It started as an infatuation of some sort. Then it became much more than just late nights with each other. There was disapproval for the relationship but that comes with everyone does it not? But this story could only be told right by us.

Table of Contents

Fancy Lady

It was near the end of my last fall semester one like no other because I'd been accepted by some prestigious scholarship. All i had to do... Read Chapter

I’m not Mrs. - Chapter 2

“I’m Cleo King,” Her expression softened after while still holding eye contact with me.   “What happened to Shanno... Read Chapter

A Bit Bold - Chapter 3

Throughout the car ride, while i hate small talk, it was either do that or sit in an uncomfortable silence. So now I know she’s over ... Read Chapter

A System is Key - Chapter 4

As Thursday rolled around and I settled a bit more into balancing my classes and Hart’s work, I now made a system. Thankfully I found... Read Chapter

New Lady - Chapter 5

It was a bright and cold Sunday. I knew it would be slow today because of that but they still booked me all day. I just hope Robert, th... Read Chapter

Unforgettable - Chapter 6

I keep forgetting that there are a few things i shouldn’t tell Cherry since she has absolutely no filter, “She sounds hot.” &... Read Chapter

questions - chapter 7

I know for a fact after recommending the place that this university has a writing center. I’m looking at some dude’s paper and it’s... Read Chapter

An Early Crime - Chapter 8

After the small event on Monday I somehow felt more comfortable with Ms. Hart. I’d even stayed later to help, seeing as the walk back t... Read Chapter

Pizza - Chapter 9

I’ve never been in a situation like this before. Well more precisely i’ve never put myself in a situation such as this. I mean i did ... Read Chapter

Moonlight - Chapter 10

Somehow when i first got to this university, the only friends i made were seniors. It made no sense to me but I didn't question anything ... Read Chapter

Totally Normal - Chapter 11

She stared gawking at me as i continued to write down our regulars for Ms. Wren, “Did your aunt not have the bees and bird talk with ... Read Chapter

Early Morning - Chapter 12

“So you would wax down there if I asked, right?,” You know moments like these remind me why I feel so comfortable with Cherry. She... Read Chapter

Late - Chapter 13

I kicked my feet back and forth just waiting. Usually she’d come strolling from the parking lot by now but i’ve yet to see Ms. Hart... Read Chapter

Planning - Chapter 14

Tuesday had been relatively quiet during my work. It was mostly at the cost of one of my professors messing up the grading system in re... Read Chapter

Picky - Chapter 15

I was growing frustrated by the end of Wednesday having gone through a whole row of reasonable activities only to be answered with ‘n... Read Chapter

No Laughing - Chapter 16

I didn’t think a day alone at her cabin sounded eerie. At least I didn't think so until I told Cherry about it. Hart didn’t technic... Read Chapter

Cards - Chapter 17

I’ll be honest… I haven’t got a clue as to how poker works but I'm somehow winning. And my opponent is now up five papers to grad... Read Chapter

The Unexpected - Chapter 18

By the time I gathered my few belongings it was dark out. I was glad she offered since walking around at this time wasn’t as pleasing... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 - Setting Up

Shutting Cherry’s car door, I looked up at the large cabin in awe. She wasn’t kidding in explaining its beauty. I quickly rounded t... Read Chapter

Sunflower - Chapter 20

Hart’s pov   The guy who talked too smoothly for my liking stood from Cleo’s sitting position putting his stethoscopea... Read Chapter

Panic - Chapter 21

Did that just happen? Am I still dreaming? No no, when I woke up I pinched myself after finding the woman who'd been occupying my thoug... Read Chapter

Explicit - Chapter 22

Yea so this is just full of 18+ things and making this just mind boggled me. ---------- New sensations rippled through my body ca... Read Chapter

Morning Trouble - Chapter 23

It was cold when I started to wake up. I didn’t dare open my eyes since that meant I'd actually have to be awake. I turned over finding... Read Chapter

Next Chapter - Chapter 24

When I walked into the master bedroom again she now sat with her knees pulled against her in front of the bed. Hart looked just as scar... Read Chapter

Memories - Chapter 25

I kicked my legs back and forth looking between the window where snow still lightly fell on Faye. I simply watched her in a calm silenc... Read Chapter

Sharing Is Caring - Chapter 26

I was totally not going to let her answer the door alone. I don’t know why she thought that was a good idea especially since she live... Read Chapter

The Millers - Chapter 27

Faye pov   This has to be some of the nicest women I've met. I’d immediately been taken into a hug after Cleo named me a... Read Chapter

Fast Holiday - Chapter 28

Back to normal - Cleo pov   As the holiday came and left it was time for our departure. Sure enough I thought I'd just cat... Read Chapter

Weird Day - Chapter 29

I sat down with my plate happily about to devour the food until a certain someone nudged me from behind, “Can’t I have a peaceful b... Read Chapter

Making Amends - Chapter 30

(Sorry for all the confusion i accidentally used the chapters from Mrs. Write which starts from chapters 18-30. They’re all changed f... Read Chapter

Chapter 31 - Looking

(I gave it like the weekend for those who wanted to read the actualy story and again sorry for the mix up.) “Y’know when i said y... Read Chapter

Cookies - Chapter 32

I hiss when my hand is struck. I rub the pain away, securing both my hands in their original position around her waist. I sighed unhapp... Read Chapter

Day Off - Chapter 33

I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like I'm in heaven. I’m totally gonna brag about this to Cherry later today. I mean who w... Read Chapter

Fast Paced - Chapter 34

As it got colder that resulted in actual pants that needed to be worn. Last thing I need is frostbite, especially since the weather rep... Read Chapter

Help Where you Need It - Chapter 35

As per usual I went to the English building to find Faye. It was much later in the day since the meeting, which turned into an intervie... Read Chapter

The Fire - Chapter 36

My aunt always told me a story has its turning point. Something or someone changes. Whether it’s in real life or in fiction. She didn... Read Chapter

Meeting The Parents - Chapter 37

Faye pov   To say I was worried was an understatement. I was horrified when she fell and even more so when she wouldn’t ... Read Chapter

A Long Awaited Hug - Chapter 38 - Saturday

Cleo pov   My lungs felt like they were on fire when I came to. And my dry throat didn’t help either. What I also wasn... Read Chapter

Home Sweet Home - Chapter 39

“You have a lovely home Faye. I’m glad you had a backup in some way for when you need it.” “Thank you and that sure is a c... Read Chapter

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