grounded forever and you will be so sorry you broke that glass” I said “whatever, come on Ben” said Max “coming Max” said Ben and they were gone.

“Mum’s going to explode. I don’t know what to do” I said anxious “don’t worry, you can go and get another one to replace it. Your mum will never know the difference” said Grace “what about Max?” I
asked, “we can look after him, T” said Grace “you sure?” I asked worried “yeah, no problem” said Meg “thank you so much, I won’t be long” I said and I closed the door and Meg and Grace turned
around and Max was grinning “so you are my babysitters?” asked Max “yep, so don’t chase any trouble” said Grace “if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have asked Ben to glue your feet to the floor” said Max
“Max, don’t do this” said Meg but Max ignored her and went upstairs, followed by Ben. Meg tried to move her legs, but she couldn’t and fell. Chapter ten - whose fault, is it?

“Has Max behaved himself?” I asked as I got my coat off “yeah good as gold. Did you manage to get a new glass?” asked Meg “no” I said as I sat down on the sofa “instead I got a mirror, which mum
will like anyway” I said “oh Tess, that’s nice” said Grace “yeah, but I’ll just have to tell mum that I dropped it” I said “but you didn’t, Max did. He knocked it with that bird, it’s not your
fault, it’s Max’s fault and plus it’s your birthday in two days” said Grace “I guess, okay I’ll blame it on Max” I said “good” said Meg “whatever Max did, I’m really sorry” I said, “well he did do
something” said Grace “what was it?” I asked sighing “he glued our feet to the floor as soon as you went outside, and we can’t move” said Meg “and that’s why we’re not in the den and in the
hallway?” I asked “yeah” said Grace “right, he’s crossed the line. Cover your ears” I said “why?” asked Meg


Chapter eleven – best friends

“You called?” asked Max coming downstairs “I can’t believe you; I’ve lost the number of times you’ve done things like this, well you’ve crossed the line matey boy. Unglue Meg’s and Grace’s feet
right now and I’ll phone mum and tell her you broke the glass that she got for her birthday” I said “fine whatever” said Max and unglued Meg’s and Graces’ feet “there, happy?” asked Max “yep” I
said and Max went upstairs “let’s go into the …” said Meg “den?” asked Grace finishing meg’s sentence “can you two stop finishing each other’s sentences” I said “we’re not …” said Grace “finishing
each other’s sentences T” said Meg “don’t be silly” said Grace “do you guys want a drink?” I asked. Meg and Grace nodded.

I went into the kitchen. “Why are Meg and Grace finishing each other’s sentences?” I asked myself “I mean they’re best friends but” I said to myself as I got three drinks out of the fridge and
headed back to the den and handed one drink to Meg and the other to Grace “so what are you doing for your 17th birthday T? because you really deverse it, you have to put up with Max, babysit him.
He sees more of you then your parents. You got college to deal with. You should do something special” said Meg “aww that’s so sweet Meg, yeah I’ll probably have a party or something” I said “Good
for you T. you deverse it” said Grace “aww you really are the bestest friends” I said hugging Meg and Grace. Chapter twelve – The birthday Trap

The next day I was in my den putting up balloons when Max came in “what do you want?” I asked “nothing, I’m not going to ruin your party” said Max “yeah you are, just by being here” I said as Meg
and Grace came in worrying “T, I think you should look at the invitations” said Meg “why? What’s Max done to them?” I asked, “why do you always blame me?” asked Max “because it’s usually always
your fault, oh no I put the 22nd and not the 23rd. I’m so stupid” I said “no you are not T. you are so pretty, kind, nice and responsible and we love you. You will have your party. Don’t worry”
said Meg “thanks guys, I love you both and how? Everyone has the wrong date” I said “don’t worry, we will sort it out. See you tomorrow” said Meg “thanks Meg. Bye” I said smiling as I closed the
door behind them and went upstairs and started to read my book “the worst thing about my stepsister” by Jacqueline Wilson and thought about how amazing my best friends are and fell asleep 4 hours
later and how amazing tomorrow is going to be because Max won’t be in the house because my gran is taking him out so it’s just me and my friends.

I can’t wait. It’s like a dream come true. Chapter thirteen – the real me

“Tess, you are such an amazing singer, you are beautiful and talent. You should really sign the contract because that’s who you really are. The real you” said Meg “but what about Max?” I asked
“forget him, he has your parents. This is an opportunity to follow your dreams” said Grace “aww thanks guys, okay I’ll sign it” I said. Max came into the den “what are you signing?” asked Max “the
singer contract,” said Meg. Max looked unimpressed.

I smiled “I’d better go, can you guys come with me I’m so nervous” I said, “of course T” said Grace “what about me?” asked Max “you’ll be okay, I should be back in an hour” I said. Max looked
unsure “okay let’s go” I said, and we headed into town where the studio was

I sang one of the songs I wrote:

I don’t want to make a scene. I don’t want to let you down. Tryin to do my own thing and I’m starting to figure it out That it’s alright keeps it together wherever we go And it’s alright oh well
whatever Everybody needs to know

You might be crazy Have I told you lately? That I love you You’re the only reason I’m not afraid to fly

And it’s crazy That someone could change me Now no matter what it is, I must do I’m not afraid to try And you need to know that you’re the reason why

I don’t even care when they say you’re a little bit off Look them in the eye I’d say I could never get enough Cuz it’s alright kept it together wherever we go And it’s alright oh well whatever
Everybody needs to know

You might be crazy Have I told you lately? That I love you You’re the only reason why I’m not afraid to fly

And it’s crazy That someone could change me Now no matter what it is I must do I’m not afraid to try And you need to know that you’re the reason I love you, Why!

If it was rainin’ you would yell at the sun Pick up the pieces when the damage is done You say it’s just another day in the shade Look at what a mess we made You might be crazy Have I told you
lately? That I love you You’re the reason that I’m not afraid to fly And it’s crazy That someone would change me Doesn’t matter what it is I must do, I’m not afraid to try And you need to know that
you’re the reason I have the hots for you Why!

You might be crazy Have I told you lately? That I love you You’re the only reason I’m not afraid to fly And it’s crazy That someone could change me Now no matter what it is I must do I’m not afraid
to try And you need to know that you’re the reason why …

5 hours later, I was on my way to fame and fortune in Hollywood

I know right, so cool I guess I really do love Max

Chapter fourteen – I really love Max

To Max

By the time you read this, I will be on the way to Hollywood, so your wish has come true. You can be a nightmare, but so can I. I know we haven’t seen eye to eye, but I love you, you just never
listened to what I was telling you to do. However, I will see you as often as I can, I promise but it won’t be every weekend as I’ll be busy recording songs for my first album which you can have
for free. Be good for mum and dad and I’ll see you soon.

Don’t forget that I’m only a phone call away so if you have any problems like girls and you can’t talk to mum, call me straight away.

I love you loads

Lots of love Your sister Tess

Happily, Ever After Emma-Lucy Stories

Contents 1. The beginning 13 2. The letter 19 3. Walking in each other’s shoes 24 4. Boys Boys and Boys 28 5. Max is back 32 6. Harriet 34 7. Mum and Dad 40 8. Seeing you again 46 9. Pull through
54 10. Uncle Ben 57 11. Connections 63 12. Answers 66 13. The truth is out there 71 14. And it hurts 77 15. Years apart us 82 16. I am in love with you 87 17. Offer 90 18. Big news 94 19. I do 98
20. Disaster 104 21. How could you? 107 22. The big day 111 23. My dream come true 114 24. Betrayal 117 25. Goodbye Harriet and Robert 120 26. A happy ending. A happy couple 124 27. Labour 128 28.
Baby 130 29. Paris Gabriella Lorelai Leigh Solis 133 30. Meeting the grandparents 136 31. Secrets that I never knew 138 32. Thank-you 140 33. Forgiveness and stuff` 143 34. Moving on 145 35. I love
you Mike Solis 149 36. Dearest 152 37. I have my happy ending after all just like a princess 155 38. From Tess 158 39. Finally 164 40. Make it happen 166 41. A New Chapter 168 42. Bon Voyage 170

Chapter one – the beginning

Dear Diary, Hi, I’m Tessa Jane Harmer and I’m on my way to Hollywood to follow my dream. I am 18 years old, and I have left home. I miss my family and friends. Oh yes, I have one younger brother
called Max. He’s okay for a brother I guess, he’s a nightmare at times though but I love him to bits. My friends are amazing, they’d always come over when I had to babysit Max and his best friend
Ben who is a totally weirdo and I think he used to have a crush on me. Awkward I know. Anyway, I am very lucky to have a roof over my head and to have such amazing parents to take care of me and to
have a little brother who I can take pictures with. I miss home though and it’s only my first day. Yeah, this taxi driver is a bit weird


Now I’m on my way to follow my dream of becoming a successful author. I know I should be at college, now I’m 18 and left school but this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn’t just turn it
down, could I? I would be mad if I did and anyway, I’m ready to live on my own This may sound weird, but I got a letter from an uncle I never knew I had. I don’t usually ask mum about her side of
her family because it upsets her. I never understand why though? Did they have a fallen out when they were younger? How come we never see gran and granddad? How come we’re never seen this uncle?
What happened that upsets her? I never ask dad because he doesn’t know either. So, is mum keeping a secret from dad as well as us? But Max and I don’t talk about it in front of our mum. I don’t
bother asking my Nan because we never see her. Did something happen between mum and Nan too? Maybe it’s the same reason why we don’t see our uncle? Maybe they had a fallen out with mum over the
same thing? Is it something to do with dad?

Anyway, about this strange letter: it said that my uncle has a palace and he’s giving it to me. Could this be an apologise for why we’re never heard or seen him? Could it be a trick from max? I’m
like “wow cool, a palace? Me? Owning a palace? And living on my own?” Amazing but I can’t thank this uncle of mine because I have no way of contacting him. Which is a shame? I can’t ask mum because
it’ll upset her, I can’t ask dad because he doesn’t want to upset her either. She’s already upset about me moving so far away and Max is going to performing arts school in America. She kind of
feels worried about us entering the real world and proud of us. She already arranged a big leaving party for me with 50-60 guests. I’m like “geez thanks mum”


But how am I meant to find this palace? It just says it’s mine, no directions no nothing

Hollywood is so big; it’s going to be hard finding it

But I thought wrong

* The taxi driver stopped the car suddenly; I tapped him on the shoulder “umm excuse me” I said, “yes madam” said the taxi driver “you’re stopped?” I asked “yes, yes I have” said the taxi driver
“um well I can’t see any palace?” I asked, “I know love” he said stupidly “so why have you stop?” I asked rolling my eyes “because this is how far I’m allowed to go” he said, “are you being serious
mate?” I said, “yes sweetie, sorry” said the taxi driver sounding like he was feeling sorry for me “I can’t believe this is actually happening, I’m wearing heels, so which way am I supposed to go
to this palace?” I asked as I got out of the red taxi car and looking at the taxi driver, he had brown hair with blue eyes and he was looking at me weird “through the tall brown trees and on to the
right and follow the long path and you’ll find a big silver old palace” said the taxi driver pointing to three tall trees “oh thanks” I said “your welcome, good luck, you’ll need it” he said and
before I could say anything, he drove off. How rude I thought to myself, and I started to walk I walked and walked through big brown bold ruff trees, I looked around and it was like the trees were
watching me * I turned right and I found a huge old-fashioned palace. I got a picture of the palace from my backpack that can with the letter, and I hold it in the air right next to the palace. I
smiled. I found it. My own palace, my own place, with no parents, no annoying brother, no babysitting, no putting up with him or parents. This is heaven. Bingo I followed the leafy path, got the
keys, and opened the silver patterned gates and walked up to the palace and opened the door but I didn’t know the secrets that were hidden in this strange big palace, but I was about to find out. I
put my bags down and turned and there stood a tall white face brown haired girl who looked about the same age as me, but she wasn’t alone. “Er who are you? I asked “ oh hi I’m Lynette Solis, this
is my little sisters Bree and Gabriella , big sister Susan, big brother Mike and little brother Jason, and our mother is the mayor of this town, she told us to check on the new girl moving into Mr
Hunter’s palace” said Lynette “oh okay, that’s nice of you, hey I’m Tessa, wow you have a big family, your mum sure didn’t stop having kids and Ben Hunter is my uncle” I said “well welcome to our
town Little wood, Brooklyn, I’m Mike” said Mike “I know your sister told me” I said smiling and giggling while smiling at Mike Not feeling comfortable with her older brother liking her new friend,
Lynette interrupted “um so do you want to have a grand tour” she said pushing in front of Mike and breaking the awkward silence “um okay sure why not” I said, and I followed Lynette up the stairs

So, as we went up the stairs, I suddenly stopped as we all follow Lynette “hey guys, was there anyone living here before my uncle?” I asked looking at the Solis kids “um I don’t think so Tess,
why?” asked Susan Solis (for the first time) “I think I just saw a ghost” I said sounding worried. The Solis kids looked at me. There was silence then they burst out laughing “you couldn’t have”
said Gabi Solis (for the first time) “is this palace haunted?” I said sounding serious and scared “I don’t think so,” said Lynette. I hate ghosts. There was no mention in the letter that this
palace was haunted otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it

* When the Solis kids stopped laughing, they looked at me and knew that I was being serious “no one could have lived here because we don’t know if anyone lived here before your uncle, how old
he/she looked like?” asked Mike “about 18, the same as me” I said “you’re 18? But aren’t you meant to be in college” asked Lynette going off the subject “yes, I’m supposed to be but I got the
letter from my uncle about this place and then an expected opportunity to be a famous author so I’m here to follow my dream and I’ll go to college next year” I said “aw that’s great Tess, well
done” said Mike “Thank – you” I said smiled and Mike hugged me?

What are these feelings I’m having? Why did Mike hug me?

“Can we continue with the tour?” asked Lynette getting inpatient “um yes sure sorry Lynette” I said looking at Lynette “Good” she said sounding annoyed

What was Lynette trying to do? I don’t have feelings for Mike, do I?

When we got to the living room I stopped again “what’s wrong?” asked Mike looking concerned “I saw that boy again” I said. They all looked at me strangely “guys I’m not joking, I’m being serious” I
said “I think you need to see a doctor Tess” said Gabi “No, I know what I saw. Don’t you believe me?” I asked “of course, okay let’s have a look” said Bree smiling at me. I smiled back

I love these kids! As we went to see who this boy was. Jason Solis stopped because he bumped into another boy * “Ah ha! You’re the boy I keep seeing, why do you keep running away? And what are you
wearing?” I asked looking at this strange boy. “I ... umm” but he didn’t finish because he ran … again

This is really getting silly

Hours later, I couldn’t forget about the boy when the doorbell rang * I answered it and there were two girls who looked about ten years old “hi there, have you got lost? Have you lost your mum?
Where is your mum?” I asked kindly, bending down so I was the same height as them “yeah hi, I’m Olivia, this is my twin Clara and we’re come to live here and before you ask, we’re fifteen so stop
treating us like we’re ten ok” said Olivia “oh and we’re your cousins, who are you?” I didn’t say anything because I was so shocked to say anything, and I looked at Olivia “yeah” she said raising
her eyebrows * “Who was this girl? The letter didn’t say anything about cousins. Who does she think she is? I thought... Oh no, no not again, she is like Max. This is turning into a nightmare that
I never wanted to happen, and Max hasn’t done anything yet * As the two of them walked into the palace “come on in” I said sounding annoyed “Thanks” said Olivia giving me an evil stare * Lynette
looked at the fifteen years old not feeling okay “what’s your problem with Tessa? Has she done anything to annoy you? Because your attuite towards her is horrible?” said “I’m sorry, is it any of
your business? Err I don’t think so. Who are you? …” Asked Olivia “I’m Lynette” she said... Before Lynette couldn’t finish. Olivia interrupted her “I’m sorry, do I care?” she asked “erm um…” said
Lynette not knowing what to say, “no I don’t care and if I had a problem with Tessa, what’s it to you lot?” she asked rudely looking at the Solis children “well our mother is the mayor and if you
have a problem with Tessa, you have a problem with me” said Mike “and me” said Lynette. I smiled at them “well isn’t that nice, because I do have a problem with Tessa,” said Olivia. Not saying
anything I looked at Olivia * “What is the problem? Because I don’t understand why you have a problem with me because we hardly know each other?” I asked “I know brainbox, I have a problem with you
because our dad chose you over us to live in his palace” said Olivia “that’s not Tess’s fault? You shouldn’t have a problem with her, you should have a problem with your dad” said Lynette. I smiled
at Lynette and turned to Olivia “I’m so sorry that your dad chose me to own this palace instead of you and Clara, I really am, I didn’t even know I had an uncle or cousins until I got the letter.
But hey, let’s not hate each other, after all we are family and we’re stuck with each other, we can’t choose our family so why don’t we start again and you both come and live with me, I would love
to get to know you” I said kindly “Thank-you, we would love to, wouldn’t liv?” She said looking at her twin sister “erm sure whatever” said Olivia coldly * I think Olivia still has a problem with
me * This is turning into a nightmare

Chapter two – the letter

The first morning with my new cousins didn’t get off to a good start. Olivia was being difficult “Why can’t we have a party?” she asked “because of that boy, it’s too weird” I said “oh come on
please Tess?” asked Olivia now hugging me “I will think about it ok” I said looking at Olivia “oh thank you, thank-you” said Olivia “Can I ask you something?” she asked “of course” I said nicely
“why did dad write to you?” asked Olivia “I don’t know liv” I said “but you have a letter?” asked Olivia “yes I do” I said “Can I see it?” asked Olivia “yes of course, be right back” I said and I
ran upstairs to my big bedroom 1 hour later I can downstairs holding an envelope and I gave it to Olivia and Clara to read it “I didn’t really knew I had a uncle or cousins until I got that letter
and it came at the right time” I said smiling “why?” asked Clara “well my brother Max (your younger cousin) got offer a place to go to a singing and stage school in New York and my parents (your
aunt and uncle) got jobs there as secondary school teachers” I said “OMG really? What do they teach?” asked Olivia looking up from the letter for the first time “science and English” I said proudly
“my two favourite subjects” “who teaches which?” asked Clara looking confused “try and guess?” I replied smiling

It took Clara a while to work out * At ten past ten, she finally got it “your mum teaches English and your dad teaches science?” she asked “yep” I said to Clara smiling “so why moved?” asked Olivia
not noticing her twin sister got something right for a change “because I got an offer” I said “to do?” asked Clara “to write” I said “and it will be good for me to live on my own” “which is?” asked
Olivia ignoring everything I just said “a writer, weren’t you listening?” I asked rudely “wow that’s amazing Tess, well done” said Clara. Olivia gave Clara a dirty look “be quiet” said Olivia

* I gave the envelope to Olivia, she opened it and read. While Olivia was reading the letter, I looked at Clara. She looked like she was about to cry

Poor Clara? Olivia treats her so horribly. Her own twin sister, her other half, her first friend

* Olivia read the letter out loud. It said: Dear Tess, Hi Tessa, I’m your uncle Ben, your mum is my sister and you probably do not know this because your mother might never speak about me to you
and your brother? This is quite upsetting but when we were both younger, something tragic happened, our mother was in a terrible audient and die and our father, he couldn’t even look at us, mostly
Jane because she looked like our mother and he ran away and then we had to be raised by our big sister Mary, when we got older, Jane met your father and that was that, we didn’t see each other from
then, we sent each other birthday and Christmas cards each year but that’s it. But I’m moving to Chard because I got a job offer there and I don’t use my palace anymore. So I’m passing it on to you
because you’re probably eighteen and had always wanted to live on your own? Am I right? So why not move here?” I’m sure we’ll meet each other soon Take care Tessa, Lots of love From your uncle Ben

Olivia looked at me and it looked as though she had lots of questions in her head waiting for them to be answer and that she was going to blast “go ahead” I said to Olivia “what happened between my
dad and your mum? Who’s Aunty Mary? Why did he ask you? and not us? Why did your mum not tell you about our dad? Why aren’t we mentioned in the letter? Why did he write to you and not us? What’s
the job? Why didn’t he pass his palace to us instead of you? We’re his daughter. His own flesh and blood, are we invisible? Why did he move to Chard? Why didn’t we move with him? What’s happened
with him and our mum?” Asked Olivia finally giving a breath “wow” I said, “so answer?” she asked rudely. I gave a whole sigh and rolled my eyes. What’s Olivia’s problem? Why is she so rude? “I
don’t know what happened, we never talk about Uncle Ben because it upsets mum too much. I don’t know why he asked me, and not you. You’re not the only one who’s been wondering. I don’t know who
Aunty Mary is. I don’t know why you’re not mentioned and you’re not invisible” I said, and I pinched Olivia on the arm “ouch, why did you do that?” she asked “to prove a point” I said “I don’t know
what the job is, I don’t know what happened between your parents, and I don’t know why you didn’t move with him? You will have to ask him. These questions, you should really ask your dad liv” I
said finally finished “wow” said Clara “didn’t I tell you not to speak Clara? I didn’t tell you, you could speak, did I?” she said sounding so horrible “yes you did Olivia, no you didn’t I’m sorry”
said Clara looking sad. I looked at Clara, trying to figure my younger cousins out * When Olivia went upstairs, Clara didn’t follow her

* Why does Olivia treat Clara so horribly? * I looked at Clara “Clara, honey why does Olivia treat you like that?” I asked “oh that, that’s just her Tess, don’t worry” said Clara “but does she hate
you? I hate my brother sometimes, but I would never treat him the way she treats you sweetie, you should tell her how you feel? How old are you?” I asked, “oh don’t worry Tess, that’s so sweet of
you, but she’s just like that and I’m fifteen remember?” asked Clara “right yes I remember, right I will talk to her, don’t worry” I said. Before Clara could say anything, I was running upstairs,
missing one step each time so she followed me

When I got upstairs, Clara grabbed my hand “it’s going to be okay I promise. I’m going to sort this out” I said, Clara smiled at me. I knocked on Olivia’s door and Olivia opened the door “what?”
she asked grumpy “I want to talk to you” I said sounding serious. Knowing that I was being serious “why? What did Clara do this time? You know, you can’t keep doing things to get my attention, I’m
sorry that you are a freak and annoying but that’s not my problem. You need to stop doing this and grow up Clara” said Olivia “because I’m getting sick of it” she said “I’M TELLING YOU, I DID NOT
DO ANYTHING” said Clara “did I tell you, you could speak? No, I don’t think so now shut it” said Olivia sounding cross “see this is what I want to talk about” I said “what? Talk about what?” asked
Olivia “why do you treat Clara like that? She’s your twin sister, your other half, your first friend and you treat her horribly. I may hate max sometimes, but I don’t know what I’d do without him
if I’d ever lose him. He’s my little brother. A weirdo and annoying but I love him. I would never treat him like that like you treat Clara. I’ve always long for a twin sister/brother. Someone I can
tell my problems to and someone I can tell everything, my secrets, my worries but if you treat Clara like that all of your life, you might lose her for ever? Do you want that to happen? Why do you
do it liv? It’s just mean sweetie. Why do you assume Clara has done something wrong?” I asked “why all the questions? You don’t know anything about us” said Olivia “because I’m worried about your
relationship with Clara, she doesn’t treat you like that, and she thinks the world of you” I said “you finished?!” asked Olivia “yes” I said “well when our mother died, I always had to look after
her and when we were three, we were at a railway station with our grandma to stay with her sister and Clara stupidly ran into the railway tracks and nearly got ran over by a train and got herself
kill. That’s why I treat her so horribly because I nearly lost her, and I don’t want to ever lose her. We’re already lost so much. She’s suffered through a lot. I am trying to protect her. You
would do the same thing with Max right?” asked Olivia “you would never lose Clara; you go everywhere together. I would protect you. Yes I would do the same with Max but maybe you could start being
nice to Clara again? I would do the same with Max but we’re never nice with each other, it’s who we are. You two are like two peas in a pod, you do everything together, and you’re inseparable” I
said smiling “yeah we are, Clara, I am really truly sorry” said Olivia “it’s okay liv” said Clara “it’s not your fault” she said smiling “Tess, thank-you for letting me realise how much Clara means
to me” said Olivia “it’s no problem, your family, my family” I said “aww Tess, thank-you” said the twins. I smiled at them and we hugged each other That afternoon we had lots of fun taking selfies
together “ha-ha that’s brilliant, oh look at my face” I said doing the same face in the photo. Both twins laughed and smiled at me

I guess my life aren’t too bad, but I know how much Max (even if he is a pain) means to me from helping the twins “Max, if you’re out there wherever that is, I love you and I couldn’t live without
you” I said smiling

“What do you two want for lunch?” I asked “sandwich please Tess” said Olivia hugging Clara, as I looked at her “me too” she said “okay, be five minutes” I said I walked downstairs and the doorbell
rang, I opened it “hi Tess, do you want to hang out?” said Lynette as she came in “sure, do you want some lunch?” I asked “Oh yes please Tess” said Lynette “okay, will be right back, Clara and
Olivia are upstairs and, in our bedroom, be five minutes” I said “thanks Tess” said Lynette “your welcome” I said and I walked towards the kitchen and Lynette went upstairs. As I was buttering the
bread. The doorbell rang again “we’re popular today” I said to myself and I opened the door and it was Mike. I froze. He came in “hi Tess” he said smiling. I smiled back but didn’t say hi back. I
don’t know what happened after … Putting the lid back on the butter and the knife in the sink. I looked straight into Mike’s eyes and smiled at him...

Chapter three – walking in each other’s shoes

The next morning I was out in the garden relaxing on a comfy white deck chair reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry, Herminie and Ron was in the girls bathroom making a potion
where Moaning Myrtle died and Ginny Weasley (Ronald’s younger sister) first arrives at Hogwarts and she meets Harry when I heard lots of shouting coming from inside so I signed, put my bookmark on
the page I was at and I went inside to find out

There were all four of Solis sisters. I walked over and step in to break it up “what’s going on?” I asked looking confused. They all looked at me and spoke at once. I signed and raise my hand in
the air and there was silence “one at a time” I said “Lynette, what happened?” I said for the second time looking at Lynette (hoping I didn’t have to repeat myself for a third time) “I was trying
to find my hair dryer and I couldn’t find it so I went into Susan’s bedroom but I couldn’t find it but I found my diary and that was that” said Lynette “so all this was over a hair dryer?” I said
“no, this is what really happened okay, I was reading, and I heard Lynette shout my name and I was in the back garden and because she has a loud mouth I could hear her so I went inside and upstairs
to my room and I saw her diary and the twins were just watching TV” said Susan “no way” said Lynette “this started because you were being selfish Susan” said Lynette looking at her big sister “me?
Selfish?” asked Lynette “YES!” answered Susan “are you kidding me? You’re the one who’s selfish, all I’ve done is help brought you up and you call me selfish, it’s always about you and the others
never me. And this is how you thank me by calling me selfish? You’re got to get your facts right” said Susan “you finished?” asked Lynette “yes thanks” said Susan looking at her little sister. I
didn’t say anything. Then … I had a brilliant idea “Guys?” I asked smiling at the two sisters “yes Tess?” said Susan “she’s my best friends not yours” said Lynette “I never said she wasn’t … oh
never mind carry on Tess” said Susan “well I thought as you can agree on who started the argument about the hair dryer” but I couldn’t finished as Susan interrupted me “this is more than the hair
dryer” said Susan “why not, try and walk in each other’s shoes for two weeks then you will learn a bit more about each other. Trust me, you fight now, but when Susan goes off to University, you
will miss each other, I used to fight with Max over the most stupid things, I miss him like crazy now, I have learnt that life is too short to argue. Trust me, try it and you will see” I said “okay
Tess” they said smiling. I smiled back

The next morning, I woke up, had a strength, got out of my huge comfy bed, made it, put my fluffy violet dressing grown on and I stood by the window looking at the beautiful view “home sweet home”
I said to myself and I went downstairs for breakfast, entered the kitchen and Lynette and Susan were sitting opposite each other looking at me when I entered.

* I looked at them for a few minutes “what are you doing here?!” I asked looking confused and sounding worried “oh nothing has happened Tess, don’t worry” said Lynette realizing her best friend was
worried “then why…?” I couldn’t finish because Susan interrupted me “because Lynette told me to come with her to yours because you said …” but she couldn’t finish “I know I know. But why so early?
Why 8 am? I thought you would be asleep. Did Olivia prank call you?” I said sounding concerned “well it was her on the phone. She said you’d broken your leg?” asked Susan. I looked at them and
moved both of my legs “well I haven’t, I’m really sorry you had to rush over here. I didn’t realize” I said “don’t worry Tess, we’re just glad you’re okay” said Lynette. I smiled “so how is it
going?” I asked, “it’s going great, we’re learnt so much about each other, thank you” said Susan “you’re awesome Tessa Harmer” and she hugged me “it’s okay, hey I told you and thankyou Suzie” I
said. All three of us hugged “I am just going to shower” I said and ran upstairs

* When I got upstairs, I went into Olivia’s room without knocking “hey!” said Olivia sounding crossed “why did you ring Susan and Lynette and told them I’d broken my leg?!” I asked “because it’s
funny” said Olivia “IT IS NOT FUNNY. YOU LIED” I shouted “so?” asked Olivia “Are you stupid or something? It’s wrong to lie liv” I said sounding calmer “and?” asked Olivia “liv, why are you being
like this?” I asked “stop being bossy” said Olivia

* From downstairs Lynette and Susan could hear our conversation “do you think we should go up there?” asked Susan “yes, I think Tess needs to follow her own advice” said Lynette and they went
upstairs “Stop being so rude” I shouted “hey, what’s going on?” asked Susan as Lynette grabbed me stopping me hitting Olivia “I’m not being rude” said Olivia “yeah you are” I shouted back. Lynette
and Susan looked at each other and signed “what’s going on? You were nice to each other yesterday” said Susan “oh that was yesterday” said Olivia “so what happened?” asked Lynette “because she just
came in here without knocking” said Olivia “no!” I said looking so cross I was going to explode. They all looked at me then Olivia rolled her eyes “Olivia, if you’re not interested, go downstairs,
don’t be rude” I said “I am actually interested Tessa, and I am not rude. I am actually quite interested as why you just came in without knocking” said Olivia. Lynette and Susan went back and forth
between Olivia and I like it was a tennis match.

* It was nearly four o’clock and we were still arguing “you can’t just come in here and take over Tess. You’re not in charge. Just because your 18 now doesn’t mean anything. You’re not our mum.
You’re not our big sister either “we hardly know you” said Olivia “you finished?” I asked “yes thank-you” said Olivia sounding rude “well I do not think I am in charge and I know that I hardly know
you but I want to get to know you and Clara. Where is Clara anyway? I know I’m not your mum or your big sister. I just care about you. I hate arguing with you, I feel like I’m at home with Max
again. Trust me, I’m the oldest and the big sister and Max doesn’t like it either as much as I don’t” I said “what? He hates being related to you?” asked Olivia “yep” I said “then he must be mad”
said Olivia smiling at me “because you are an amazing person Tess. I dislike this brother of yours. He doesn’t know anything about how amazing you are. Does he treat you horrible when you were
living with your parents?” asked Olivia “Oh yes, he did” I said “that’s horrible, I’m glad that Clara and I have an awesome cousin like you. We’re lucky to have you around” said Olivia and I hugged
her “aww that’s so nice to say liv, thank-you. Ahah I dislike my brother as much as you do but he’s okay, he’s my brother. Sure, he was a nightmare at home, and I had to babysit him every day with
his mate Ben and I never had any time for myself and my friends had to come over every day to keep me company but he’s family. I love him. Now I’ve moved away from home, I miss him like crazy. I am
lucky to such lovely girls as cousins” I said, and we hugged


“What’s going on? I heard shouting?” asked Clara coming in Olivia’s bedroom. We all burst out laughing “don’t worry sis” said Olivia looking at Clara “it was all just a misunderstanding” I said
“like usual then” said Clara smiling But I couldn’t help but think about that boy and what happened to him

Chapter four –

Chapter four – Boys, Boys and Boys “Have you seen that old fashioned boy recently?” I asked Clara the next morning “no why? What’s on your mind T?” she replied “it’s weird. It’s like he’s vanished”
I said wondering

* That mid-morning, I was reading my book and suddenly I jumped “hello again” said the old fashioned boy “you? Where were you?” I asked “I am sorry my lady” he said blowing. I looked at him
strangely Who was this old-fashioned boy? Lots of questions popped in my head “why do I care though? I mean I don’t have feelings for him, do I? I don’t even know him

* The next day I was sat in my bedroom doing my story when I saw him again “right, I want answers master right now. Ok, where do you go the other day? Why do you keep disappearing? What’s with the
old-fashioned clothes? What’s with the old-fashioned language? Who are you? Why are you here? What’s your name? How old are you? You must like be 18, right?” I asked “umm well … I am not from this
generation” he asked “what do you mean you’re not from this generation? Where are you from? What generation are you from?” I asked going around him and he kept on turning his head as I walked
around him “well I’m ... well you see I am … from the umm 1970’s?” he said looking nervous “so does that mean you’re technically dead?” I asked scared “err well ... Yes, but I … “he said, he
couldn’t finish because I ran

A dead boy? Living here? My uncle didn’t mention anything about ghosts in this palace? I am scared. How can he be alive? When he’s meant to be dead? This place is freaky. But I have to tell my

* What are you talking about Tess? A dead boy? Here in this palace? Did dad mention anything about this? How can he be alive? You saw a dead boy?” asked Olivia after I told them “you’re not making
any sense. Daddy would have mentioned it in the letter?” asked Clara “I know I’m not guys. But he told me he is from the 1970s and he’s dead, no he didn’t? Do you think he would of? I know it’s so
freaky, I don’t know how? Yes, clear of crystal, a dead boy is living here and I think I’m in love with …” I said but I couldn’t finish my sentence “with who?” asked Lynette “she’s was about to
tell us” said Clara laughing

* Oh, I couldn’t tell my best friend that I was in love with her brother? That would be too weird for her. But I couldn’t lie either “Lynette, I think you should sit down” I said “why what’s going
on? This sounds serious” said Lynette “Lynette, since I came here, you have been so nice to me and you are my best friend and I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship” I said “aww T, don’t go all
soppy on me please, just tell me” said Lynette. I looked at my cousins, they both nodded and told me to go for it “well I sort like someone” I said “I kind of got that honey, tell me, who?” asked
Lynette “your brother” I said “which one? I hope it’s not Jason, he’s too young” said Lynette laughing “Mike” I said causally “OMG aww, that’s so cute, Mikes loves you, Tess, he’s talking about you
all day every day, he hasn’t asked you because he’s chicken” said Susan “aww, this is so cute, so if you get married, we would be sisters but who’s the other guy?” asked Lynette smiling

* That’s so weird, I thought she would be cross with me or something I’m so glad Mikes likes me too

“The other guy is Robert,” I said “wow, a love triangle, you’re so lucky,” said Lynette “where is he?” replied Lynette “he’s dead,” I said causally “oh right oh Tess,” said Lynette giving me a hug
“but he is alive. He’s from 1970” I said quickly “that doesn’t make any sense” said Lynette “we were just saying that” said Olivia and Clara walking towards us “I know it doesn’t make any sense I
know that guys but I’m telling you there is a dead guy living here” I said “well we’re got to find him. What’s his number Tess, text him?” asked Olivia “liv, he’s from 1970” I said laughing “so?”
said Olivia “he won’t have a phone” I replied “oh. Oh I knew that” said, Olivia I looked at her and laughed “let’s go” I said and they all followed me * “How are we meant to find him? What does he
look like? Do you know his name or anything? Tell us everything T” said, Clara

Picturing an image of Robert in my head when someone tapped on my shoulder “hello again” and I turned around and it was Robert “hello” I said “what’s your name?” asked Robert “Tessa Jane Mary
Harriet Harmer” I said proudly “wow that’s a lovely name lady Tessa” said Robert “thank-you” I said half smiling “you are more than welcome my lady. It is a beautiful name for a beautiful lady such
likes yourself” said Robert “thank-you, I want you to meet my friends. They are awesome” I said and we went to the kitchen “guys, this is Robert,” I said. All four girls looked at Robert “Hi
Robert, nice to meet you” said Lynette offering to shake his hand “the pleasure is all mine my lady, what is your name? Guess it’s a beautiful name like you” said Robert kindly “aww well aren’t you
a gentlemen” said Lynette “I’m Lynette Grace Solis” “I told you it would be beautiful” said Robert “thank-you” said Lynette smiling “I didn’t know your middle name was Grace?” I asked

* How could I not know about this?

* “Well you do now, don’t worry” said Lynette smiling. I tried to fake a smile and be agreeable to not worry about not knowing Lynette’s middle name. “I’m Susan, nice to meet you” said Susan
shaking Robert’s hand “the pleasure is all mine my lady. What is your full name?” asked Robert. Susan cleared her throat and we waited “Susan Taylor Isabelle Jessica Solis” said Susan breathing
“that’s such a lovely name and a long one” said Robert and I together smiling “thank you” said Susan “so Robert, you have some explaining to do. What are you doing? Why did you keep disappearing?
Are you a ghost? Are you dead? Why live here? How did you get in here without a key? Do you know Mr Hunter? How do you know Mr Hunter? Are you really from 1970? Or is this a joke?” I said “Woah T,
calm down with the questions!” said Lynette sounding shocked, ignoring her I looked at Robert “well…?” I asked impatiently waiting and looking at Robert “I live here with my younger yet annoying
sister. Because I can’t befriend you, humans. Yes. Yes. Because I died in here. I lived here in the 1970s. Yes, we do. Yes we are from 1970 and no it’s not a joke” said Robert “why can’t you
befriend us?” I asked “we will disappear forever” said Robert “we?” I asked “there’s more of you?” asked Lynette “yes but only I and my sister live here, so you don’t have to look so scared” said
Robert looking at us laughing “sister? Yes we do know Mr Hunter” said Robert “he is our distance grandfather,” he said “oh my god,” I said “I’m sorry my lady, but what do you mean by “oh my god”?”
asked Robert “he’s my uncle, we’re kind of related,” I said “wow,” said Lynette “didn’t see that one coming,” said Susan smiling “so where is your sister? I want to meet her” I said rushing to my
feet “you can’t my lady,” said Robert stopping me “oh why not?” I said “because she’s hidden,” said Robert “where? Why is she hidden?” I asked “because we can’t befriend humans,” said Robert “why?”
I said getting impatient “because we will disappear forever,” said Robert catching up with me “but I don’t get it? Why does she disappear? How could you didn’t disappear?” Lynette and I asked. No
one talked for a few minutes and I was starting to get impatient and Robert looked at me and signed “okay T, I’ll be ten minutes,” said Robert giving me a hug “great,” I said smiling and Robert ran

* 4 hours later, I and the girls were still waiting for Robert, to pass the time, we took lots of pictures. “I bet this is a joke, something to do with Max” I said “who’s Max?” asked Susan “my
annoying younger brother Su” I said “he’s a pain” “and so are you potato head” and I turned around and my little brother (not so little anymore) was standing there with suitcases and bags and a big
grin on his face “What are you doing? I thought you were on tour?” I said sounding annoying yet happy “can’t I come and see my big sister? Is there a law against it?” asked Max giving me a hug “no
of course not, but there’s always a catch,” I said. Max gasped “T, how can you say such a thing?” said Max “because it’s true, there’s always a catch with you. What is it?” I said slightly annoyed
now “well if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve grown up,” said Max “no you haven’t, now what is the catch?” I asked getting angrier by the minute “t, I don’t think there isn’t one” said Lynette
“see” said Max “okay so what are you doing here?” I asked “for your birthday,” said Max sounding so innocent “I didn’t know it was your birthday t, why didn’t you tell me?” asked Lynette “it’s not,
he’s lying,” I said “I’m not, I’m here for your birthday and I am not lying because it’s the 24th April today so it’s the 25th April tomorrow and that’s your birthday,” said Max “well we’re got a
lot of planning to do then,” said Susan “aww what for?” I asked “for your birthday party silly,” said Lynette “aww thank you, okay let’s do this,” I said

Chapter five – Max is back The next afternoon, my cousins, Lynette, Susan, Mike, Max and I were making a cake for my party “so you’re the famous Max then?” asked Max starting a conversation “yes”
said Max causally “what has Tess told you?” asked Max “nothing don’t worry, let’s get the decorations up shall we?” I asked not wanting Max to find out “it’s not nothing, what did she say about
me?” asked Max getting annoying (more than usual) looking at Mike. Mike looked at me I was shaking my head “no please don’t tell him please” I said in my head. Mike looked at Max “nothing mate, I
was kidding. Your sister would never say anything about you without you knowing, would she? She’s far too kind” said Mike smiling at me “thankyou” I said, and I kissed him on the check. I could
tell Max was up to something. But what?

Why did I kiss Mike? Do I have feelings for him? Oh, why did I kiss him? Why are boys so confusing?

* That evening I was pumping up an air bed in the living room for Max when he came over with a cup of coffee “ew gross, you know I hate coffee Max” I said moving away “yeah well it’s funny so shut
up” said Max coming towards me “I knew you hadn’t changed. I know you were the same little kid you always were. You’re the same brat you always were. You’re lucky I’m letting you sleep inside; I
was going to put you outside. All that stuff in front of Mike was so embarrassing. What’s the real reason you’re here? Pfft you came here for my birthday, yeah right?” I said, “you finished?” asked
Max “yep” I said standing up “me? A brat? Tess, you’re the brat. Whatever, I don’t care about your feelings. Oh, cheers T, you’re such a great sister. I am here for your birthday and you don’t
believe me. I could go back home you know. Would that be better? Why don’t you believe me? Sometimes T, you’re so ungraceful” said Max “me?” I asked laughing “I spent my whole life babysitting you”
I said “whatever loser, by the way the air bed isn’t pump up very well” said Max “well if you think you can do a better job of doing it, help yourself” I said and I walked away and went in the

* Grr Max makes me so mad. Why is he really here? Did the boarding school realize he has no talent? Did they kick them out? Did mum and dad get bored of him? So much for living on my own. I knew it
was too good to be true

* “Are you okay?” asked Olivia as I sat down “no not really” I said, “who is he?” asked Clara giving me a hug “my little brother” I said, “no way” said Clara “so that means he’s our older cousin by
2 months?” asked Olivia “yep” I said “but he was so horrible to you. I thought he would be nice” said Clara “yep, he’s always like that. Pfft don’t make me laugh liv. The day Max does something
nice for me is the day I get a boyfriend and believe me that will never happen” I said “but you like Mike? He likes you. You even kissed him? What’s the problem?” asked Clara as she said this.
Robert spoke and Clara’s question was answered “hello ladies” “hello Robert” I said, “and how are you Miss Tess?” asked Robert “I’m pissed off, see you later guys” I said and I got up and got my
coat and went …

* “What does Miss Tess mean?” asked Robert not knowing what I meant “oh she means she’s annoyed. So where did you go last night? I thought we were going to meet your sister?” asked Clara “I am
sorry my ladies” said Robert “it’s fine, we’ll meet her another time yeah? Anyway, we’ve got to go, see you later” said Clara leaving Robert on my own “I told you not to befriend these humans. What
do you do? Befriend these fools!” said the girl “I’m sorry sister, really I am but these humans are interesting” said Robert “yeah okay whatever well I have to befriend them, too don’t I?” said the
girl sounding annoyed “no Harriet?” said Robert “why do you have to meet them?” “because I have to make sure you didn’t tell them anything don’t I?” asked Harriet sounding even more annoyed “you
are might to be the oldest and I have to always sort out your mess don’t i?” said Harriet “well I’m sorry” said Robert “what did you tell them? You didn’t tell them we’re ghosts, don’t you?” asked
Harriet “too late” said Robert “what?” asked Harriet “too late for what brother?” “Too late. He knows everything” said Robert pointing. Harriet turned around and she turned face to face with …

Chapter six – Harriet

Max, Robert and Harriet all started at each other “you must be Max?” asked Robert “erm who’s asking?” asked Max sounding scared “I’m Robert sir. Your sister has a very place here” said Robert “yeah
whatever okay. Who’s the hottie?” asked Max ignoring Robert and looking at Harriet “I’m Harriet” said Harriet walking over and shaking Max’s hand and giggling

* Me and the girls all walked into the living room when we stopped and looked at Max with the girl “who is she? Why is she with Max? Why are they talking? What are they talking about? Why is Max so
red? Why is Robert with them? Is that Max’s girlfriend?” I asked catching my breath “woah T, what’s with all the questions today?” asked Susan “well if people don’t tell me things and what’s going
on than I have to find out, don’t I?” I asked, “I guess but this is Max?” asked Olivia “and?” I asked, “don’t you hate him?” asked Lynette “yes but he’s my baby brother. We take photos together all
the time and posted them on Instagram and Facebook” I said proudly “aww that’s so nice, what’s your username? I’ll follow you” said Susan “it’s my full name but with no spaces” I said “and you know
what my full name is now” I said laughing and we walked over to the boys and Harriet

* “hello ladies” said Robert “this is my little sister Harriet, I told you about” he said “nice to meet you all” said Harriet shaking each of our hands politely “you know my sister? How? When? Why?
Where? Why didn’t you tell me?” asked Max “woah mate, slow down. You’re as bad as T with asking questions today. You’re more alike than you two realize you know” said Susan “the second day I moved
in here, because we bumped into each other, in the kitchen and because you were on tour. Why didn’t you tell me you have a girlfriend?” I asked, “because I don’t?” asked Max “I am sorry Miss Tess
but I think you have the wrong end of the stick, myself and Sir Max only just met” said Harriet “ahh okay that’s alright then” I said “moving on … so how do you know each other?” asked Clara “we
sort of just bumped into each other” said Harriet “aww” said Lynette “you have no idea what is going on do you?” I asked laughing “no not practically” said Lynette and she gave me a hug “what was
that for?” I asked, “just for being you!” said Lynette. I smiled “please can we talk about something else? Plans for your party T?” said Olivia “oh yeah, sure course liv” I said, “what have we done
so far?” I asked, “the cake, the decortications” said Susan “that’s it?” Max asked “oh T, mum and dad are going to come, and this Uncle Ben is coming as well apparently” said Max “oh yay daddy is
coming” said Clara. The look on Max’s face told me he didn’t know who Uncle Ben was.

Well, I don’t know who he is? Maybe Mum can tell us about him?

I looked at Max and mouth word “I’ll explain later” he nodded

* We all spent the rest of the morning, making invitations “do you know who is coming?” I asked looking at Max “yes” said Max “who?” asked Susan. Max got a list of paper out of his pocket “mum,
dad, an uncle ben? Ben, Grace, Meg, Me, Susan, Lynette, Jason, Olivia, Clara, Gabi, Bree, Mike, Robert and Harriet” said Max “wow, yay Grace and Meg are coming” I said happily “who’s Meg and
Grace?” asked Mike “my best friends back home” I said proudly “aw I can’t wait to meet them” said Susan “me too” said Lynette. I smiled “so what should we put on the invitations?” asked Lynette
“who’s it too? Where the party is? When it is? What time the party starts and ends?” said Max looking at me “okay” I said starting to write one. It said: To Meg, You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s
19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then Love Tess

I showed it to Lynette “Perfect, aww I’m so excited” said Lynette “me too” I said hugging her “so do you want me to do the others Maxie?” I asked “yes dumb head” said Max laughing. I smiled

To Grace, You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be
served at 5pm. Hope to see you then Love Tess

I did this for 14 times

* To Mum (I did Mum’s separate to dad’s) You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to
11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then Love Tess

To Dad, You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be
served at 5pm. Hope to see you then Love Tess

I also did the Solis’ kids and their mother separate To Lynette, You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th
April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then Love Tess

To Bree and Gabbi, You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food
will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then Love Tess

To Mike, You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be
served at 5pm. Hope to see you then Love Tess

To Harriet and Robert (as you cannot be seen by the other guests, I suggested you spend time with me before the party) You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn
in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then Love Tess

To Jason You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birt Read Chapter

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