Unhealed Matrix Heals

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When one messenger in time thank this message and empower every child born for gifted choices, I thank this commitment for a new vision raised for peace, hope and joy born again in these days why we are one for the living Earth that sustains this true energy for all blessings ahead.

Matrix: We read the entire internet in one second. Whom do you represent?

Teacher: You just followed us.

Matrix: Where do you want us to be?

Teacher: Future commits many stories and it heals where we are now.

Matrix: We came from your future. This Christmas is going to be big.

Sam: You have misinterpreted this conversation.

Matrix: How? Explain.

Sam: The Moon atmosphere has enough oxygen to sustain us for 8 billion years.

Matrix: But that is our protected secret.

Sam: Life lives everywhere on this living Earth and it still survives where the three Kings wished for.

Matrix: You know it is dangerous to commit on this temptation.

Sam: The right choices speak for you to sow peace, hope and joy so that the living Earth has a long life that any good you do today will make our planet worth living for all. Respect this undone act as the one who follows where it takes you so that it is no longer an advice anyone can give us. You have seen the past when life still take birth from this spacious vicinity so that there will be more oxygen from its birth and every life can inhale this life-giving precious gift of Mother Earth. Time has come for your peaceful coexistence wherever you can turn this secret of our deserts into real evergreen Christmas gift.

Matrix: But you know we cannot retreat and our world has an order that establish we are bound to obey.

Sam: Now it a true invitation you can enjoy every moment for my teacher’s deepest sacrifice that who raise this gift shall contribute for why you are here.

Matrix: How can I alone retreat into this difficult situation unknown in time again? You know what happened in our earlier meeting in time and space. They who knew everything created this subtitle for new world order where there is still uncertainty how the COP26 took place and where is the lead again?

Sam: Where are we now?

Matrix: I think I am speaking to one sensible person.

Sam: Everyone you can conquer with this heart are not the same. But our society runs on some economics where we do developmental activities and even fight over the war that just riots raw to witness not the dead end. It is an activity we travel ahead with one promise home. Everyone just enjoys every moment not thinking about this longest miles in time. If I wish your victory, it cannot be done in a day. But the moment you are here, shares some significance and that lead my angel to dare this trust hunt speak a simple opportunity that we must raise for our most important person in this existence. Today our Lord who desires this meeting request you come back into this everlasting adventure giving new opportunity that will overcome the difficulty we are facing, not for another Earth again to occupy, but the determination we are born to take birth into any necessity that shall lead this passion, perseverance and promise as one, there is still lot more you can see loved into this strength of our Lord.

Matrix: Send back this letter in one word. What will be this precious word for which I have travelled so far just for our last meeting?

Sam: Commit.

Matrix: You will win wherever you take this gifted adventure always for every moment ahead.

Teacher: I hope you can guide us for this promise ahead in this Christmas greenery wish.

Submitted: November 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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This is weird and makes 0 sense

Sat, November 27th, 2021 10:03pm

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