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Is this a Story? Is that a Question?

This is Not a story about a king that rules Earth in Evilish manners fueled by destruction, Nor about a Young man that wanders the Unexplored Lands in Search of a Glorious Item or a Lost treasure of a Great Pirate, Nor about a character wishing to fulfill an elderly's death wish or another's hormone-full romance fantasy.
It's a Story [Perhaps not] of a Character who Has no Life, no Existence but what I decide. Have I written a Character that Lives under The Rule of An Evil Master, Would This Character Hate Its Creator? Simply Said, would it Hate me for the Scenario I have Created. Or would it be Grateful for the Chance I have Given it at Living. This is No Question Nor an Answer...It's a Story. Haven't we All wondered about Our Purpose, Asked Questions, and never Found Satisfaction in an Answer, thus We Realized no One carries that Answer, then We never carried a Question in the First Place. Would Answering such a Question benefit an inexistant character, thus the Sentence is no Question...It's a Sentence.

Submitted: November 22, 2021

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