From the “Blessed By Geography” Dept.

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Blessed By Geography Dept.


As I watch the news today, with reports of famine and hardship around the world, especially in countries where the United States has sanctions in place…for whatever reason. I see this.


Do I feel guilty because I’m going to binge on the holiday fare and watch football on the jumbo-tron? Hell no! I count myself blessed to have been born in the U.S.


I did nothing, zero, zilch, nada to deserve this blessing.  This blessing that, more than any other factor in my life cycle, has positively influenced the benefits which I experience every single day of my life.  These benefits which are too numerous to try to list here.


On the other side of that coin, the millions of regular people who endure the innumerable hardships created by their own geography have done nothing to warrant their situation. They are burdened by the misfortune of being born into violence and hardship.


I don’t demonize nor condemn these people for this situation that, for the most part, they did not create.  Nor do I condemn them for the attitudes or actions which their hardship have instilled within them.  I do not deny them the right to try to better their condition, or at least lessen their hardship, by whatever peaceful means necessary.


No. I do not possess enough knowledge about the geopolitical influences that have created the famine or cultural violence that plagues much of the world to render intelligent and informed criticism of the complications of life beyond North America.  I honestly do not have a clue.


So as the excesses of the Thanksgiving holiday loom on the horizon, I count my blessings, the greatest of which is just that I was born where I was when I was, to parents who actually cared for my well being.  I have been blessed more than I can possibly comprehend.  So I will ask all of you who enjoy the opportunity to read these words to recognize that you too have been blessed by geography. Give thanks every single day for what you have, not because you earned it, but because it was handed to you.  There are many millions who never had a chance just because of where they were born. Amen.



Submitted: November 24, 2021

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88 fingers

I enjoyed your article, but I think there might be dark clouds on the horizon.
On a radio talk show last week, they were talking about the shortage of fertilizer and pesticides. It's becoming more expensive to make.
China has the corner market on yellow phosphorus that is a key ingredient for the two. And they and Russia have stopped exporting these two key items to grow crops.
So unless we don't increase our production of fertilizer and pesticides, next Thanksgivings dinner might be a little smaller.

Thu, November 25th, 2021 12:18am

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