Josephine and her sister go on a Catholic Summer camp. They do not understand why as they are not very religious. The camp changes them and this is a dangerous thing!
Josephine always thought that Jesus was love and compassion. The camp challenges this belief!
This is inspired by the 2008 documentary, "Jesus Camp"

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When I see other 11-year-olds in the newspapers and news, I can see how tough it is for children. Some children are refugees or living in... Read Chapter


I must admit that the leader annoyed me. How could she point me out in front of everyone and tell me I was inappropriately dressed. How... Read Chapter


I wanted to go home, so I stuck in the camp leaders office and tried to use her telephone. I was sure that mom would understand that th... Read Chapter

My Sister

Eva apologised to mom saying that she was so sorry for acting like a spoiled brat to her when she protested about going to the camp. My... Read Chapter


I was in tears as mom told me someone tried to kill Aisha and her family. My first thought was that it was my sister. It could not be E... Read Chapter

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