3rd of eight

Let it be... In a foggy valley

7 - 20 - 16 2:39 pm


The ere silence slinks over the ridged peaks

Climbing over the fog capped sky

Then disappears into the darkness

As the winds sing a screeching cry


I walk without sound betwixt blackened walls

 Slithering thorns entangle my ankles 

I keep hold to guide through the earthen halls

Taking care only not to slip 


The wind brushes from behind 

Whistling ominous tunes

Swaying the bare trees

Nearly making me lose my grip


Higher I go 

and soon my heart became ill

For years now there's been no snow

The air has grown thin and stands still


I hear only my soles

As I tread light on the wet slope

I stay alert to crevices and holes

Holding tight to my only hope


Closer and closer I near the top

But then a serpent blocked the path

I quickly came to a screeching halt 

Wishing not to face it's venomous wrath


But it coiled around me

Wrapping about my chest

Tangling around my wrists

I tried in vain to pull away


We struggled on the slippery side

I kept hold of his fangs

And he my palms

My feet stirring to keep steady


Squeezing, strangling 

Choking, loosing voice 

Gasping for breath 

But I hadn't much choice


Gurgling, sputtering 

Shivering skin growing blue

Heart expanding, lungs burning 

Throat smothered as if swallowing thick glue


Muscles weakening

We slip from the side

Through the stale mist

Back to the rocky molding 


Bones bruised and tattered skin

Slowly but surely I stand erect

Folding my hands and breathing in

I untangle the serpent from about my neck


Author’s Note: We have fallen from the cliff into a valley. What will happen as we travel further? This poem was meant to push the series further. I do not fear snakes but they are a formidable predator. To give you some perspective, I am 4 feet and 11 inches tall and way about 113 pounds. I didn’t specifically say what kind of snake it was so you get to choose. Looking back I imagine a python. What did you see?

Submitted: November 23, 2021

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