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“Queen Annette Lux.”.

The whole room drops to a knee before standing again. Annette plops down in 1 of the seats, and I stand behind her.

“Care to explain how you got out?”.

“Evangelina, let me tell you 1 thing. I am the Queen of Goranous.”. Annette leans forward in her chair, glaring at this Evangelina. The woman has murder in her eyes, making me wonder what’s her history with Annette. “I do not answer to anyone, not even that old man. If you want to try me. I welcome it.”. Annette smirks, releasing a powerful pressure….... The 2 women before her grit their teeth at the force that’s just hit I said, she doesn’t have a royal aura, more like a killer’s aura. Seeing the 2 of them won’t try her, Annette relaxes back into her chair. “Someone tell me what happened last night?”.

“Your Majesty, Royal Concubine Evangelina, and I were discussing that with the court.”.

“Explain then, Concubine Victoria.”.

These are the 2 women I’m supposed to be mindful of. Again they look older than the point that it confuses me. Why the hell is Annette queen? My eyes move to the left at the 4 people sitting on those bleachers. 3 out of the 4 have Vincent’s blue eyes...they must be my siblings. They all look well educated and dignified, just the way a prince and princess should look, but they appear mentally absent.

“There were multiple fires on the castle’s grounds, Your Majesty. The assailants who were responsible still haven’t been caught. Even though no lives were lost, the damage was only severe to those...unidentified buildings around the grounds.”.

I clench my fist together, fighting hard to control my temper. Ezra is lying dead in 1 of those buildings.

“The fires were of poor planning and burned out quickly.”......

“Did you see it?”. Hearing the noble even suggest it was a fucking coincidence pisses me off. That fire hunted us like we were its fucking food. My question has the room murmuring. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to speak since I get the impression they’re wondering who I am.

Evangelina takes a step closer, peering around the chair. “Who are you to address the court?”.

“I am going out.”. Annette stands, blocking me from responding.

“Only the King can allow that.”. Evangelina glares up at Annette as she strolls forward.

“I am going out. Anyone who wants to try and stop me can certainly try.”.

She stomps past Evangelina and Victoria, heading for the crowd, and I follow close behind her, keeping my head down. The nobles split as we reach them, and a clear shot out of the door opens up.

“Don’t you fear the King’s repercussions?”. Annette stops. I glance over my shoulder, seeing the blond male standing among my siblings. “My Queen, the King, is out of the castle. The Queen is not allowed to leave unless his Majesty permits it or unless the current monarch is no more.”.

I can feel the anger pouring out of Annette. She faces me, clenching her fist, struggling with something again. My...siblings are bonded with Vincent, so they know…he’s…what is he getting at pretending not to feel it?

“What is all of this?”.

Everyone swings around to the voice that just entered the mix.

“Advisor Leon, thank heavens.”, 1 of the nobles says.

This, Leon stands just inside the doorway, taking in the room. “Why are you among the Officials, your Majesty?”.

Seeing him sets Annette off. Her anger turns into pure rage. “Why are you not with that old man?!”.

“His Majesty said something didn’t feel right – Who is this?”. His...nearly white eyes lock in on me before Annette steps in front of me, blocking his view…I’m so fucking short. The action have the Officials murmuring again. “My Queen, I’ve never seen you protective of anything.”.

Annette doesn’t respond to Leon as they just stare at each other. I’m not sure who this man is, but Annette seems cautious around him. The fact that he’s alive and Vincent isn’t...makes me wonder if he had something to do with it.

“I am going out.”.

Leon waves his hand, and a tall man joins our group. He’s at least 6 ft with brown hair that’s cut short and combed straight back. The man is young in my age range, but his face reminds me of a statue void of emotions. Even his dark brown eyes...look dead. I would guess he’s a knight due to the heavy armor clinging to him. “Knight Davidson will accompany you, your Majesty.”.

Ding ding ding!

Annette and Leon have another stare-down, and I feel she doesn’t want that happening. I don’t know what conversation they’re having, but Leon doesn’t look the least bit scared. The Officials have already moved back, and –

My eyes catch sight of something rolling on the floor. Not sure what it is, I tap Annette on the shoulder and point. She stares at it, blinks a few times, then frowns. “Damper!”…..

It explodes...this quick flash of light, but after that, nothing. I half expected it to be a grenade or something. The walls to the room suddenly blow inward…I fall to the ground as it turns into a war zone. People wearing all black descend into the throne room, and magic is being fired everywhere.


They appear at Evangelina’s command intercepting the...intruders. I lie on the floor, feeling like I have ADHD. My eyes can’t pick what to focus on. The magic being thrown around is something to fucking see. It was subtle whenever Ezra and Vincent used their powers, but full-on. They’re actually holding it in their hands as weapons or blasting it across the room. Mini explosions ring out everywhere as they clash –

This is so fucking exciting! I’m…not jealous in the slightest….. My siblings are impressive, but the star by far is Annette. When my eyes reach her, I can’t tear them away. She is noticeably more powerful than those around her. None of the intruders can get within a few feet of her.

“Pull back!”.

The guards and present nobles do just what Leon ordered. Annette and I are the only ones remaining on this side of the room. My eyes fall to...a few bomb things rolling up to my feet. They go off, but again no damage. The name should mean something, so I raise my eyes around the room. A level of fatigue has spread through everyone as a new group charges in.

Annette is obviously their target. She has these mini fire cyclones in both hands, keeping them from getting close. No, she doesn’t need help, but I look around, wondering where the hell the others are. They fled further into the room, leaving her on her own.

“Hold the line. Any who past the Queen, guards you handle them. Everyone else, protect the royal family and recharge quickly!”, the blond brother yells.

I can’t believe they all left Annette out here. A blast sends her sliding backward into the room. She pauses, taking deep breaths, clearly tired, then frowns, noticing me still in the same place. “Are you stupid! Why did you not run!”…….

What? This was my 1st time seeing anything like this. The intruders don’t seem to notice or care that I’m there. I would have thought they’d retreat by now. Annette littered the entire floor over here with bodies. I sigh, flipping to my feet, stabbing 2 of the unsuspecting intruders in the neck before flinging myself to the others. “Just hurry up and recharge!”.

Watching all that fighting has gotten me pumped up...a little. I spend most of my effort dodging, but unlike last night this group is wielding magic. Their weapons vary from ranged to close combat, but a random power seems to be coming off them. Vincent produced electricity, while Ezra...used wind...I wonder how that’s decided. I don’t really have the focus to marvel at that now.

These intruders aren’t as skilled as those last night, so dodging is more of an exercise than anything, but since I have weapons this time, I can attack...if I ever get the chance. I buy my time until I can get close enough to cut or stab. The burns I’m getting from them doesn’t hurt as much as I expected. My instincts have taken over as my mind dances around this shitty situation. Someone tried to kill me last night, and now this...this place...this life wasn’t supposed to be like this! Karma is once again biting me in the ass.

A gust of wind suddenly lifts me in the air, pushing me across the floor. I land beside Annette as she lets out a battle cry. Her outstretched hands shoot this massive red beam that engulfs the entire room. I stare in awe as it disintegrates everything in its path...and I mean everything. It reaches outside the castle, eating what looks like the wall.

Once Annette stops her beam, nothing but our heavy breathing echo through the room. Well, at least she forced them to retreat.

“You are fucking amazing!”. I gape up at Annette as my heart thumps, feeling that raw power dripping off her.

“I would not be a Moon.”.

She smirks down at me…she definitely has an ego. With my adrenaline still going, I jump to my feet. “I can do that then? Can you teach me that?”.

“No, I would rather know how you managed to use those weapons.”.

Her comment makes me grin at her. “Impressed?”.

Annette doesn’t respond but places her hand on my head, giving it a pat…my heart constricts. The touch accompanied by her tiny smile makes me lose control for a quick little moment...for a teeny tiny moment. A pulse of energy shoots out of me...I cough on...her……….. We both freeze, staring at the blood.

“…...That was an accident.”, I quickly say. I can feel her rage rising as she returns to her senses...... I take a considerable step away from her...I’m about to get fucked up.


I turn to the voice expecting to see Ezra...but instead, Leon’s wide eyes greet me. The officials around him drop to a knee. My siblings and their mothers...however, are glaring at me. As my eyes meet my siblings, I feel a pulling rise inside me...Bonds. Nothing but hatred pours from 3 of them. I realize now that my cloak has taken a few burns, and my glasses are gone. Whelp, I discard the rest of it.

“Do not concern yourself with her. We are leaving.”. Annette steps in front of me, cutting their view of me off.

“Why are you insisting on this?”.

She ignores Evangelina, and she glares some kind of hard at her. It’s painfully clear she wants Annette dead, but why?

“Your Majesty, I would like her Highness Royal Princess to marry Knight Davidson.”. Everyone is...let’s say our brains froze over at Leon’s sudden announcement…and I mean everyone. It came out of nowhere. “His Majesty never heard my full concerns. Tyler is like a son to me, and I feel he can do much for the kingdom.”.

“He’s not of noble status, Advisor.”.

From her tone, I can tell Evangelina isn’t a fan of Leon or what he’s suggesting.

“Why are you still pushing that?!”, the blond sister yells.

I had no idea that I was such a hot topic...wink wink. Out of sight, out of mind definitely doesn’t apply here. The Knight doesn’t seem concerned with any of it. Tyler just stands...absently...watching…me.........

Leon and the 2 blond siblings begin arguing... veins showing on neck and forehead arguing. I gather Evangelina must be their mother since the other 2 resemble Victoria.

“Shut up, all of you! You are tiresome.”. Annette rubs her temples, giving me a potent whiff of her annoyance. It’ that’s all she feels.

I step up beside her. “I’m not marrying him.”.

“Princess, this country will need -

“I see 4 available candidates there.”, I say, interrupting Leon. He shifts his gaze to Annette as if questioning her.

She raises her hands. “That old man made her like this. I did nothing.”……

What does she this?

“Are you saying you aren’t interested in the throne?”.

I look at Victoria…she has the royal air thing down...I twitch. “…Nn...o.”…..

“This will not do.”. Leon steps closer, unsatisfied by my answer.

“Watch yourself.”.

He freezes at Annette’s warning.

“Princess, you’re breathtaking. Please consider someone from my family.”, an official says.

“My family, your Highness, will be glad to have you.”, another says.

“Silence all of you. The King already spoke on this matter. Why are you all acting as if his order is nullified.”, the blond brother says.

Again if I’m feeling this pain inside me, they should too. Why are they pretending it didn’t happen? What can they get by pretending Vincent is still alive? My anger comes fast as the questions pile up. “Why is that?”. I still don’t know where Vincent’s...... “Where the hell is my Father?”. I take a menacing step toward Leon. My thoughts return to how he’s alive and how Vincent isn’t.

“He’s heading to a peace conference.”.

That easy casual tone annoys the hell out of me. “Someone tried to fucking kill me last night but killed my friend instead. Now it looks like someone just tried to kill off the royal family. You wouldn’t know a damn thing about that, either?”. I stare into Leon’s eyes, trying to catch sight of an emotion. He tries to hide it, but I can see a spark in them….. Which 1 surprised him?

“Why would you say that?”.

I glance up at the only sibling without Vincent’s eyes, though he matches his physique perfectly. He can’t be an idiot. Without Annette, they all would be dead. My eyes shift across all their faces. Some seem surprised as Leon, while others are just glaring. I can absolutely feel their hostility...what the fuck did I do to them? “How could someone launch such an attack on the castle when Father – is away?”. I look back at Leon as he smiles at me. I’ve...piqued his interest somehow.

Annette grabs my wrist before I can do anything. “We are going.”. She skyrockets us into the air, crashing through the roof.

“Guards, don’t let them out of the city!”, Leon calls out.

To my surprise, they give chase...which Annette handles with ease….like 1 hand ease……….

I want to ask...why didn’t we just, you know, fly-out...but she looks like she hates the world right now…I’ll ask later…....

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