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Vincent glares at Leon when he starts clearing his throat. He is already hours late to see Miv, and if this old man is about to start, that time will only extend.

“Your Majesty. I have 1 thing that I’d like to discuss.”.


“Thank you, your Majesty. I think it’s time we cover the future of the throne.”.

Those words quickly gain the attention of the entire royal family.

“It’s almost comical how they all heard that...all except for...that damned woman.”……….

Evangelina straightens her posture. This is a welcome subject. If she can finally get Vincent to pick Oliver or Olivia, it would avoid the fallout she’s expecting. “I agree.”.

Vincent’s annoyance is now shifting to irritation. As his eyes roam the room, he can see all minus the drunk next to him, eager to discuss this topic. He doesn’t want to talk about this now or at any time. This argument will stretch out too long, causing him to be delayed further. Vincent scrambles for a way out before an idea then comes to mind. If he stays silent through this discussion, perhaps it won’t get dragged out. Deciding this is a good plan, Vincent nods to himself.

Seeing Vincent nodding, the room takes this as his go-ahead.

An official jumps at the chance before the King changes his mind. “Your Majesty, we would like to speak on the interest of the marriage of the 3rd Princess.”………..

The room’s temperature suddenly shoots up as heat, ice, and electricity leak from members of the royal family. The tension subtly wakes Annette from her sleep.

Vincent rocks in his seat, unbelieving that they have the fucking nerve! Internally, he talks himself down from reacting. He has made a plan, but just them mentioning Miv pisses him off! What balls have these people suddenly grown! Sure he hasn’t killed as much lately, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t disintegrate everyone in this room!

Victoria doesn’t understand why Vincent hasn’t shut this down yet. That official who spoke should be dead by now…she feels something else is at play when her eyes land on Leon. “Why would we need to discuss that?”.

The heat leaking from the royal family has terrified the officials. On some level, they know what their King is capable of, but his children have always behaved in complementary manners. The group is rendered speechless, so they’re pacing their hopes on Leon.

“She is 20 years old and way past the age of marriage.”.

Oliver can immediately tell where this is going. He glares at Leon. “She is sickly. What good would it do to marry her off?”. The older man merely glances his way, but Oliver knows that rebuttal is coming.

“To secure the throne.”.

It’s no secret that Leon doesn’t support any of them, and his pull over the country makes him hard to ignore. Oliver glances at his Mother. It’s awfully strange for him to be bringing this up now.

“You have 4 candidates right here. Why would you bring that ghost out?”. Olivia grinds her teeth. She hates the dried raisin of a man with every fiber of her being and doesn’t understand his obsession with that annoying sibling she wishes never existed. She never could get why her Mother won’t just let her get rid of the man!

“I think it’s clear all of them ha” –

Can you stop interrupting! We’ll get to you in a minute!


Leon lets his eyes fall on Olivia, who seems close to erupting. This proves his point exactly. “If that were the case, then I wouldn’t be mentioning a thing.”.

Those words hit the royal family hard.

Frederick’s hand on Olivia’s arm is the only reason she hasn’t flown across the room and set the infuriating man on fire.

Vincent is nearly shaking at this point, but he has to stick to his plan, though killing them all is looking better by the second.

Landon didn’t want to be involved with this, but Leon’s blow landed on his Mother. Unacceptable. “Advisor Leon, remember your place.”.

“As long as you all remember yours.”.

Evangelina is on her feet in a heartbeat. This man usually pushed their buttons, but for some reason, he’s laying it on thick today. “Advisor Leon, Prince Oliver, and Princess Olivia are children of the Royal Concubine favored by the King. Show some respect.”.

Victoria can just about keep her glare from showing. Evangelina will always find a way to undermine her and her children. The woman is delusional if she thinks Vincent won’t kill her. Regardless of the matter, something else entirely is going on. Leon is speaking too abrasive, and none of the officials seem to be backing down. When her eye’s cut to the electric current building around Vincent, Victoria is sure this discussion is about to come to an end.

“Regardless of Queen Annette’s behavior, she is our Queen! Royal blood in her veins flows in the 3rd Princesses!”.

Evangelina, Victoria, Oliver, Olivia, and Landon glare at the official’s outburst.

Beatrice merely smiles at the scene. She knows none of them can respond because Official Douglas speaks the truth. Beatrice understands her angle, but Official Douglas doesn’t seem to understand the game she’s been swept into. Her Mother informed her of a plan in the works to deal with the King, and yet Leon is here making a play right in front of everyone. Father is sparking, but the old Advisor doesn’t seem fearful. This is interesting. He knows something he shouldn’t.

“Shut up, all of you! Anyone else speaks of my precious Daughter again, death will greet you.”.

At least ten seconds of silence followed Vincent’s menacing voice.

Leon waits out the family, knowing if he or anyone else spoke now, they’d be killed on the spot. He was hoping Olivia would have spoken up, but she’s seething, glaring at him.

“King Vincent! We don’t even know her” –

Vincent fires a lightning bolt at Oliver, who narrowly dodges as Evangelina rushes to Vincent.

“Your Majesty, please, he knows he was wrong.”.

Vincent lets out a breath turning his gaze to Leon. “I’ve told you before. No 1 in this world will lay a finger on my precious Daughter.”.

“Vincent, stop being stubborn! We both are old in age. How much longer do you think you can protect her?”.

All the yelling has fully awakened Annette, and as she sips from the glass of her favorite wine, she wonders if she should just erase everyone in the room. Whatever that snake is planning, she will not let him have his way this time. If she outright attacks, then that would fall back on her family. It is a shame she has to wait for him and anyone else to make their move. Blue eyes lock with Annette’s...why is that old man looking at her. “What?!”.

“You know, by right, she is next in line.”.

Vincent twitches at this, moving his eyes back to Leon. The support from those kneeling before him speaks volumes. Leon planned this.

“She is the youngest of us!”.

“And has never done any training.”.

Leon completely ignores Oliver and Olivia, keeping his eyes trained on Vincent. “I’m proposing, your majesty King, a way to keep her protected.”.

Evangelina, Victoria, Olivia, Oliver, and Landon are boiling at this point since what Leon speaks, is the truth.

Evangelina can see that child will be an issue once Vincent is gone. She catches Victoria’s eye, telling her just as much.

Vincent glances over his family, feeling the shift in the room.

“I can feel their murderous intentions. That daughter of yours will not last long.”.

Some of the officials are stunned by Annette, but Leon isn’t surprised. He hasn’t known her to care about anything other than the glass in her hand. Even before...she rebelled, Annette didn’t have a single attachment to anything...other than fighting. Leon knows that’s genetic. It’s one of the many traits that run through the veins of that monstrous Moon family.

“...She is your daughter, your Highness!?”.

Annette moves her eyes to the confused official. What is it he expects her to feel? “I have never seen that child.”. She pulls at her curly long dark red hair, returning her eyes to her cup. The color of her hair, matched with her low eyelid green eyes and freckled skin, paints the attractive side of her appearance. Annette has the Moon stature, which is defined as height and muscles.

Hearing her voice has Evangelina shaking in rage. That drunk will be next, and everything will be right in the world.

Oliver and Olivia share a glance before moving down to their mother. If she set off Queen Annette, things would turn deadly for them all. Whatever angle Leon is at, those 2 have to place it second, focusing on getting their mother to calm down first.

Leon hasn’t moved his eyes from Vincent, watching the internal battle he’s having. He prays to himself that his words won Vincent over because it’ll make things easier in the future. Leon believes that child will be his key to restoring this country.

Vincent isn’t sure how to handle what he just felt. If he dies, his Miv will get targeted by these people. She hasn’t done anything but exist...he can’t stand this. One minute they didn’t want her, and now they want to use her...rage flairs in his eyes. Vincent thought if she stayed hidden, then the throne would never reach her. This sudden interest in her...marital status had to come from somewhere. If she had been 18, it would be the appropriate time for this conversation, but they are 2 years too late. Miv’s future is at risk...and his only solution is her Mother.

Annette may be good for nothing but her family...that blood would be enough to secure Miv’s safety. Would they look after her? In some ways, Vincent feels Annette cares for her own daughter. He knows her feelings surrounding Miv birth and feels that’s what kept her away, but she’s worst than him when it comes to dealing with others. Annette could very well not care, then where would that leave Miv…….

Vincent’s only other option comes to mind. He has to kill them. His eyes move between Victoria and Evangelina. He’ll have to get them out of the way before he can handle his kids. The weaker officials are forced flat to the ground when he releases his pressure.

Mixed emotions spread around the royal family as they fight against it. They can tell he wants them dead, but they won’t let him have it easy.

The room is about to turn into a battlefield, and Leon hides a smile seeing Vincent’s behavior. It has been 20 years since he’s gotten through to his King. He could possibly get Vincent back under his control with this.

“Old man, once you finally die, I will take her back with me.”……..

Annette annoyingly ushers for an attendant, but they aren’t able to move because of the pressure. Leon sighs, watching the woman unaffected by the magic. He’s about to lose to a Moon of all things! Patients. It has gotten him this far...he won’t let things just end here.

Vincent lifts his pressure directing his anger to Annette. He wouldn’t have had that breakdown if she’d spoken up from the start! Annette sips from her full glass when it arrives...Vincent snatches her up, making sure they’re face to face. “Why didn’t you say that 1st?!!!”.

The entire room emptied out the moment Vincent touched her.

Annette’s face is blank as she processes the fact that her wine has spilled. Her brain slowly replays from the previous to the current event of why it happened....... “Are you touching me?”.

The chill in her voice causes Vincent to freeze….. He is, in fact, touching her. It was...impulsively. Vincent slowly lowers her back to the ground, smoothing out her jumpsuit. He doesn’t want to fight, but as they stare at each other...he can see it coming.

The room explodes as Annette snaps.

Submitted: November 21, 2021

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