4th of eight

Let it be... In Arachnid Gorge


Started: 6 - 2 - 16 


I haven't much fear of Spiders

They don't really scare me

What I tell you is true

If you have this fear however 

It will only be a nightmare for you


I've imagined this to happen in the dark

As I walk along an overgrown trail

Oversewn with ivy and thorns

Do not lean over to hold the rail


I do for I find it alright 

Here see three spiders come and crawl on my skin

You seem to find it a slight

 These do not bite and spread toxins within 


Above my head hang silk beds

Widows sit in watch of my deeds

Leeches and eels slither among the reeds

Balloons fly in breezily over troubled heads


In an instant I lose footing 

Down the dark pit of nitre

On to a huge web 

I felt their eyes looking 


The threads trembled as they crawled

Disturbed came the common ones

They spun upon me wristlets and anklets


At once came sharp knives on my left arm and leg

Enough only to dent

Soft bristles brushed my right

They hovered overhead in a silk tent


They had been waiting for me

They cut in my flesh in sync 

Draining the blood from my veins 

I soon lost energy to think


I could feel my warmth fading 

My dark skin growing light

Straining to hear and losing my sight

Not a thing to do but lie still and wait


Red rivers flood down my veins to drain

One by one my limbs tingle and go numb

Golden and clear rivers rush to cause me pain

My heart became delirious 

And my mind grew dumb


Hardly enough blood to breathe

But just as much to not be dead

All stepped back in to the dark

Then each one cut a thread


Chained tight I fell through the pit of the night 

Down a dark rock well

Into a cask overlaid with moss

Bloodless and stiff

Never again to see a new day's light


There I shall gain strength again 

I shall get to my health in a prison 

To have no hope but just one provision 

For them to come back 

For once more my life they'll drain

Then perhaps I might die or just be left in pain


Awaken! I have been this whole time

If I had meant to be scary 

I wouldn't have made this rhyme


Quite a dream, but I digress 

Your next spider adventure should be far less dramatic 

See you not why I don't call these nightmares 

After these I became charged and ecstatic 

Your fears are your fears none the less

Till I find else to tell, go about your daily cares


Authors Note: In my defense I had read some of Edgar Alan Poe’s work for school. Nitre is nitrogen. Did you catch the references to the spider life cycles, breeds and behavior? The widows that watched me were Black Widow spiders and the baby spiders travel by making tiny web balloons. Did you know spiders have paws? They do! They have tiny paws at the ends of their legs. I didn’t know that at the time and I thought there legs would be a little sharp. We’ve left the gorge, now what?

Submitted: November 23, 2021

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