taken from my book, "Beyond Free"

A Lot Goin' On


The process on the way back to work

Seems very promising now

__that I am going to the department

____of rehabilitation first

But they haven't called

Like they said they would

Tomorrow is Storm Bucket's 10th. birthday

But it's sad

To know she'll only be around for 2 more years

I guess I'm very materially possessed

But none the less

__I need a new bike

And since I can't launder the money

__any other way

I will tuck it away in a safe

And save my ass off

On a weekly basis

I've decided to take every Monday off

As well as the whole weekend

So I'll always be able to find time

__for my writing

I won't be taking college football season off

Starting next season

So I know the first semester

__of every school year

____I will feel overwhelmed

But I guess when it rains

__will be my days if relaxation

I finally asked Amanda to see a

__movie with me in the theaters

And she hasn't canceled yet

I really don't know if she will

I don't expect it to be a date

We're just 2 friends

__that both wanna see

____a particular movie

The one I saw during

__a preview on Halloween

I'm supposed to see her tomorrow

I really hope I don't blow it

And change her mind

I doesn't really matter

If it never makes her mine

It's just a step in the right direction

Movie night


And a new bike I wanna name "Glasure Point"

But it's a scare

__none the less

My heart is racing

And everyday it gets closer

I started working The First Step again

__with my sponsor over the 'phone

We got the first section done

But it's a lot of writing and reading

So we're not yet done

I guess nobody finishes The First Step

__in one session

My future is bright

And horrifying, at the same time

I'm trying not to lose my mind

I was hoping to visit my old group home

Even if I don't get to tomorrow

There's other places I can see

__in East Oakland

Besides the whole campus itself

That can help me remember

__the good old days

Hoping that the sky is grey

I know I may never see Melissa again

I know she must be hiding from me

But there were other memories

__in Fred Finch Youth Center

____besides her

I just hope I can remember them

For what they are worth

I refuse to suffer in silence

I have a mouth

It's time I started using it

And the things I can't say?

Well, that's for every blank page



D. L. Cannon

Submitted: November 25, 2021

© Copyright 2023 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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