Tour of Tylandra

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chairman Miko takes two alien leaders and the leader of an off-world human colony on a tour of Planet Tylandra, which has a land surface area of less than 300,000 square kilometers.

I waited at the tarmac outside the entrance to the Tylandra Space Fleet Headquarters in the Republic of Krosa, on the western tip of Tylandra Island, Planet Tylandra. Tylandra was a small planet with a circumference of 1700 km and a diameter of 541 km. Despite being such a small planet, Tylandra had a breathable atmosphere and ocean: with two main islands and a smaller island wrapped around its equator, giving it a total land area of under 300,000 square kilometres. Krosa was a small republic with two districts.

I was the chairman of the League of Tylandra. My people were a hominin race called Tylandrians. As I waited for the three alien leaders to arrive, the Tylandrian League flag, consisting of the three islands surrounded by four rows of stars representative the 38 sovereign states of Tylandra, flapped proudly in the nice cool breeze. There were a few clouds in the sky.

The first leader to arrive was Princess Sylendra Margiola of the Chen Qan Do Empire. She arrived in a magical bubble that descended gradually to the ground. The Chen Qan Do Empire had a hierarchy of Qan wizards and Do witches which protected their empire. That was why I saw them as valuable allies. They called themselves the Chen. As Sylendra landed on the ground in front of me, the magic orb vanished. Oh, she was so pretty with her tall body and long blonde curly hair. Sylendra wore a long brown dress with brown sandals.

“Where’s the Empress?” I asked.

“Oh, grandma’s putting out a wildfire in Clephora. So she sent me instead”. Sylendra gave me a beautiful smile. “You single?”

I nodded. I said “You’re so beautiful, darling.”

The second leader to arrive was Secretary General Kyella Xardo of Planet Xibrena. Her aircraft was a dull grey sphere. As the ramp came down, Kyella walked down the ramp with her hour-shaped body, her wide hips and blue scaly skin. She wore a black dress pants with an orchid shirt and black leather jacket. She looked reptilian. The Xibrens had infrared vision.

“Oh, you look so pretty with that nice figure” I said.

“Thanks” replied Kyella with a smile. Her eyes were hazel brown.

The last leader to arrive was Mayor Patrick La Rue of the Kempera Trans-dimensional Space Station. The Kempera was built by an American company called Sine Cosine Tangent and financed by NASA. The Kempera orbited outside of our universe outside space and time.

His light blue aircraft with the emblem of the Earth inside the universe amongst a few other universes landed on the tarmac. Patrick walked down the ramp with his strong build and short brown hair. He wore jeans, denim jacket and expensive Italian boots.

“Welcome to Tylandra” I said shaking his hand.

“Gracias,” replied Patrick with his Italian accent. “Where is the Mayor of Keyander? Is she no comin’?”

“She’s receiving a visit from a Xud. She’s showing him around her asteroid city.” I replied.

“I heard rumours of the Xud back on my space station,” Patrick wiped his left hand through his hair. “They exist in the form of consciousness I hear.”

“Yeah,” said Sylendra “I might take Mika to the Xudu universe once this tour is over. Wouldn’t you like, Miko? It’s a fabulous experience.”

“I would like that very much,” I said smiling “Thank you. Well, we better head to Lake Janhu Kingdom. I’ll lead you to the van.”

I led the three alien leaders to the silver and blue van parked outside the entrance. The van had the three islands painted on the side. We climbed aboard the van. I climbed into the driver’s seat, started the engine and we left the Space Fleet Headquarters.

I drove through the Valley Kingdom of Lansu made off the districts of upper and lower Lansu. It was south of the Sorbitol Republic. We entered the Empire of Krashu with it’s four large provinces. Krashu’s capital was a large city with a square in the middle. I showed them round the square as we ate roast beef buns. People laying on the grass talking, or playing Frisbee. The Imperial Krashu Government sat opposite the square. The flowers were beautiful in shades of pink, blue and yellow and there was a pond with fish in it. My guests were impressed.

Once we got back in the van, I drove further east through the desert province of Shorak and Mount Sclora to the left. Krashu was south of Ebden Kingdom and the Mountain Empire of Sawaru with it’s three provinces. By the end of the day we arrived in the Lake Kingdom of Janhu, we spent the night in the Royal Janhu Palace.


The next day we woke up. I took the three alien leaders to the lake where we met up with the skipper, named Gashen Marson. We put on our wetsuits as he was taking us water skiing on the lake. We climbed aboard the boat. Patrick untied the boat from the moor. Gashen pushed the throttle forward. We took off, skimming along the surface of the lake. It was Kyella who took the first turn. Gashen pushed the throttle forward. We looked back at Kyella on the water skis. She had a lovely smile on her face. The boat swerved around the other end of the bay. Kyella going wahoo. She got a few laps round the bay.

Once she had her turn it was Patrick’s turn on the skis. As Gashen pushed the throttle forward, we watched Patrick skiing on the water. Sylendra grabbed my hand, pulled me up as she wrapped my arms around her shoulders, picked me up on her back and lifted me up in the air as she levitated above the boat. I wrapped my legs around her waist.

“Let’s race them” she whispered.

Sylendra took off beside the boat, carrying me on her back as she hovered over the lake in a horizontal position. As we reached the end of the bay, she swerved to the right. Then we zoomed along the surface towards the other end. The adrenaline rushing through my veins. My heart was pumping, the air rushing through my hair. We went up and down the bay a few times. Sylendra banked left, carrying me across the surface of the lake at a rapid pace. Ganesh and the other two tried racing us in the boat. But Sylendra was fast. Once we were half way across the lake, we approached some ancient stone age carving on the rock

Sylendra slowed down to a halt, levelled out with her feet pointing towards the water. I clung my legs around her waist for dear life. Wrapping my arms around her shoulders.

“It’s so pretty” said Sylendra looking up at the carving.

“Yes,” I replied “Been carved ‘bout a thousand years ago by the ancient Jan. Amazing isn’t it?”

Sylendra smiled back at me with her dark brown eyes. She kissed me on the lips, sticking her tongue in my mouth. It was so blissful. Massaging her tongue with mine. I heard the chugging of the speed boat approaching us slowly, before the engine idled. Then, all of a sudden, Sylendra giggled as someone was obviously tickling her feet. She tried pulling her feet away, but Patrick kept tickling the soles of her feet.

“She has ticklish feet, don’t you think?” said Patrick. “Love birds.”

“Umm, Patrick,” I said “If you’re finished playing with her feet. We need to get back to shore. We have to get to Janhi before sunset.”

“Ok. I’ll stop tickling her feet.”

“Thank you,” replied Sylendra “Race you back to shore.”

Sylendra and I raced the boat back to shore, my hair blowing in the wind.


Once we had reached shore, we dried ourselves off, got dressed and hopped in the van. I started the engine and we left Janhu City. We travelled north east, first going through the Kingdom of Jantan consisting of two districts. I drove through the capital of Jantan which was quite a small town. Jantan covered the southeast of the Jan plains. We went through deep tropical forest with lots of forestry. Then we entered the Janhi Empire which contained five provinces covering a large part of the Jan plains.

We arrived at Jan City, capital of the great Janhi Empire. We spent the night at the Janhi Imperial Palace. Next day, I woke up the three alien leaders, we hopped into the van and drove us further to the west. We went through the Eastern Jan province and across the border into the Zebreru Empire. I drove along the Western Motorway, past all the sheep farms and crops. The Zebreru Empire was a centralized country that covered the Zebreru region, centred on the central isthmus. We eventually reached Zebreru City.

“Zebreru,” I explained “Is the largest city on all of Tylandra. Zebreru Empire has the largest population on Tylandra with one and a half million people. Making up a third of Tylandra’s population.”

“That is so cool” said Kyella giggling.

Sylendra sat on the front passenger seat, smiling at me before looking out the window again. The cities of Zebreru had merged into one over a hundred years ago. Once we reached the city centre, I parked the van in the multiplex. We got out of the van and took the lift to the ground floor, before walking down to the main street of Zebreru. We turn right down the main street towards downtown Zebreru. We went past all the shops, the alien leaders looking up at the skyscrapers above us. I was used to this city. Visited Zebreru many times.

It was a nice sunny day too. We went past various clothing stores, appliance stores, shoe stores and jewellery shops, passing by the malls. We crossed Bersorett Street, walking along the brick square between the downtown shopping mall and Grassorf Station towards Emperor’s Wharf. I showed them the ferry terminals and two event centres on either side to the end of the wharf. We looked out at East Shore across the Zebreru Harbour and Zebreru Harbour Bridge.

“The eastern Motorway takes you to the three eastern kingdoms,” I said “Of Has, Pheno which contains two provinces, the Principality of Quadri Bay and the Far Eastern Kingdom of Pero.”

“Cool” said Kyella nodding and smiling.

We watched a ferry sailing across the harbour, a speed boat zooming past and people sailing on a yacht, enjoying the hot tropical sun. Once we had finished walking along the Zebreru water front, I took the alien leaders on a tour around the Eastland kingdoms of Has, Pheno, Quadri and Pero. We drove along the northern coast of the Eastern countries.

I drove through Zebreru through the Teln Peninsula Republic, through the Chansa Bay nations of Vebu Republic in the north with the coastal city of Vebu, the Ken Lakes Republic in inner Chansa and the Worsa Empire in the south with three provinces. It’s capital was the town of Worsa. We travelled through Dangalier gorge into the Faris Empire.

The Empire covered cape Faris. Once we reached the city of Faris, we ran into the sea and took a swim at the beach. The water felt nice and cool, the waves splashed over us as we jumped the waves. We dived through the waves as they came in from the south. Sylendra and I laughed as we splashed each other. She swam closer to me and we kissed on the lips, massaging each other’s tongues. Sylendra turned her back to me, plopping me on her back. I clung my legs around her cold waist as she levitated out of the water, lifting me up into the air as we looked down at the coastline. The children building sandcastles, women laying on the beach sunbathing, teenagers playing volleyball. We both smiled, watching Kyella and Patrick swimming towards shore. As they waded out of the water, Patrick gestured for us to come towards him.

Sylendra carried me towards shore as she descended towards the beach and landed on the sand. I hopped of her back. That night we cooked barbeque steak with serarahol sauce, onions and bread. Oh, the steak was nice and juicy. Once we had dinner, we got drunk telling stories and camped out with the Faris Emperor.


The next day, I drove the alien leaders towards the west along the Southern coastland. We went through the Saia Kingdom on the eastern part of the bay, through the coastal town of Saia, and into the Tontro Bay Empire with it’s three provinces. I stopped off at my parent’s small farm in Central Tontro. They lived in Kexigan Village. My parents took us on a tour of the garden, showing her fish in the pond and the yellow candiburn birds in the aviary. They took us for a walk around the village, showing the new houses, railway track where the railway station used to be. There was the town hall, pub, playground and sports field with the grandstand, tennis courts.

We walked through the sports field, through the old cattle trail and new houses being built next to our parents. My parents collected the vegetation to feed the birds. She gave them birdseed and water. Kyella helped mum to feed the chickens some mash and collect the eggs before we went into the house. We had a hot cup of segragu made from the segragu seeds. We had some yummy biscuits from an old Tontrian recipe. I had grown up on a large farm in Central Tontro.

“Sylendra is such a lovely young woman, Miko,” said mum “She’d make a lovely girlfriend.”

“Yes,” I replied, sipping my segragu “She’s a wonderful woman.” I gulped down the rest of my drink. “We better be heading off, mum. Show the alien leaders the rest of Tylandra. Take them to Zebreski Island and Zorb.”

“Ok, son,” replied mum as we stood up. Mum gave me a hug. She was in her 80’s and was short. “Nice having you here. Visit me often.”

“I will, mum” I replied as we pulled back.

“You take care of my son, Sylendra.”

“I will.”

We said our goodbyes as we climbed into the van. I started the engine and we pulled out of my parent’s driveway, turning left onto the main road towards Kniem with it’s three provinces.


We took a ferry to Zebeski Island in the west. We travelled through Ngarl Kingdom to the Kingdom of Jemblan on the southern shore of Zebreski. There was a colony of Zebreski seals, the males fighting for mates. The sea crashing on the shore. People swimming in the tropical sea. We stopped off at the cafe next to the waterfront where we watched the dolphins playing in the water. Jumping out of the water. It was next to the Jemblan Ranges to the north.

We then travelled to Emoko Empire with its five provinces. Emoko was the largest city on Zebreski Island. I took the three alien leaders on a tour of the Emoko Temple where the Emoks worshiped their goddess, Disralo. It was such a beautiful temple. The aliens marvelled at the architecture with the white marble walls and the statue of Disralo. The temple was about a thousand years old. There was an alter and seats where the Emoks prayed. Once we had enough of the temple, we drove through Krando Republic into the Yasaran Republic in the centre of the island.

Yasaran was named after a great empress. The capital town was next to the lake. It was a great tourist destination. Kyella and Patrick went kayaking on the lake as Sylendra picked me up on her back. I clung my legs around her as she hovered over the lake beside Kyella and Patrick. The scenery was spectacular with the gravel shoreline and tropical trees. The hills in the background. It was a good holiday spot. People camping beside the lake, children swimming. Sylendra dipped her toes in the water. We talked about how nice the scenery was. Sylendra smiled at me over her right shoulder. I kissed her on the lips.

Once we toured the lake, we went through the Grobesk Kingdom, Republic of Nadu, Vespa Kingdom with it’s two provinces and Jero Principality. We took a charter boat to Zorb Island in the far west. Zorb being Zebreski for paradise. We went tramping through the Zorb National Park to the top of the hill, looking out at the scenery. I could see the whole island from here and Zebreski Island across the horizon. There was a cool breeze. I wrapped my arms around Sylendra’s waist.

Once we got back to Zebreski, I took the aliens through Anurva Empire with the Anurva Fjord in the north east. We then took a boat trip through the fjord, looking at the steep cliffs and nice luscious tropical trees.

“Lovely, isn’t it?” smiled Sylendra. “Don’t you think?”

Sylendra looked at me over her right shoulder. I replied “Yes, darling.”

I wrapped my legs around her waist as she hovered above the boat and carried me over the fjord. The scenery was spectacular. I noticed hunters trekking through the forest. Once we reached the other end of the fjord, we sat on the bench in front of the shore. I leaned in, kissing her on the lips as we waited for the others to arrive in the boat. I massaged her breasts.

Once the others had arrived, Patrick drove the van off the boat. Sylendra and I climbed into the van. Patrick drove away from the boat. We went through the northern Zebreski Kingdoms of Mentu, Karaja and Vibra, stopping off to walk along the Sandy beach on the northern coast of Zebreski. I felt my toes digging through the soft sand as we saw the boat sailing on the horizon. The wind blowing around us.

We spent the night, sleeping in our tents on the beach. I shared my tent with Sylendra. Sylendra and I took off our clothes as we kissed each other on the lips. She said “Stick it in.” I complied. I penetrated her pussy as I rubbed her breasts. Kissing her on the lips. I rubbed myself against her and we groaned and moaned. Once Sylendra had orgasmed, I pulled out after having ejaculated.

“Was it good?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said “I enjoyed it.”

I kissed her on the lips.


The next day I took them to the Empire of Born where we drank some red wine at the vineyards. The wine had a sweet fruity taste and we toured the vineyards as we tried some grapes. Sylendra and I held hands. She turned and smiled at me. Once we saw how the wine was made, we took the ferry back to Kresa where I took the alien leaders to the Tylandrian League Headquarters.

I took them to my office where the Tylandrian emblem was on the wall in plated gold. We each signed a copy of the peace treaty with the Chan Qan Do Empire, Kempera Trans-dimensional Space Station and Xibrena. We also signed the Galactic Federation treaty making us members of the Galactic Federation and the Universe Alliance of Galaxies. By signing the treaty, I had ensured that my planet would be protected by the Chen wizards and witches, that we become allies with the Xibrens with their infrared vision and ensure that my people could visit the various parallel worlds through the Kempera Trans-dimensional Station. I was so proud of that.

We popped a cork and drank some wine we purchased from Born. We walked down the path to the Tylandrian Space Fleet Headquarters where Sylendra and I said our goodbyes to Kyella and Patrick, before they got on their space ships and took off. Sylendra told her mum that she’ll stay on Tylandra with me so that we could go dating.

Sylendra and I waved goodbye as Kyella’s spacecraft took off into the sky at a fast rate and Patrick’s craft catapulted into the trans-dimensional wormhole. Once they were gone, Sylendra walked up to me, placed my arms around her shoulders. I clung my legs around her waist as I felt her levitating above the ground and lifting me above the city as she smiled at me. I smiled back for a while, looking into her beautiful brown eyes. She has such a beautiful smile. We kissed each other on the lips, sticking our tongues in each other’s mouths as we floated above the Krosan skyscrapers.

Submitted: November 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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