Destiney of a Spirit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about a 14 girl on an adventure to help her spirit animal Bobo to a true spirit animal.

Chapter 1

 Where it all started


14-year-old Rose is sitting on her bed crying, remembering the loss of her mother. It's late, and she should be heading to bed, but she is in too much pain to sleep. Wishing her mother could guide her to live happily in a life without her. Her dad then knocks on the door; she gets out of bed, dawdles, and opens her door. Her dad then smiles and says

“ Rose, you should be in bed; what are you doing up?” he asked worriedly.

“ I know, I know, but I can’t sleep. I miss her too much,” announced Rose

Worried about what to say next, her Dad freezes then says

“ Get to bed soon, okay.” then hurries off.

As Rose shuts the door, Mother Nature comes in a beam of light. Frozen in fear, mother nature approaches her and says

“ No need to fear, my dear, for I have brought you a gift from your mother” then hands Rose a box that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere.


Curiously, Rose takes the box out of Mother Natures’ hands and reads an envelope in her mother’s writing.

My dearest daughter, I know you must be experiencing tremendous pain right now, but you need to know that I am in a better place: I know you have always been into the spirits and the magic behind them, so I left you a little gift to remind you of me. 

With best wishes 


P.s lift the bottom seal.

Rose smiles, thinking that her mother never forgot her; after she puts the note down, she opens the box, but nothing is in it.

“ Why would a mother give me an empty box?” She thought.

When Mother Nature says 

“ Was that the only thing in the letter?”  Rose then remembers what her mother said and finds the seal at the bottom. She picks at it with her nail trying to break the seal; when she finally gets the seal, a flash of power knocks her back. As she comes up from the floor, she notices something small, cute, and black and white, staring at her blue eyes. Shocked, rose gently reaches her hand out to stroke the creature.

 “ Are you real?” she thought. As if reading her thoughts, the being responded with a chirpiness in his voice.

“ Yes, I am real: my name Bobo; what's yours?”

Before she had time to answer, The spirit guide Yokai said 

“Rose, you have been tasked with helping young Bobo here become a true spirit animal.” confused Rose looks from Bobo to Yokai and back, trying to make sense of how this can be possible

“ What do you mean I am tasked with helping Bobo. Whose spirit animal is this?” she asked curiously. Yokai and Mother Nature looked at each other simultaneously and said 

“ Yours!” Rose fazed by that; says

“Mine?” Bobo, feeling left out, says

“Yes, I am yours; we are connected on a spiritual level. I need your help, or I will not be able to stay, and you will be assigned another animal.”  Rose saddened by that statement, askes

“ What do we need to do to help Bobo become a true spirit animal?”

Yokai, ready to tell them, says

“ Your first task as a team is to heal a soul. You have three to complete before midnight on Christmas eve.” Rose scared states

“But that's three days away.”  Mother Nature chimes and says 

“ Yes, dear it is, but we are here to help, and we know you can do it.” Yokai continues, “To help you find the right person, here is a clue. They were close but now are far to find them. Look within yourself to find the pain you share. They have to embrace the pain and find new love that you can share.” With that, Mother Nature and Yokai disappear.


Chapter 2

Love hides in the dark 


Bobo and Rose sit in the room till finally, Rose speaks

“They were close but now are far to find them, look within yourself to find the pain you share?” thinking she states 

“ Who can that be? My Grandma, Grandpa, Dad….” before she finished the thought, Bobo says

“ Your Dad, of course, you share the pain of losing your mother.”  Angered by that, she shouts 

“ No, He could care less. He never wants to talk about her, and when I try, he leaves the room. We do not share pain.” Rose’s Dad busts through the door as though he saw a ghost and breathlessly says 

“ Are you ok?'' I heard screaming.” Rose, annoyed with her dad, says, rolling her eyes 

“Yeah, dad, I am fine, just frustrated.” Her Dad fearing the next part tries to leave, but Bobo tells Rose

“ Stop him, make him listen, help me help him find peace within himself.” Before Rose could say anything, Bobo used some magic to open her Dad's heart, so Her dad turned around and says 

“ I am so sorry. I have not been there for you; please forgive me.” Rose, shocked, just stood there. Her dad continued 

“When your mother died, I never knew how hard it was going to be without her. She was my better half. She was the sun in our sky. I don’t know how I just came to this realization, but I am done trying to avoid the conversation. She deserves to be remembered, and most importantly, you deserve a Dad who is there when you need to talk. I guess what I am trying to say is I am going to start embracing  the pain to make your life better.”  Rose, on the verge of tears, says

“Dad, I missed you so much.” leaning in for a hug. As her dad embarases her, they both start to cry. After a couple of minutes, Rose and her Dad stop hugging, and her dad says

“It’s close to midnight, and we both need some sleep. We have to go to the holiday dinner at your school.” Reminded Rose says 

“Oh yeah, I am heading to bed now; see you in the morning.”

As her Dad walk away, Rose turns to Bobo and says

“ How did you do that?” Bobo, still confused, said

“ All I did was open his heart a little, and the rest was your dad.” Still, both stunned, Yokai comes and say 

“Wow, the first part is complete now you have to find a love you both can share. The clue for this is she may be new but is kind; she loves your hair and has time to spare. There will also be checkmarks that will appear every time a part is complete.” with a flash, Yokai disappears, Rose tired say to Bobo

“You want to curl up with me in bed also; how did my dad not see you earlier?” Bobo, excited for a new day, says 

“ Yes, I would love to, and since I am your spirit animal, only you can see me also; I hid behind the bed just to be sure.” 


In the morning, Rose woke to the sun shining through her window on her face. She looks around the room but doesn't see Bobo anywhere.

She checks under her bed and around her room.

“ Bobo, where are you?”  she asked worriedly “ How could I lose my spirit animal in the middle of the night,” she thought, but then she felt a little nose touch her hand: she looked down to see Bobo smiling at her.

“ You called,” he asked. 

“ Ye,s, where did you go? I looked for you everywhere, but you weren't on the bed.”

“ Oh, I forgot to mention, since I am not a true spirit animal yet, I have to return to my world to be able to maintain this form to visit you.”

“ Oh,” Rose thought that makes sense because if he stays in my world, he could disappear because of the loss of energy. Just then, Rose hears a knock at her door: she dresses in a hurry and opens her door to find her dad standing there.

“ Oh good, I see you up; I was wondering if you wanted to go to the store with me to get some things for the party like a few presents for your friends at school,” he asked a little excitedly. you

Rose just looks at her dad then at Bobo, giving him a “ what should I do?” look, but he shrugs and nods. Rose looks back at her dad and says

“ Sure, I would like that. Let me just finish getting ready and get my wishlist for the other students out of my backpack: then I will be downstairs.”

“ Ok, just come down when you're ready. I will be in the car.” her dad says and then turns on his heel and walks away.

Rose closes her door and looks at Bobo, and says 

“ Maybe we will be able to find my dad's, new love. What do you think we only have today to finish this task?”

“It's a possibility but you gotta remember yokai said something about your hair,” Bobo pointed out.

Rose then looks at her hair which is red and wavy, and she grabs a brush and an elastic to pull her hair back. Then she goes to her backpack, which is hanging on the door, and pulls her class wish list out, looks at Bobo, and says 

“ Let's go.” and heads out the door.


When they arrived at the store, her dad stated that he had some grocery shopping to do and that she could go ahead and shop for her friends. Rose just nodded and walked away.

She grabs a shopping cart and starts walking around looking at the pictures, though it's a lot harder to find since the names are in Japanese.

Rose was so focused on finding the item from her phone when she ran into someone, thanking Rose immediately apologized and helped the girl pick up her things. After they gathered all her stuff, Rose looks up and says

“ I am so sorry I didn't see you: but I was trying to find this item” she said, showing the woman her phone 

“Oh, that item here she said, pulling it out of her basket and handing it to Rose.

“ thank you,” Rose says and starts to walk away, but the woman says

“ Wait, what's your name?: my name is Riku.”

“ Nice to meet you Riku, I’m Rose.”

“ What a lovely name: thank you so much for your help with the items. By the way, I like your hair!”

“ Tha nk you so much! I just got it done when we moved here.”

“ Oh ,really, where did you move from?” Riku asked

“ We moved from the United States, hey do you want to hang out?”

“ Yeah, I have some time before I have to leave for the Kaisei Academy Christmas dinner. “

“ You go to my school!” Rose said surprised 

“ Yes I am a substitute for Mr.Tao.”

“I have him next semester!”

“ Great, maybe I will see you in class,” she said, laughing. Rose laughed along with Riku when she felt a tug at her dress; she looked down, and Bobo said, Thank her. 

“ What are you doing? Introduce her to your dad, and she is the one because she complimented you on your hair and then said she has a few minutes. This is your dad's, new love.”

“ Well, I'm not just going to be like, hey, do you want to meet my dad,” she said

“ Did you say something?” Riku said

“Oh nothing, just talking to myself,”  Rose responded 

“Well, at least try to get her and your dad to run into each other at the dinner,” Bobo says, a bit annoyed, rolling his eyes 

“ Don’t worry?” Rose thought she had a plan. With that, she bid goodbye to Riku and went to find her dad.


Rose is in her room getting ready for the party when Bobo comes in and says

“ Wow, Rose you look beautiful.”

“Thank you, Bobo: are you coming?” Rose asked

Bobo hesitated to try to decide the best decision when her dad knocked on the door and says

“ Hey, are you ready?

“ Yeah, almost,” she says, looking at Bobo 

“ So, are you coming?”

Confused, her dad asked.

“ What are you talking about? Of course, I am coming”

“ Oh yeah, sorry talking to myself,” she responded 

“ You have been doing that a lot lately, are you ok?” her dad asked

“ Yeah, I just have a lot on my mind with the party. I just want to make a good impression, you know?” Rose said, trying to be convincing.

“Ok,” her dad said and turned on his heel, and walked away. 

Looking at Bobo rose said

“ On second thought, maybe I shouldn't come because it would look weird if I am talking to something only I can see, I will tell you when I have completed the challenge, ok.”

Upset, Bobo layed on her bed and said

“Ok,” with tears forming in his eyes

With that, she walked out the door leaving Bobo in her room to wait for who knows how long.






Chapter 3

The truth untold


The party was a big success. Everyone was having a blast laughing, singing, and dancing. Rose was in the corner talking to one of her friends when she felt a tap on her shoulder; she turned around to find her dad behind her.

“ Dad, you scared me. What do you need?” she said while laughing. Her dad looks at her with a smile on her face, takes her hand, and leads her to the dance floor.

“ Dad, what are you doing? You know I can't dance,” she says, a bit terrified, not wanting to embarrass herself in front of everyone.  With a grin, her dad just laughed and said

“ I know, but your mother taught me how to dance when we first started dating and I think she would like you to learn as well. '' He takes her hands, puts them on his shoulders, then puts his hands on her waist and starts moving to the rhythm of the song. Rose is having fun just laughing and smiling. Meanwhile, Bobo watches from a distance even though he knows nobody can see him; he watches Rose with a gleam in his eyes. He saw Riku sitting in a chair by herself. Just looking around; he approached her and noticed that she was watching Rose have fun with her dad. He was about to use magic when an old man came to Riku and started talking.

“Why are you doing, my dear,” he asked.

“ Oh, just admiring the decorations and watching all the students have fun,” she said 

“ You seem to be watching the little girl and her father; perhaps there is something you miss,” he suggested 

“ No, I just think it’s so sweet that a father is taking time to have fun with his daughter,” Riku responded. 

“Well, why don't you ask the gentleman if he would like to dance? '' the old man says as he looks at Bobo with a wink then walks off. Riku then gets up out of her seat and walks over to Rose's dad, says 

“ Would you like to dance?”

Rose’s dad was shocked by the question; he didn't know what to say, but Rose just removed her dad's hands from her waist and handed them to Riku. 

“ He would love to!” she said as she walked off. Rose goes to the concession stand to get a glass of water when the old man approaches her. 

“ Young lady, you might want to watch out for your little buddy before he gets himself into trouble.” Rose looks at where the old man was pointing and sees Bobo; she approaches him and says 

“ What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay at home!” she said, a bit annoyed. 

“ But I was bored, and besides, I was worried you would have too much fun and forget about the task, so I decided to come. Besides, no one could see me.” He responded, “ Anyway, how did you know I was here?” 

“Well, that old ma-” but before she could finish, she ran off 

“ Hey, wait for me,” Bob says and follows behind

Rose wanderers around for a little while when her dad asked 

“ Rose, what are you looking for?” 

“ Just a friend,” she responded. As she looked around there, she spotted him by the DJ, and she took off in a full sprint bumping into people apologizing as she passed. After a while and a little out of breath, she approaches the old man. 

“ How did you know my spirit animal? I thought nobody could see him,” she asked. 

“ Young lady, I need your help. I know you are probably about to finish your first task, right” he asked just as a checkmark appeared above her head, meaning the first task was complete.

“Ok, well, the task is done; what do you need?”

“ I need your help to- “ before he could finish, he collapsed on the ground gripping his chest.

Rose immediately burst into action,

“ SOMEBODY CALL 911!” she screams

Just then, the school nurse comes running through the crowd, yelling and cursing at people who are blocking her way. The nurse immediately checks his pulse.

“ I need a bag valve mask, stat!” the nurse says as she checks his heart which has stopped beating.

“ Somebody Call the Ambulance !” she screamed. Everyone is running and panicking while Rose and Bobo just stand there and look at each other. Then Yokai appears and says 

“ I see you guys have completed the first task,”  but then he notices the old man.

“Oh, that wasn't supposed to happen?”

“What do you mean that is not supposed to happen?” Rose asked angrily 

“ Well, I might have mentioned to him to get your attention by using Bobo,” he said 

“ Use me how,” Bobo asked 

“ Well, I might have given him the ability to see you so that way he could get Rose’s attention because She Was starting to become distracted at the party.” Rose, still angry at Yokai, just looks at him and rolls her eyes. Bobo wanting to know what to do, ask.”

“How can I help him?”

 “No beauty shines brighter than a beating heart. Help the one whose daughter is smart,” Yokai says with a smile on his face.

Rose looks dumbfounded 

“ How are we supposed to figure this one out?” she thinks, but Bobo tugs at her dress; Rose looks at him while he keeps looking at the old man it hits her.

“Ok, how are we supposed to heal him?” Rose asks Yokai then explains that his heart is broken physically and that they need to heal him to start the second challenge. Bobo then uses his Qi to transfer it to the old man; miraculously, the old man starts to rise and open his eyes. He looks at the nurse, who is shocked, and the old man says

“No need for that. I am much better now. Thank you for your assistance.”  Before Bobo and Rose realize what is going on, a checkmark comes above their head.  Rose then kneels and ask the old man

“ Are you sure you are ok?”

“Yes, I feel like I did in my twenties!”  The old man exclaimed 

“ Rose do you know what the second part of the quote means,” Bobo asked 

Rose responded, “ No, not really. I understood the first part after you figured it out speaking of which, how did you figure it out?” Bobo then, without a thought, said

“ I just had a deep feeling that it could not have been a coincidence that he asked for your help and then collapsed.”

“ Huh, I never thought about that. I guess you're right. I mean, it is a strange coincidence.” Rose thought, but how can they figure out the second part she turned to yokai to ask for help, but he was gone

“ Where could he have gone?” she thought. 

“ Rose,” someone called. She turned around to find her Dad and Riku approaching her.

“ Hey guys,” she said with a smile on her face. 

“ Rose dear, how do you know Mr. Akira here?’ Riku asked 

“ Oh, I met him when I first walked in. It turns out he is into the spirit animal stuff like me,” she explained 

“ Oh yes, well, he does believe in that stuff, just like his daughter,” Riku explained; just then, the old man's eyes went down in shame, Rose and Riku looked at each other 

“ Sir, is everything alright?” Rose asked, a bit concerned 

“ Yeah, everything is fine. It is just that I haven't had contact with my daughter in 14 years. You see, she loved it when I showed her the markings of spirit animals and the power they have. Then one day, when she came home from school, she claimed that I was making this stuff up and left. I tried to explain to her that this stuff is real, but she said it was nothing but an old wives tale for kids, and I never saw her again,” he explained with tears dripping down his face.

“ Oh, I am so sorry,” Rose and Riku said at the same time, feeling sorry for the old man. Riku comforts him while rose just stands there. 

“ How can this be related to the old man?” she thought, then the old man explained with a smile. 

“ She used to know all the spirit animal markings and powers by heart. She could recite stories and prophecies about them. I never thought anyone could be so well educated in this spiritual stuff.” Then it hit her. She runs to her dad and asks to get some fresh air, then signals Bobo to follow. He does 

“ What is it? Have you figured it out?” he asked her with a sense of urgency. 

“ Yes, I have,” Rose responded. 

“ We need to find the old man's daughter, remember the clue?” she asked, But Bobo shook his head.

“ Help the one whose daughter is smart,” Rose explained excitedly

“ She was very well educated in the knowledge of you and other spirit animals. What if we have to help her see that all the stuff he was explaining is true and get her to see her father again.” Rose said. Bobo considered it then agreed 

“ It does make sense. I mean, the fact that she was well educated in the knowledge of spirit animals means she has to be someone of historic family background, so where would we look?” he asked 

Rose then runs back to the old man with Bobo following close behind and ask the old man if there is a place we could go 

He responds by saying how she used to be Shinto. Rose looks at him confused, but Bobo explains that someone knows the spirit animals and their powers. 

Rose amazed says

“Wow, I can't wait to meet her.”

“ I have her address,” he says 

“ I mail letters to her all the time, but she never responds.”

“Is there any way you could give the address, please? It would help us a lot,” she said, indicating to Bobo, who was sitting beside her.

The old man looks at Rose and gives her the address and the name

“ If she is not there, you can always check the Red Planet Tokyo Hotel if she is not at her job.”

“ Thank you! Rose says as she and Bobo walk out the door, but her dad stops her. 

“ Woah Woah Woah where do you think you're going!” he asked 

“ I am just going to put this paper in the car, and I will come right back,” Rose responded as she was walking out the door. Her dad looked at Riku and excused himself, and followed behind.


The following day Rose to ask her dad if she could go to this place. When her dad asked why she said she wanted to talk to the girl about  spirit stuff because it would be nice to have someone to talk to since her mom wasn't around, her dad agreed and said he would pick her up at 3:30 

And Rose nodded and headed for the car. 


When she got to the place, she walked in and asked.

“Excuse me, but I am looking for Sakura ( means cherry blossoms).”

“ Ah yes, she is with a customer right now, but if you want to sit down and wait, I can let her know,” the attendant said 

“ Ok, thanks,” Rose said while she was walking to her seat. Bobo appeared right beside her and asked. 

“ Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get her to believe!”

Rose just glares at him and taps her head, letting Bobo know to speak to her through her mind, so she doesn't draw attention to a girl talking to no one. Bobo nods and closes his eyes once Rose feels the connection she speaks.

“ She is with another customer right now, so I can't go in a be like, hey, you know everything your dad said is real, and here is my spirit animal to prove it.” 

Just then, the customer walks out, and the attendant signals for Rose to go along inside. Rose goes with Bobo, following close behind. When Rose enters the room, she is shocked. The room is small and brown with a single table in the middle and plants in the back corner; on the table is a small tea set, then on one side of the table is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks at Rose and gestures for her to sit, which she does. Bobo hid in the corner, trying his best to stay out of sight.


Sakura pours tea for Rose then ask in a sweet voice 

“ What is it you would like to talk about, my dear?”

“ I would like to talk about the stuff your father told you years ago about spirit animals being real.”

Sakura frowns at the mention of her father; she gets up from the table and walks around the room. 

“ I am so sorry my dear I know you believe they are real but I am here to inform you spirits animals are just figures of our imagination,” she replies, but Rose doesn't listen. She keeps trying to explain everything that happened to her, but Sakura doesn't believe it and then kindly asks Rose to leave. 


Rose walks out disappointed with herself. Bobo follows, also feeling her frustration. Then Mother Nature appears with Yokai.

“ So, how is everything going?” she asked. 

“ Not good,” Rose responded, “ I tried explaining to Sakura that Bobo and the spirit animals are real, but she won't listen.”

“ Well, maybe have you tried showing her instead of explaining,” Mother Nature suggested, “ Some people need to see it to believe it; after all, not everyone will believe it with just a few words.” 

Rose was starting to understand. She thanked Mother Nature and walked back into the room.

“ Sakura, I know you don't believe a word I say, so would you just let me show you?” she asked. 

Sakura was sitting in front of the table, eyes closed, when she heard Rose walk in. She thought

“ Ugh, this girl just doesn't give up” Sakura opens her eyes and turns to Rose. 

“ Okay, if you can prove to me before this candle burns out, I will let you explain,” she says while pointing to a candle that is almost halfway burned out.

Rose then looks at Bobo and indicates to him to begin. 

Bobo closes his eyes and concentrates; at first, nothing happens, but then Sakura screams Rose, and Bobo looks at her and right on her where her snake bracelet is a natural white snake. Sakura tries to shake it off her hand, but it just stays there.

“ Stop” Bobo yells. “Don't take it off your hand.”

“ Why,” Sakura asked

“ Because that snake is one of the seven gods of good fortune,” Bobo


“ Ok,” Sakura said, “ WAIT, how did I just understand you?” she looks directly at Bobo “ And how can I see you?”

Rose approaches Sakura with Mother Nature close behind 

“ See, I told you they were real, and everything I am doing is for Bobo here. You. see, he is just a little spirit, He is not a big spirit animal yet, and I have to get you to believe everything your father said was true.” Rose explains with hopefulness

 Sakura falls to the ground crying, then explains that she never thought it was true. She started to believe they were fairy tales because she was getting bullied at school and was told that if she began to believe they were fake, she would have friends. Rose approaches her and tells her that her father always thought that something was wrong and writes to her every day and that if she wants to see him, she could look at the letters he sends her for his address.

Sakura jumps up in excitement and thanks to Rose and everyone else and leaves the room. 


An hour later, Rose's dad comes to pick her up. She bids goodbye to Mother Nature and Yokai with a nod and gets in the car. As they were pulling away, a checkmark appeared above her head. She smiled, closed her eyes, and told Bobo through her mind.

“ One more challenge to go, then you can be a true spirit animal,” she says with a smile. She looks through the mirror and sees Bobo, who is smiling back at her. Now all they have to do is the last task. They both look out the window and imagine what it could be.


Meanwhile, Mother Nature and Yokai look at each other, and they too hope they can pass the final task, the hardest one of all, one that will decide both their fates.



 Chapter 4

 Destiny fulfilled 


When Rose and Bobo got home, they both immediately flopped on Rose’s bed, exhausted. 

“ Ugh, why was that so hard?” Rose asked, looking at Bobo

“ I don't know, maybe because she was very complicated to convince!” he responds. Both passed out from the strenuous adventure. Rose’s dad knocked on the door, but she didn't respond. When he opened the door, he found Rose fast asleep, so he picked her up, put her under her covers, and left, closing the door behind him with a smile. 

As the glorious sun picked through the curtains, Rose awoke to Yokai floating above the bed. Rose, astounded by his appearance, screamed, which made Bobo jump up and ask. 

“What's wrong?” but after seeing Yokai, he just closes his eyes and goes back to sleep.

Rose then gets out of bed and asks him why he is here.

Yokai simply responds

“Be careful of what shows in the sun but is meant to hide in the dark for the decision that lies ahead is not for the faint of heart.” And with a flash, Yokai disappears. Unsettled by this, Rose got up for the day and passed around her room, repeating what Yokai said.  Her dad hearing the passing, knocked on the door and asked.

“May I come in.” 

“Yeah, Dad.”  she said with a shake in her voice. Her dad, with one look, came and hugged her and said 

“I am here for you always.” Rose, unable to hide the emotions building up  she said 

“Hey, can you go make us some hot chocolate mom used to love that!”

“Yeah, that sounds like an amazing idea. I will come to get you when it's done.” her dad exclaimed. Rose was relieved to get her dad out of the room to collect herself. Bobo finally awake, senses Rose’s destress and says

“Are you ok”  Rose, stunned by that she yelled

“ No, Yokai gave the last task, and it is going to be the hardest one. I have a gut feeling it is going to be super hard.” 

“We will get through it together.” trying to relieve some of Rose’s stress. Rose’s dad then walks in with two hot chocolates and say

“Ready, I have candy canes too if you like that as well.” with a smile, rose says

“Absolutely!” Her dad then started to laugh

“So, dad, I am going to go on a tour. I don't know what time I will be back, but I will see you tomorrow for Christmas. I love you.” Rose said, not knowing that could have been the last time seeing her dad. 

Roses dad was shocked, looked at her, and said

“ Um, what do you mean you're going on tour, and who are you going with?” he asked; a little annoyed, Rose looked at him, trying to think of a response when she thought of something without thinking, she shouted.

“ I am going on a trip with my history class for school. We are covering a place that was important in Japanese history and got permission to go to that place for a project.” She looked at Bobo worriedly. Bobo just simply looked at her and nodded. Her dad sat there scratching his head, thinking for a minute, then looked at Rose and said

“ Ok, do you mind if I call Riku to make sure?”

Rose gulped but nodded, knowing that it was true, considering everyone at school was talking about it. Her dad gets up from her bed and walks downstairs to call Riku. Rose just runs to the door and slams it.

Bobo looks at her worriedly and asks

“ Are you alright? You seem to be freaking out?” 

“ Yes, Bobo I’m fine just trying to make sense of the clue,” she responded 

“ Well, what was it?” Bobo asked 

Rose looks at him and recites the clue

“ Be careful of what shows in the sun but hides in the dark, for the decision ahead is not for the faint of heart.” she looks at Bobo with concern. 

“ What do you think it could mean?” he asked. Rose was about to respond, but then her dad walked in and told her that he confirmed it with Riku and that as long as she kept in touch with him, he would let her go. Rose smiled and nodded as her dad left the room. 

When her dad left, she looked at Bobo and asked 

“ Did you do something?”

“ Yeah, I might have used magic to convince the principal to move the tour up,” Bobo responded., 

“ Are you allowed to do that?” she asked. 

“ Yeah, it's my destiny. I should be allowed to do anything necessary to get my destiny complete, right?” he said with a smile. 

“ I guess you're right, but where would we go for the trip? It was never discussed,” Rose said aloud, knowing Bobo was listening. 

“ Well, why don't you ask Riku” he suggested

Rose thought about it for a little bit, then decided to call Riku. She went downstairs and asked her dad to call Riku and clarify what needed to be packed for the trip. Her dad agreed with a smile on his face and gave Rose her number. Rose then walked up to her room and called Riku; it rang three times before Riku’s voice was on the other side.

“ Hello,” she said 

“ Hey, Riku, it’s me, Rose. I had some questions about the trip. Do you know where it is by any chance?” 

Riku said through the phone, shocked 

“ You don't know where we are going?” she asked 

Rose told her she didn't. Riku then responded 

“ We’re going to Hashima Island, also known as Skyfall Island.”

“ Oh, where is that?” Rose asked, but Riku just told her to look it up online. Rose thanked Riku and hung up the call, then she went to her computer and googled Skyfall island immediately a bunch of articles came up. Rose skimmed through a few of them; most of them were how it was used during the civil war. Still, the pieces that caught her eye were the ones stating how it is home to these shadow creatures known as Yurei or ghosts that inhabit the island and the fact that a dragon known as Mizuchi surrounds the island. Rose jumps up in excitement. Bobo notices and asks her why she is so excited. She turns to bobo and explains this place and how it is related to the final challenge. Bobo is surprised and excited because he only has to figure out what he has to do to become an actual spirit animal. Now all they have to do is pack.


Rose spent all morning packing for anything she might need with the help of Mother nature and Yokai explaining a bit of the challenge.

“ Well, you got to understand the Yurei are very mean creatures. They were supposed to be souls who have a peaceful afterlife, but something happened,” Mother Nature replied worriedly. 

“ Well, how will I know if I encounter them?” Rose asked, but Bobo cut in 

“ Yurei are creatures who dress in white; they also might have a Hitaikakushi tied around their head,” he said 

“ Rose never read anything about that she was curious and kept asking questions which Mother nature and Yokai were answering responsibly

Yokai then cut in

“They also may have black hair that is long and disheveled,  '' he explained both Mother Nature and Yokai explain more about them which keeps making Rose shiver with fear. But then Mother Nature also explains.

“ They like to shapeshift and pretend to be tour guides and guide people where they shouldn't go, so be careful.” 

“ We will,” Rose and Bobo say at the same time, and then they both close the door and leave. Rose and her dad then head to the school. Her dad says to Rose

“Be careful, please. I know you are in good hands.” winking at Riku Rose, noticing smiles, and says

“Yes, I am in amazing hands.” running over to Riku for a hug, then to her friends. Rose’s dad then went to Riku and asked bashfully. 

“ When you get back, would you like to go on a date?” Riku said with a bright look 

“Absolutely!” before the conversation went further, the bus driver yelled 

“ Let's Head Out!” As everyone ran to the bus Rose and Riku hugged Rose’s dad and followed everyone else to the bus. Riku, as the teacher, was explaining to everyone that the plan was to get on a fair boat to the island then tour guides would be there for them to help us get around. She said 

“Do not be afraid that the school has approved them.” 


Thirty minutes later, they reached the fair boat, ready for the journey to the island. All the kids ran to the ship, but the captain stopped them and said

“ Before any of you get on, there is some rules everyone must follow

  1. Stay seated.

  2. No one talks about Yurei or Mizuchi.

  3. No one. and I mean no one goes below deck.”

Some students saying

“ He is crazy.” Knowing what lies ahead, Rose followed every rule to a T. While others wasted time. One student started to head to the door below deck. The captain came from what seemed like nowhere and scared him and the rest of the students. When they went to the island, it looked as though something had covered it as a sign of death. On the island stood the most massive building with at least two hundred widows with no lights coming out of them. The building looked as though a hammer cracked the wall, and it was about to fall. Rose stood there with untamed fear and said to Bobo. 

“ What have we gotten ourselves into?” Bobo, unsure of how to help Rose tells her

“I will let nothing harm you” as he nestles his nose into her hand 

As they walk off the boat, everyone is looking around; some are terrified, others are amazed, Rose and Bobo are nervous because they know the real reason they're here. Just as they were getting closer to the building, two tour guides dressed in all white appeared with smiles on their faces.

“ Welcome,” one of them said in a slightly raspy voice.

“ It is a pleasure to meet you,” the other one said, almost whispering, “ we hope you enjoy your visit.” They said together while looking at Rose and Bobo. Nobody else seemed to notice, but as one started leading the way, the other went behind but not before watching rose the whole way. She looked at Bobo and taped her head. Bobo closed his eyes and concentrated. 

“ Is everything ok?” he asked. 

“No, I think our tour guides are the Yurei haven't you noticed their clothes,” she asked 

“ Maybe or they could be just people obsessed with white,” he said 

Rose did not respond and just simply sighed. Bobo ended the thought. 

They continued on the island tour, but they kept going further and further into the building, Riku being hesitant, asked.

“ Are you sure we’re allowed to go in there?’

“ Yes,” the tour guides said. Rose and the other students, along with Riku, were worried. Rose looked at Bobo to ask a question, but he wasn't there. She looked everywhere but couldn't find him, they continued and entered a building which smelled a lot like gas every student covered their faces with a scarf or their clothing—still, nothing. Worked one by one; they all passed out. Just as she was losing consciousness, Rose turned and saw the tour guides change into their primary forms.

“ You are the Yurei,” she said before everything went black.


Bobo was walking around looking for Rose, calling her name and trying to communicate with her. Still, every attempt failed; he kept wandering around trying to find her when he fell into the water; slowly and slowly, he started to go down for every effort made it more challenging, for he couldn't swim. Just as he was losing consciousness, something grabbed him from behind and pulled him out of the depths.

He saw a giant blue dragon with golden yellow eyes staring back at him when he gained consciousness. Bobo, not frightened at all, just stands up and asks. 

“ Who are you?”

The dragon looks at him says 

“ Well, little spirit, I am the great and powerful Mizuchi, and you are in my domain.” Bobo walks up to the dragon and apologizes, then explains his situation. The dragon listens thoughtfully and nods his head, then says 

“ Those pesking yurei have been terrorizing my home for the past millennium, and I would so wish to get rid of them, but alas, every time I try, they always have people that they luer with tours and fascinating facts about this place.”

Bobo then remembers  that this friend Rose is on tour, and the dragon's eyes become worried.

“ Well, you better hurry then,” he said. Bobo runs off with the dragon following close behind.

As he arrives at the place with the help of Mizuchi,  he sees Rose and her class unconscious on the ground, he tries to call for Rose, but she doesn't respond, then the Yurei comes in holding one of the students, he looks around and notices that some of the students have begun to turn white. Without thinking, he shouts. 

“ Leave them alone.”

The Yurei look at him and Mizuchi and mock them.

“ Oh poor little spirit look Akaki ( means crimson, red or evil)he has come to rescue his friend,” one says with a laugh the other yurei know as Akaki turns to Bobo and explains with a grin. 

“Your right Akako ( means evil). It’s a shame that he will never see her again,” she said, going straight over to Rose and picking her up, but Bobo's anger rising in his screams and charges for the spirit with a flash of light, the energy is knocked to the ground, Mizuchi comes from behind and pins them both down. Rose and her class then wake up all startled because of Bobo, who is visible to everyone. 

“Bobo,”  she calls out; he looks at her and everyone else 

“ Rose, How do you know this panda cub?” one of the students ask

“ Because he is my spirit animal, '' she responded. Everyone was dumbfounded that a girl who is so shy could have such a calm and collective spirit animal. Bobo then helps  Rose and her class get up just as Mother nature and yokai appear, praising them for a well-done job. Rose and Bobo are excited and think it was the end. They turn to Mizuchi and thank him, which he returns with a satisfying growl. Just as they turn on their heels, another Yurei  (RUA means moon ) comes out from the shadows with a dagger sprinting at Rose. Bobo notices and screams to Rose to turn around; just as she gets hurt, Bobo leaps into action, taking the blow himself. Rose then collapses on the ground, sobbing and holding her best friend in her arms as his aura fades away.


As they are walking away, Rose hears Bobo scream her name. Rose then turns around only to find a yurei with a dagger sprinting towards her, and Rose embraced for the hit with her eyes closed. She feels a furry figure press their body against her taking the hit themselves. As she opens her eyes, Rose sees Bobo on the ground slowly fading out of existence. She kneels sobbing, holding Her best friend as she considers his aura to disappear. Rose screams his name. He just looks at her with a sad expression and says.

“ Thank you so much for being my friend and helping me on this journey. I hope to see you again in another life.” With that said, he closes his eyes and fades back to his world in a flash. As Rose sits there sobbing, Mother Nature and Yokai grab her hands and lead her away. Rose tries to fight back, but it’s useless. Riku then comforts her telling her it will be alright and guides her out. As everyone tries to recollect what happened, Mother Nature walks up to Rose and says 

“ You have done well, my dear.” 

“ Yeah, but all is lost without Bobo.” as the words left her lips, a flash of the light appeared behind her. She then feels a familiar furry touch against her hand; she turns around, seeing a familiar face with tears streaming down her cheeks; she runs and hugs her friend.

“BOBO!” she yells with joy burying her face in his fur. Bobo laughs and hugs Rose.
“ I don't understand, '' Rose said when they released each other. Bobo opens his mouth to explain, but Mother Nature says 

“ Well, if you paid attention to the clue Yokai gave you, you would have understood the whole task.” She repeats it in her head, but nothing comes up. Bobo then explains the choice he had to make was either save himself or save her. Rose shocked by his words, asked.

“ Why did you choose to save me?” 

“ Because you helped me see that I am not just a little spirit, but a great protector and friend.” Rose, crying, hugs her friend one last time as they are leaving the building heading home.  With that, the previous glorious check came above their head.


Chapter 5

A new destiny awaits 

A few years passed, and Hashima Island began to prosper. Spirit animals started coming around happy that they had a place to live. Bobo and Rose’s friendship began to grow. Rose began to help other little girls embrace their characteristics and flaws. In contrast, Bobo helped guide the fellow animals to their partners; with each hour that passed, more and more spirits emerged happy to be paired with someone they can bond with and start a great adventure. 

Mother nature continues to help people in their own destiny while trying to uncover her own.


Yokai retired and is living his life trying to defeat others who would harm him or humankind.


Rose’s dad and Riku are officially married and are enjoying their honeymoon in the states.


Sakura and her father are now reunited and are helping others believe in the possibility of worlds beyond their beliefs.


Rose’s class believes it was just a dream; only Rose and Riku know the truth.


Rose is now happily married to a wealthy businessman who is currently serving in the marines; she has a beautiful daughter named Sara (  means vivid blossom) who, like her, is very outgoing and brave and loves Bobo dearly, she also helps him with taking care of the newly formed spirit animals while also waiting to meet her own.


Bobo, now a true spirit animal, has taken the job as a yokai guiding people on their journeys to their destiny while also waiting to see where his may lead. He also enjoys Sara’s company whenever he has time. He and Sara will spend hours talking to Mizuchi about his past and just enjoying the year. 


Then on the night of Christmas day after rose goes to sleep. Sara got out of bed, walked over to the window, and looked at the stars, wishing she could see her dad. Then out of nowhere, Bobo appears, startling her 

“ Bobo, what are you doing here?” she asked.
“ Well, my little blossom, I have a gift for you” he steps to the side to reveal a Kitsune. 

“ What is this little Kitsune doing here? Does it need help?” she asked, concerned Bobo responded.

“Sara, this kitsune is your spirit animal!” 

“ Really,” Sara said excitedly. 

“Yes,” Bobo responded, “ She is here to help you fulfill your wish.”

“ What do you mean,” Sara asked curiously 

Bobo looked at kitsune then at Sara 

“ Remember the adventure me and your mom went on? Are you ready to start your own?”...


Submitted: November 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Josie Henderson. All rights reserved.

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