my feelings for my man never get old

It's been a while since I wrote what my feelings are down,
But I've been spending so much time on a lovely playground,
Watching my man score many goals in a soccer touchdown,
While I'm on a journey towards a freakin weight loss countdown
Now that I have time, I just want to explain,
The feelings that I have, they cannot be contained,
Maybe their wrong, maybe their insane,
But now that they're free, I'll never keep em chained.
He's the light of my life, he's the sparkle in my eyes,
I know that it is corny, that is no surprise,
He has given me strength to be phoenix and rise
and that right there is the biggest prize.
Every kiss and every touch makes my knees go weak,
Every smile, every blush and I just can't speak,
Every sigh and every moan, makes me feel unique
While every spank that hits home causes me to peak.
A love like this, no I won't deny,
And thereby
He is a mother fucking good guy

Submitted: November 25, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Jezzy Jay. All rights reserved.

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