spitfire : my untold story

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

"spitfire" is a fictional story, it's based on a character named spitfire who, indeed messes his life up at a very early age of 20!

but his best friend and future partner save his life in an ever so exhausting survival against the world as we know it, adam lambert is his father who becomes very abusive (for the record, adam lambert is my idol, i love that man and of course, all this is very fake, nothing personal!!!!!)

but other than that, it's a tear-jerker, heart warmer,???????????? hold on to your seats!!!!!!

cover art by : @voidofus

Table of Contents

The day it all started

The nickname Spitfire,

he had received it by his adoptive father at a very young age, and over the years, Spitfire has grown to love that fierce nickname that he continuously lived up to.

Spitfires Adoptive father Adam'

more commonly known as Adam lambert, found Spitfire abandoned at only three weeks old, newborn

Adam had no choice but to bring that child home to his brother's residence

It was a hot, sunshiny day when Adam had spotted what looked like a baby child, wrapped up in a blanket setting in some swamp grass on the bank of a small lake.

He had mocha brown hair, deep brown eyes, and the sweetest laugh you'd ever imagine.

Adam cautiously wandered slowly over to the crying baby.

"Shhhh, shush now lad, it's ok!" Adam said quietly, looking frantically for the mother, but no one was around.

"where's your Mom? little one!" Adam asks softly,

trying to not disturb this little boy.

For the rest of the day,

Adam adventured miles from where the baby was found with the little child on his side,

but no sign of his mom anywhere.

Hours and hours later, the sun was starting to go down,

and Adam made his way to his brother's home.

This house was enormous, almost castle-like,

Adam had moved in with his brother a year or two ago,

his brother Buddy had children of his own, quite a few to be exact,

but Adam just never felt the need to settle down and start a family since he was so famous and busy with touring.

Adams unidentical twin brother Buddy was fearful for this new baby Adam brought into his house,

but as Adam explained that the mom has disappeared,

and this little one could very well be abandoned.

Buddy the 1st, and the rest of his family that lived in his giant house agreed that the child can stay until they find his mother.


Adam bounced this baby boy on his knee,

ever since he found him,

Adam has been devoted to taking care of him, and yes..... being a father figure for now.

"Here's some milk," Adam says calmly, and this little boy of only 3 weeks loved to eat.

"I see he's adjusting well," Cousin Grey says, leaning against the outside Piller as Adam held the baby on a chair on the porch,

Cousin grey was introduced to the family by a guitar player of Adams,

it was his cousin,

and Adam loved having someone of an older age around to help with the children and family.

Buddy's house was more of a roof over your head when there's nothing else for you to do

it was a home for everyone,

No matter the skin color or what title you wanted to classify as,

you were welcomed there.

"He is doing well,

swear he's already grown" Adam smiles.

"Yeah, he's growing, Adam, kids grow like wildfire." Cousin grey says with a smile.

Cousin Grey was an old-timer potato farmer from Idaho,

and his heart was the size of the whole state.

"Don't they though!."

Adam smirks looking deep into this little boy's eyes.

"Does he have a name?" Cousin grey asked.

"Hmmm ahhh," Adam says negatively.

"No, No name yet, There was nothing on him, No name tag, or letter."

"Well..... hopefully, his mom will come around and find our house, we put out search warrants for her, information about this mysterious child, we're trying Adam, but nothing so far, " Cousin grey
says concerned.

"W-what if she doesn't return?" Adam asked with a small stutter.

"We won't worry bout that at the moment" Cousin Grey nods

"I understand your concern though, worst come to worse, we will take care of this little boy for however long we decide."

Adam nods with a small smile,

Adams spirit started to open up, and have feelings for this baby,

The days sped by flying including the weeks,

no sign of the mother.


"Whos A good boy?" Adam giggles playing with the child's little toes

"You need a name, tiny one, don't you?"

Adam became obsessed with this child, he loved him so very much, spending Three weeks already together was all it took, Adam fell in love with this little boy, and it showed how much he cared.

"Ohhhhhhh Adam...." His cousin Fancy or Francis Olivia Conners screamed.

her loud voice echoed through the house.

"What now?" Adam shouted, peeking his head out of his bedroom door.

"Ohhhh Adam.... we need you." Fancy screamed again.

Adams's heart jumped in his throat, pounding

he was almost scared that maybe they found the boy's mom,

Taking a deep breath, Adam picked up the child and headed downstairs.

"What is it?" Adam asked

"Well... Adam..." Cousin grey started

"They found the mom, didn't they?" Adam frowned before cousin grey could finish.

Fancy's, face changed and looked towards Cousin grey with a slight smile.

Adam stood in silence.

Cousin Grey walked over to Adam, placing a hand on his shoulder, Adam made eye contact but didn't say anything.

"A-Adam, They haven't heard from the biological mother" Cousin grey says slowly "The local authorities believe" Cousin grey paused watching Adams face "Well... Adam... they think that the mom is

Adam looked slightly down at the baby while he is holding him tightly

"Dead huh?" Adam asks

"Yep... Dead... it's been four weeks, and nothing,

The police cannot locate her." Cousin grey says.

"Sooooooo..." Buddy the 1st smiles "We're thinking of letting you raise him." he smiles with a chuckle.

"It's a boy Ada-" Buddy the 1st went to say.

"Shush..." Adam says putting his hand up, "I'm not going to put myself in a father's role, and then all of a sudden, this poor child's Mom, decides to come back from the dead and take him from me,
right?" He asked

"Of course not Adam." Cousin grey reassured him

"This little boy was abandoned if No one claims him at a year... Then, Adam... you can adopt him."

Adam nods, This all happened so quickly, Adams's head felt like a whirlwinds storm, but nothing made him more excited but this news.
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