How does it feel to crawl to survive while someone is crouched on your back?  It's ironic when you finally realize that you are used to such situations, where strangely the dominating person ignores others completely, and the dominated person adapts to situation that will eat him away. 
It's ludicrous to think about how reality goes where one is enough to keep another line of people under the soles of one's foot.  The amount of power determines the position, maybe;  but it doesn't feel right at all in this case.  So what ?  Bravery ?  The measure of everyone's courage will push each other until one of them is pushed.  Or maybe it's a matter of responsibility - bondage of responsibility to others weakens one's position to dominate.  Fear of disorder that follows successive problems.  Excessive tolerance and tendency to behave as a proper being end up as a masochistic act.  Empathy, manners, social norms, maintaining relationships, petty ideals about peace;  perhaps one of them is a whip used by the dominating ones.  Naturally there is a choice, one has several choices that one can take in terms of determining the position, the behaviour, to dominate or to be dominated.  However, after all, every human being is born with someone standing on top of him, someone holding the reins around his neck.  Freedom in the end is just a pseudo-grassland across the abyss.


Submitted: November 20, 2021

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