Yet another movie! And this one explain why my life entirely sucked! And how, I hope, I repaired some of the horror with the help of a Dynamic Warrior Angel.

Eckankar - The Lighter Side of The Devil


By Alexander Guinevere Kern




I woke up in the middle of the night, with some Being screaming, “Don’t Kill Me!”


My entire bedroom was flooded with violet light - the entire room.


Despite all of my outrageous, ambitious, frightening, informative and stunning Spiritual contacts and even outright miracle experiences, I have never beheld even the Light of Angelics or Light Beings.  Other people have. No such for me. I can see Dark Beings and by that time, they have hauled me out of body.  High Angelics HAVE worked on my energy, comforted me, hugged and patted me and talked to me, telepathically. But I cannot see their Light frequencies.


I used to enjoy the vibrant and colorful imagery of my own imagination, which I used in my art and writing. I could “picture” entire scenes in my mind as I was writing them. Since the nightmare at my former home, I have no “Mind’s Eye” which shows any colors. Stewart Swerdlow teaches how to perform Healings with various color frequencies and archetypes. I can TRY to create the image in my Mind’s Eye necessary for the Healing, but the color quickly vanishes. I don’t have an idea what to do about it. For an artist, this is highly distressing.


Well - I beheld that Violet color, that is for sure.


The evening before I read some literature I requested from Eckankar, since I found their ad online rather intriguing. Any spiritual intel which could be useful, I am going to research.  So - as I was reading, an entire “little movie” began to lay out and I could not make sense of the story or what it had to do with me. The persons and beings seemed mighty familiar to me. As we now know, I have a twin or two bodies used by one or even two different Beings. Supposedly this is not allowed, but there it IS. I proved this beyond all doubt.


Meanwhile I read the little books sent by someone at Eckankar and tried to chant the name of Hu which other religions will assert is the Name of God - as well as listening to the recording on their website. What harm could there be in that?


I fell asleep and woke up to see my entire room a solid violet color. All of it. Every article and item.


Finally I returned to my slumber, as nothing happened.


This morning I performed some research on Eckankar.  My memories verified for me that SOME Being, perhaps even My own Soul, had been one of their Members or studied with them in some other life.


Mind you, I DETEST the idea of Incarnation and I hate the words “In another Life.”


But Souls do it, and a sad, disturbing Truth is still true.”


I saw and “remembered” that this Being was enthusiastic about the traditions and meditations and beliefs of that particular “religion.”  Spiritual tradition??


Right away I got the big, ugly picture when I saw my Being was taught how to astral travel, that she met “Spirit Guides” and “Masters” during various “Initiations.” She walked with them and learned from them in a number of planes outside of the Earth Plane. The Eckankar booklet clearly states they teach their students how to eject their Spirits from their Earthly form and enter into the Astral and other planes. The books made all of this out of body adventuring as something positive for the Soul and its development back to the Realm of God.


Miss Kern has told you and will now repeat: NEVER do this.  There’s dangerous Beings out there. Eckankar’s students are being deceived. Period. They have to pay money every year and while there is a compassionate and caring atmosphere to their experiences in the body, teaching someone to go out of body and astral project their spirits is a technique LONG used by witches, warlocks, Occult practitioners and many other inquisitive folks.  Don’t go there alone.  Don’t go there, period.


Their “Spirit Guides” are all demons. Believe me. No matter how “nice,” they are enjoying your visit to Satan’s playground. The student’s experiences may seem happy or pleasurable. Yet the participants are taught that their Initiations will take place while they are sleeping and they might not remember them.


Oh, I’m SURE about that.


The student may have one particular Spirit Guide who will instruct them in whatever spiritual matter they find the student needs. And on the Eckankar site there are drawings of some of the “Teachers.” What do you know? Some of them are the very same “Instructors” shown on plenty of New Age websites!


They are ALL DEMONS.


Now the Eckankar faculty and members believe that Harold Klemp is the most revered Spiritual Master in the entire world.  Most have never seen him, but they must think about him and have his photo around them and gaze into his eyes, share their thoughts with them, etc. More on that later.


Harold Klempt is their Living Eck Master, their Spirit Guide of all Spirit Guides.  You can read about him yourself on their website.  “Sri Harold Klemp is the M????, the Living ECK Master and spiritual leader of Eckankar.” 


He’s their guru, essentially.


Now here is what I “remember” and likely the reason I am living the same “Life”twice, even though I never knew there was a FIRST run of this outrage.


What all of the pro-Eck posters on Quora and other platforms do not seem to UNDERSTAND, is that once you are bound to a Demon Astral or Demon “Teacher” or Demon Otherwise, there are contracts signed and emotions entwined and energies embedded along with programs, which might bind the two together for eternity. Your Soul may have signed them and meant to return in other Lives for more “Instruction.”  Your Programming will lead you to seek out those ads for Eckankar and be intrigued enough to ask for the booklets.


And then, they Gotcha!


But YOU, the Eckist student, will not know one thing about THAT, as your Initiations occurred while you were sleeping!  I  have not read one single article by an Eckist member which plainly states they are worshipping and being taught by demons. But that is what they are doing, knowingly or unknowingly. I recall being completely aware and taken to meet one of these Eck Masters in the Astral in that Life.


I won’t get into who was the Original Eck Master, as I am going to post a link for you to read a well researched document which explains everyone and everything. However, those wonderful authors did not research in other places where truth is also to be found regarding their Living Eck Master, Harold Klemp.


I searched and found that Harold, the Unseen, but Very Much Alive Klemp has a Corporation! It is located in Menlo Park, CA, just like Facebook’s Headquarters are! 6669 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028


And his Corporation does not have to pay any taxes, because it is a “religion.”


Except it ISN’T.  Imagine the Holdings of this Living Eck Master including stuff to do with the Mormon Church! <—- LDS Living magazine!  Or that they own The Globe, Daily Mail, or Southern Living, or Cole Hahn Shoes, or all sorts of stocks and dear God ALMIGHTY, a retail store on, Dong, a South Korean Corporation, Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living mag., an eyewear company, A Whisky, Gin, Rum Company, DIS Disney Forum, (!) And on and on and on!  All under the below, most of which should NOT be “tax-exempt.”


The Living Eck Master and His Successors, A Corporation Sole means the corporation of the same name currently recognised by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit religious organisation and church under United States Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).


And he’s teaching about the Light and Sound of God.


Which god employs DEMONS as teachers?


As the Greek Scriptures plainly called it: satan’s world.


Eckists will cry that they love their church and they were never taught by demons. It’s all Love and Light and getting to know God.


Then they don’t know demons. The word daimon used to mean Wise One. You can still conjure up some of the really old ones who will teach you about Alchemy, however useless that knowledge is today.


Here is the chief issue, after which statement I will turn you over to these two authors, who can give you the seamy unsavory history on the past three Eck Masters and what they really were and are. And STILL, they did not catch the following:


What happened to my Being, is that once her body DIED, she was beholden emotionally and physically as a Being to her Demon Instructor.  It appears he was in a foul and Dark Mood, for she was plonked into my innocent Human body and slammed into a dreadful Movie/Game/Lesson Plan which nearly killed me until it ultimately DID. Her Past Life with those Eck Monsters guaranteed she would repeatedly serve Satan or one of his satans in some utterly degrading, horrifying, heart-breaking, humiliating, demonic Life, wherein she would use a currently installed Light Being to serve up Satan’s little boogers “Light Energy” when they stopped by. Satan directs his little and his BIG Demons to human beings carrying Beings of Extraordinary Light Power, so as to feed his asshat devils with the attached demon student attending. Such is what happened to me. I was also later assigned as a Medical Testing Subject and finally, an Experimental Subject. Souls don’t die. Miss Kern did.


My Near Death Experience told all. And I am here to tell you, there are a number of “religions” which serve Lucifer at the top level. The members never know.


I studied Satanism from a site online run by a very articulate witch. I wanted to know how they did, what they did to me. I learned very skill she taught. It was the first time I understood what energy was and why I did not have any!


What Satan taught her, Eck Master Harold and his clueless faculty is teaching his members.


Eckankar is one of Satan’s more agreeable Manifestations.  But you will pay and pay and pay, once one of his Demons has your Soul in thrall to all the exciting talents a Soul can learn!


Once I watched this “Life Movie” I realized what happened and made sure to CANCEL any contractural agreements my Being had made with ANY Beings or Entities not of the Light of Christ, across all space and time, across the Quantum Board. I don’t want her crap Karma, Eckist Dogma, pooping all over my life any more than it already has! She did not even really owe Karma, she just had to do what he told her to do! That’s a Demon Teacher for you.


Incidentally, get THIS! That Master Eck Teacher is the very same CLOD, who, as an Occult Master in this very life, decided to steal my novel, and, as a person who can astrally project his Soul Mind, was “watching” me all the time, trying to live my godawful Human Life, because my Soul Being was his STUDENT!


That nosey, creepy, skeevy Peeping Tom - all puffed up with pride over his own human accomplishments, whilst manipulating my Form and Soul to do as he “just wanted” her to do!

Earth is NOT a safe and very okay place to play, Source! And how many OTHER women was this Very Human Occult Practitioner able to spy on from the Astral when he was Out Of His Body and Mind???


Yanno, my Dears, any Soul can do that. Spy on us. Spy on their friends.  Some Remotes Viewers and ALL SOULS can spy on us and see what we own and let their human criminals know the particulars so they can rob us!  And we never know they are spying on us clairvoyantly!


They ask their Astral buddies to torment us. And Occult Masters essentially send demons and Lower Astral scum to torment us, too!  They WANT OUR LIGHT ENERGY. And that is how he PAYS them to harass us!


Source? Comments?  Love and Light? All Souls are LOVE?  You forgave him (and my SOUL forgave him!!!!)  because “He just wanted to?”  Any excuse will do because you all are Immortal and five seconds later in a place of no Time and no Space you’ve already forgotten his egregious, illegal and inhumane behavior toward an Innocent Woman Earth Being, right?


Source, take all of your “children” and leave. We have a better God who can run this planet and none of your Astrals and Witches, Warlocks, Sorcerers and Occult Magic practicing priests and priestesses will be ALLOWED to be incarnating on our planet!


So here is a well done article about Eckankar. I found it fascinating!


This is a Free Download!   And let the real God set you free:


Love, Guinevere, Apparently Former Eckist now Exorcist


Submitted: November 21, 2021

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