let It Be In A Glass Cage

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Seventh of eight.

Let it be...in  a glass cage (fear of sound)

10-23-16  10:28 am 


I awoke on the cold clear floor

Groggy and tired from what I past told

I stood to see the cage made of glass

Held on a metal chain that had grown old


All around was dark

The cage columns where white

The glass and air were cold

T'was not another object in sight


Crystals dangled from overhead

A flash struck them and split

Slashed them in colors blue and red

Gold, purple, green steel and blue


They dazzled in the dark

Each carrying a unique sound

They sparkled in the night

Colors and music bright and profound 


They whirled betwixt the bars 

Over my head and around my knees

Silver flutes and Crimson cellos

Obsidian strings and grand marble keys 


Pianos and synths

Chimes, bells, a tempo and beat

Revery Whistles, drums of gold

And many more instruments yet to be told


I loved it all and took them in

I heared it all the near and far

Catchy riffs of soft guitar

Hums of harps and violins 


What splendor and joy

I hoped it would never end

But it must have been a ploy

For next came what I could hardly comprehend 


With the next strum came threads of steel

Sharp, corse painful and shrill

Silver lights screech across the cage bars

Causing them to crack and my skin to cringe 


Splintered gold and broken brass

Striking at me from all sides 

Piercing colors scratch along the glass

Throw me against the wall


My teeth and gums rattle in pain

Crass keys and screeching strings

Echoing in darkness 

I cover my ears but only in vain


Shutters run down my spine

Blaring frequencies frequently firing 

Smacking the cage and tussling it's chain

Bringing me to my knees for it had all become tiring 


Then there it glimmered

Bouncing brightly between invisible walls

Coming closer

It radiantly shimmered


But I knew it at once that once and for all 

Sinister Starlike Sonorous bane

A final sound that sliced the rusted chain

Allowing the cage in cold darkness  to fall 


Author's Note: That was my first punishment. Rather insidious of those roses! To start with wonderful music and then blast such painful noise. Now I am falling and you’re just sitting there waiting to read what happened to me next. Well what are you waiting for?

Submitted: November 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Prism Persona. All rights reserved.

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