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The sun...the morning version of it of all things is what wakes me. I groan and roll onto my side, shying away from it. Part of the roof is lying around me, meaning I crashed landed at some point through the night...and survived. Hopefully, I won’t feel any pain later...I cough.

My throat is so fucking dry, almost like I’m hungover or something. I’ll admit it’s been years since I had a coughing spell like that, but my body...why do I have this tremor!? The gashes along my arm...aren’t leaking anymore, but before I can check the cuts under my shirt, this loud groan echoes out over the room. What the fuck was that?

I roll to my knees, crawling to the largest king-size bed I’ve ever seen, pulling myself up. So much for not feeling any pain...I’m fucking hurting, aching, throbbing, inside and out...whatever else name it. My entire body freezes. A red-haired woman has pulled up on the opposite side of the grip on the mattress tightens. She mirrors my expression and looks alarmingly close to me. Our eyes scan each other faces, then the hole in the ceiling, then back to each other....….. Something inside me is –

“Your Majesty, your food has arrived.”.

That voice came from behind me...sounded like a door or something was in the way...I can’t move my eyes away.

“Hide.”. She stands, flipping the bed’s blanket up over me.

Why is my heart racing like crazy?! The moment I met her eyes...what the hell is this!? I clench hard to get my emotions in check. I’m too fucking excited and don’t know why! It’s agitating that pain I’ve been trying my hardest to ignore...why am I suddenly annoyed!? Like, way past the mild level of annoyance. I listen as the servant comes in and leaves without a word. The blanket snatches off me, and I’m greeted with a furious gaze. Any way you look at it, this woman resembles me.

“Why are you here?!!!”.

I’m not sure how to answer her, but I ignore this little temper of hers. It wasn’t done purposely...I’m distracted...she is fucking massive! She looks close to 7ft tall but not oddly disproportionate. The length of her arms and legs look so natural, and I suspect muscle under that plain jumpsuit. I drag my eyes away from her, pulling myself up on the bed. It takes a bit of effort, 1 in which she doesn’t move to help! “I don’t know there was a fire then I was here.”. I sit on the bed as she groans, moving over to a minibar.

As I watch her from the other side of the room, I’m hit with annoyance...again. She gulps down wine/alcohol like it’s my throat knot, and I ease over, eyeing her collection. It’s been years since I’ve had a drink. For some reason, Vincent made sure Ezra wouldn’t serve me any, something about preventing genetic something...hell if I knew what that meant. Back in life 1, I drank frequently but wasn’t addicted. Believe it or not, the stuff helped to mellow me out...a little.

“Why are you touching my stuff?”…....

Her hostility is fucking startling. Those snapped words have me tilting my head back to look up at her...she’s fucking tall. A bottle of something...the names aren’t anything I recognize, but the smell is similar to gin, is already on my lips, filling my throat with that burn I’ve missed. I gulp down a few swallows before taking a breather. She’s looking at me a little more pissed than 10 seconds ago. “I lost my home, Father, and only friend in 1 night. I need a damn drink.”.

She chugs from her bottle as those green eyes stay on me. They dart to the visible cuts along my arms and hands, but she doesn’t make a comment. The smell of her stomach snarls.

She pulls the bottle away from her lips, glaring like I already touched her food. “If you like poison, be my guest.”.

Wh...why would her food be poisoned? “I’ll pass.”. The smell still makes me lick my lips…I know this metal taste. I ball up my face when I glance down at my appearance. The rag I usually carry to catch the blood was of no use last night. Aside from that, my injuries have stained my jumpsuit. Bloodstain and grimy, just perfect.

The woman/this body’s mother...maybe, moves to a chair, resting her head on her hand, leaning against the armrest. We are bonded...I felt that straight away, but I’m definitely drawn to her...differently than with Vincent. A few minutes pass of us...just watching each other...and drinking.

“You have been near the castle this entire time?”.

She finally sounds calm. “Yes...somewhere.”. I swig from my bottle.

“Are you sure that old man is dead?”.

I’m guessing she’s referring to Vincent. I do notice the huge, and I mean huge, difference of age between them...if she’s this body’s mother. Vincent didn’t look what...65 like he would have back in life 1. None of that wrinkled skin gray hair crap, but physically he looked like a grown man, but my eyes could tell differently. It’s like, age ranges can be seen with just a glance. This woman is closer to Ezra’s age than Vincent, and he favored my doctors.

“His voice...came to me last night…….”. I trail off, regaining control of my emotions. Those tremors or internal pain haven’t let up one bit...fuck this is hard.

“That makes things tricky.”.

I agree. I don’t know anyone in this world, and someone actually tried to fucking kill me last night. What the hell did I do to anyone?! “Who are you?”. I want confirmation from her more so than anything. She shifts her eyes to me, and they’re saying I already know, but she feels reluctant to say it out loud.

“Annette Moon-Lux.”.


“That is the 1 thing that old man told you?”. Annette rests against the chair, keeping her eyes on me.

Fuck…. “Only that Moon is family, and I should go to them.”. Ezra...must have somehow sent me to her.

“That is why this is tricky. Those desperate women had me confined to this room.”. My eyes travel the room, giving me the impression that she holds a powerful position. Everything is luxurious and shiny, like...royalty level. It’s small, yes, but least to me. “It is fine. They can not kill me. This is the best they can do. If they find you are here, things will change.”.

I watch Annette move around, gathering up some clothes and towels. “They?”. She flinches, becoming visibly agitated…I felt it too.

“We are going to the bath. Keep your head covered until I say otherwise.”.

I catch the long rob she throws at me, covering myself before following her out.

Ah, the great outdoors. The sun is already bright as hell for it being morning, not a cloud in sight, but it’s not miserably warm. I can hear birds chirping and some chatter lifting into the air. It also sounds like a few fountains may be around here somewhere.

Ah, this warm sun on my skin is something I don’t fucking miss. I’ve never been the outdoor...sunny type of person. The night was my time of day, regardless of how much trouble I landed myself in. In those pre-18 years, I ran with the wrong crowd...and hurt quite a few people. I tried to atone for it in my later years, but that didn’t go well. Destruction of property is at least better than assault charges. I shake my head, returning to the present.

This is my first time seeing the actual castle grounds...and everything is...made of stone. Nothing but stoned pavements, buildings, and statues cover the place without a patch of grass in sight. It looks like it stretches out for miles...reminds me of Rome. I’ve never been, but scouring through pictures of the world was a sad little interest of mine. We end up in a smaller building where Annette dismisses all the servants.

“Get undressed.”.

I do and follow her into a large bath. This room definitely reminds me of an indoor Roman bath. The place is tranquil, yet sitting in this gigantic steaming pool of water should be relaxing me, right? I can’t quite get into the relaxing mood. Annette’s body...she guess was fucking right. Her muscles are fucking perfect...she looks like a god or something. Mines used to look good too, but her damn abs –

I fight to control the excitement rushing through me. Vincent...was calming to me, but she’s the complete opposite. I can’t tell if she’s feeling anything...she’s sort of hard to read. I need to distract myself...this excitement isn’t going away. “No showers?”.

“Some here are old-fashioned.”. Annette reclines in the water, resting against the edge of the pool.

I relax as much as I can since I’m still slightly shaking. It’s not as bad as I was, but enough to make the water ripple around me. I...don’t have any aches externally, but some cuts are still present. They’ve healed to the point of a scab...people must heal faster in this world. Emotions spewing from Annette capture my attention. She’s biting her lip, looking lost in thought, and I can feel she’s bothered by my presence. It’s like she’s welcoming of me but is unsure.

“This has been all wrong.”.

“Can you tell me?”.

Annette tilts her head back, staring up at the ceiling. “That old man left the castle yesterday heading for a peace conference in Dangr. He should have arrived tomorrow night.”. She falls silent again, thinking once more. I don’t know how that answered my question, but okay. “We have a lot of enemies. Right now, those Concubines and your half-siblings are our priority. Since no 1 has said anything about that old man yet, keep that to yourself.”. Annette stands, strolling out of the bath…..

I...didn’t wash or anything, yet I have this...lavender scent radiating off me. I look down at the seems normal. My arms...and stomach scabs are nearly gone... a weird ass place. Showers were what I had...there must be something –

I shake my head, rushing to catch up with Annette. Those high-quality jumpsuits are present in the dressing room, but Annette disregards them for that plain one. It’s similar to a simple military 1 piece. For me...I have a pair of jeans and a shirt...of her size. The shit is baggy on me. I notice a little smirk on her lips…who the fuck wants to wear this giant’s clothes. “Why can’t I get something smaller?”.

Annette’s fucking smirk grows. “It would be suspicious if I asked for something smaller.”. She gestures to the baggy shit I’m wearing. Do you know how many times I had to roll up a sleeve or pant leg! “This is the smallest I have. Deal with it.”. somehow finding this entertaining! It irritates me...but I bite back a remark as we head back to I don’t know what to call that tiny room, detached from everything! Once we arrive, those siblings come to mind. I...never had any, and I can’t say I ever really wanted them before or now. It feels strange that I didn’t know they existed. I figured I had uncles, aunts, and cousins, but siblings..... Vincent never discussed anyone with me, but the way Annette says it…they aren’t friendly. I’m not sure how to deal with this. I have actual...maybe brothers and sisters….

Annette opens a cabinet revealing weapons, and my eyes sparkle at all the different blades. “Pick 1. We are about to go see someone.”.

I glide to the cabinet as she moves to the other side of the room. My eyes dart from blade to blade, but something similar to a knife is what I’m hoping for. I didn’t discriminate when it came to learning martial arts, but the more aggressive styles stuck. Street fighting is where I picked up my knack for knives...or any weapon for that matter. I...was a very...savage kid. A pair of daggers and a small ax seems like my choice. I grin, hiding the blades underneath my clothes and hanging the ax from my side pant belt loop.

Annette throws me a hoodie once I’m done. I frown at her holding it up. “It’s hot out there. I’ll fucking roast in this thing.”. She rolls her eyes and then tosses me an old hooded cloak. I throw it on as she wanders over with a pair of shades in hand.

“Keep your eyes and hair covered.”. She pulls a pair of shades on herself. I will comment she hides her hangover well. “That...shaking will pass soon.”.

“What do you mean?”.

Annette doesn’t answer, leading us out of the room. I already feel they aren’t as intense as before, but she knows what they mean. Annette leads me through the grounds...we appear to be heading to the massive castle sitting at, what looks like, the entrance to the castle’s walls. The castle itself is similar to a lightly stoned french style.

We enter through one of the side doors...this place is grand! The ceiling is extremely high, with pimped-out massive chandeliers. My little house is nothing compared to this place. Even the floors look more expensive. As we move from corridor to corridor, I glimpse into some open rooms we pass. Glamorous! Everything is over the top shiny, and new-looking.

I keep my mouth shut, walking behind the massive woman…. Seriously Annette’s frame reminds me of a god. I wouldn’t call her a goddess...she isn’t leaking any sort of feminine vibes. It doesn’t take long before we reach a room where multiple raised voices blare out from behind an enormous door.

“Where is her Majesty?”.

“That is none of your concern.”.

“The attack last night, what do we do about it?”.

It seems a lot went down last night, but none of them mentions Ezra, me, or Vincent. I grit my teeth as my emotions flair up. It takes me a moment to focus. I have to will myself to calm the hell back down. I can tell this shit will be a challenge to keep under control. I’m already sick of it. After a few minutes, I find myself in control again and glance at Annette, wondering why she hasn’t entered yet…she’s staring at me…I frown. “What?”.

She shakes away whatever she is about to say before easing into the room. I follow behind, and we stay hidden, inching around it. “Damn. He is not here.”.

We end up behind a set of wooden bleachers. I’ve only been focused on following her, so I haven’t paid much attention to the room.

“The Queen has never done her role, so why would you expect her to now?”.

Feeling Annette’s annoyance makes me glance over at her. I can’t tell what she’s thinking, but her jaw is flexing.

“She is a Moon! In this situation, she is what we need at this time!”

“She is nothing but a drunk. Royal Concubine Evangelina has always done the Queen’s duties.”.

Seems Annette isn’t much of a Queen. I know she’s this body’s mother, but her a surprising. She doesn’t exactly give off a royal aura, which 1 could argue I don’t either. However, noticeably younger than the 2 women standing in front of the crowd. The blond and jet-black-haired women look like they have some kind of authority.

My eyes scan the’s a throne room for sure. The 4 empty thrones in the center are a dead giveaway, but why does the far side look like it’s being repaired? Was there other attacks last night?

“The only way out of this castle is through those doors.”.

I follow Annette’s finger to the large doors behind the shouting...nobles..... Their clothes are of finer quality, so I’m assuming they are. Just outside the door seems to be another crowd of shouting people looking not as well dressed as those in the room. If we can make it to that group, we could just slip out. The open space between them and us makes me wonder how Annette will play this.

I glance at her, and she nods at me before moving out from the bleachers. I follow behind her as she makes her way to the thrones.

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