In A Garden Of Poisoned Parox Roses

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sixth of eight.

Let it be... In a garden of Poisoned Parox Roses

Started:  10-18-16 3:45pm


Beyond the gate lay a garden 

Over-run and Oversewn 

Rusted works stand clothed in moss

The path lay old and overgrown 


Tile trails sit scrambled 

 Oaks lie strangled and unearthed 

Potted violets shattered 

Lilacs regretting the day they were birthed 


Bleeding Hearts hang shyly 

Clothed in crimson and beryl 

Melanoid allies stand slyly 

Their venomous thorns will make you ill


Upon my next step and suddenly at my feet

Stemmed and bloomed a young tulip

How suddenly and beautifully it grew up

Looking ever so delicate and smelling ever so sweet


Emulous and  envious 

Virulent nectar drips from their thorns

Invidious and insidious

Blackened petals glitter with scorn


Climbing down the stems they make their way

At first command the vicious attack starts

For all that are comely must suffer and pay

Under the orders of the murderous Hearts 


Emulous and invidious 

Venomous vines descend with grace 

Envious and insidious 

Wrapping the Tulip in a thorny embrace


How coldly it strangles

Sparkling with starry light though it itself is dark as silt 

How cruelly it mangles

The Tulip's colors fade as its stem and petals slowly wilt


Suddenly the ground rumbled 

I should have turned and looked away

The earth shook as the trail crumbled 

I pitied the tulip and now I too must pay


In vain I tried to get away

As the crevasse followed close

Upon the thorns I clumsily slipped 

In my sole I was dealt a paralyzing dose


The path splits and wider it grows

I fall in to the hole and soon will disclose

The perils and dangers the darkness will pose

At the orders of the Poisoned Parox Rose


By far this is one of my most favorites of the series. Such a jealous little flower! Probably not something you want in your garden...or maybe it is? I liked them and they were indeed beautiful. Nonetheless I had to pay for angering them and the punishments were...well the last two poems of the series will tell you.

Submitted: November 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Prism Persona. All rights reserved.

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