The God of light

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Not many people believed in the God of light, but the ones who did, thought him to be a man who brings a shine to their days of darkness. He was over a thousand years old and couldn't go on for much longer for he was weak and his light was slowly dying. He needed a successor, someone to take care of the believers after he's gone.

One day, when he descended to Earth, he noticed an iridescent glow coming from behind a big old oak tree. The glow was too bright to belong to an earthly creature. The God walked quietly towards the source of light, and when he got close enough to see what or rather who it was, he couldn't believe his eyes. It belonged to a young boy, who was no more than 15. How could this be, he wondered. It just wasn't possible. He hurried to the boy to question him, but when the boy turned around, the God couldn't say anything. They looked in each other's eyes, but instead of running off to who knows where, the boy just stood there, a wide angelic smile on his face.

»Pray, what is your name boy?« God asked.

»My name is Isaac, sir.«

»Surely you have to know who I am.«

»I'm not confident, sir, but I believe you to be a powerful man.«

»Indeed I am,« the God smiled, »but not as much as I used to be. My powers are fading, my light is weak. Let me show you, Isaac.« He kneeled and extended his right hand. He conjured a faint yellow ball of magic and Isaac just watched in awe.

»Now do you know who I am?« God questioned.

»The God of light! You are the God of light.« said Isaac happily.

»You are correct my child.«

»I always knew you were real. But why are you here?«

»As I said, my power is not what it used to be, and I need someone to continue my work. I think you are the one to do just that.«

»Me? But I am no God. I am a mere human and a youngin at that. I cannot do what you do, I don't possess such power.«

»That is why I will give you mine, so you can learn to use it and shine on the believers. Someone has to look after them when I am no more.«

»Are you certain that I am the one? That I can shine as brightly as you?«

»I will help and care for you as I would any other human being. Indeed you are not a God, but when my time is due, you will be the only one to pass around my knowledge and my light, but beware the dangers of foul humans who will try to lead you astray. Trust no one.«

»I will do my best, sir. Thank you for believing in me so much. No one ever deemed me capable of anything.« Isaac told him. He looked at the God of light, smiled again, and bowed his head. He felt hands on his shoulders as a reassurance of understanding. He was never happy in his life, and to have a purpose for once meant everything to him.

10 years went by and Isaac grew up to be a capable light bearer. He walked near and far to bring a smile on people's faces, never talking to them, only bowing his head as he did to God. Every evening the boy returned to the same oak tree to pray to his teacher and say his thanks. This night was the last before God would turn to dust. He ascended to Earth one final time to say goodbye to an apprentice so cherished, he thought of as a son. It was a sad farewell, but a long-needed one for he could finally rest in peace.

Such was the story of the God of light.

Submitted: November 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Rising phoenix. All rights reserved.

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