How to Be Human

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Becoming a better human takes opportunity, using one's mind, body and brain and not discussing religion, politics or sex. However, as an imperfect human, I may do a little of each.

Being a writer was never an easy task. First of all, thank you to my relatives, teachers, parents, husband, daughter and friends for encouraging me to write.


Mother used this not so original quote to help her children get along in this World. Never talk about sex, religion or politics. This may be what is wrong in the World today.

The news today is all over the World. Media is just opinions by writers. Remember the pen is mightier than the sword.

News is something worth your while to read to keep up what is going on.


Most of my life, I worked as a Nurse. I did go to I quit because it was a repeat I felt was insulting. Graduation came in 1982 with a degree from two Universities.  College was hard for me. Very difficult. I had to study. After about five years with a timeout of over a year or two I graduated from Texas Tech University in dusty Lubbock, Texas. I had a husband who was in medical school and very physically abusive and a daughter to care for from my first failed marriage.


Mother said people will be jealous of your having an education but I never paid attention to that.  So what if they are jealous? Jealousy of things like that are a waste of time. Better to go grab your own degree. Learning to want to continue to gain knowledge about life is very important.  Some never have the opportunity to take courses in higher learning so to them I say thank you for being as special as anyone else. May you get a chance to become the best you can be with all your talents.

Learn to think for your self.  Listen to the wise. As a nurse I worked in a jail, home health and mostly took care of the elderly in communities where I lived in nursing homes. I learned so much from the elderly.  I remember certain people that were in my care. Nurses have to not be prejudice.  In A.A. they call it comtempt prior to investigation. 


America does not take very good care of our elderly and that says plenty about a society. In China, and in Native American culture,  elders are to be respected and cherished because they have life experience and most likely will not be here on earth as long as you.

When you Mother and Father die, it is very hard to take except for the fact they may have been mean to you so you could face your life choices. My father was the kind and loving passive one, and my Mother used tough love more times than I can remember.  I did develope a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.  Free will is an amazing thing.


We are given a good and an evil nature. Sex in marriage is one way to let evil out in a proper manner.  Emotions are also given to us by God. We are like God in so many ways. But God is perfect and is loving and kind. A spirit who watches over us.  He wants you to fulfill your purpose here on Earth and add to the good here, not use your talents wastefully.

Pray before you paint then do your art my Mother told me. It works. My Mother forced me to play piano and as an adult I am so thankful she did. I had a rare music teacher named Dr. Brent Stratton who was the first person to bring hand bells for choirs to America. I use this talent to go into nursing homes and play old hymns, classical music and some contemporary for the ones who care to listen and can hear. They are a captive audience, poor folks.

My Father taught me the Ten commands from Moses to have a better life. His favorite book of all times was Proverbs. It teaches wisdom.  To get wisdom,  ask God for it.

Sin is doing wrong things that harm us, hurting God's feelings, harming other humans or causing others to do wrong. We sin daily.  Jews ask forgiveness once a year.  God has books. If your name is not written in His book of life, when your soul goes into eternity you had better look out. You may come back as a dog. Or you may never come back and cease to exist.  Some believe in a firey hell. A place of torment is what it is.


When Moses, Aaron and one other man were eating and drinking in Israel, God spoke to them and showed himself to them and many others. This is in the history book Exodus. They were Hebrews by birth and God chose them to bring or teach God's laws to all generations. That is why they are called Chosen.


The Jews are under the law, but Christians are under grace. JESUS was a Jew in the ancestral line of King David and came to earth as a final sacrifice for sins to them who believe he is who he said he was...God's son.  His only Son who came to teach the World about God and was without sin. He was murdered because he did not always follow the laws. No one can be perfect but God who created the heavens and this earth is perfect.

Church is for learning to be a good person and religion is not the opioid of the masses-it is a moral compass so we do not become like wild animals.  Previous civilizations of mankind did horrible things to their own families,  to others.

The Bible is a guide book on how to live. Parts of it are not literal.

We humans need love to survive. A mothers love is like God's love.

A father is to work hard, provide for his wife and family and protect them from evil. He is to teach his wife and children about God, teach them about how to do well in life.

When parents become drunkards or lose their minds, they cannot fulfill their role as parents.

So learn what you were put here on earth to do and follow at least the Noahide laws to gain a place that is good in eternity.

And if you want other humans to like you, listening to them and smiling really helps .

Don't discuss sex,religion or politics. 





Submitted: November 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 brenniewebb. All rights reserved.

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